40+ Best Side Hustle Ideas In 2024 [Make Extra Money]

Do you want to make some extra money with side hustles? Here are the best side hustle ideas to get some extra cash right away.

Without knowing it, I’ve always been the side hustle type. I would always come up with ways to earn some extra income while studying.

I have worked in the supermarket, I have sold my personal belongings, I have sold study books, I have participated in psychological experiments, and I even participated in a medical experiment once where they gave me malaria (totally safe – under a controlled environment).

Why am I doing all of this?

If you want to be financially independent and retire early, there are two sides of the equation: you can save more by spending less, or you can save more by earning more. Today we will go into saving more by earning more, this changed my life!

Additional money may help you to pay off your (student) debt, save for things like a car or a holiday, reach your retirement sooner, give you a feeling of freedom and control.

There are many options on how to earn extra income. If you are willing to work extra hours per week on top of your job, there are many many options that can give you a significant amount of extra income.

Best Side Hustle Ideas

Below I will teach you how to earn extra income with a side hustle!

1. Start A Money-Making Blog

Obviously, I love this one! Having a blog is a great way to make extra money.

One side note is that you have to make time for it, plus you have to give it a lot of time and energy. It won’t make you money from day 1 in most cases.

I started this blog in December 2018 in my spare time, and I’m still working full-time besides this. If you like it, you will put the effort into it and you will be able to make this an enjoyable side hustle!

The thing I love about blogging is that you can work when you want to, you can choose how to make money from your blog, and what your blog is all about.

You put the hours in when you want to, mainly during the evenings and on the weekends. It will take some work before your blog starts to make money – blogging really is a long game.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, the best choice to start out is a WordPress blog hosted through Bluehost ($3.99 per month + FREE domain name ($15 value)).

When the entire setup and installation of the blog is too overwhelming for you, check out my step-by-step tutorial & start your blog within 15 minutes!

Start your blog with Bluehost and get your FREE domain name + 50% discount when using our link.

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2. Proofreading and Copyediting

If you’re someone who pays attention to details and gets great satisfaction from delivering correct grammar and punctuation, starting a proofreading side hustle may be for you! You know who you are!

Proofreaders polish the writing of bloggers, business owners, and websites. Many people are looking for your services.

It is a super flexible side hustle that has very great earning potential. All you need is a laptop and you can start.

If you want to build a business around proofreading, you can get the clients and you can hire others to do the proofreading for you. That sounds like a scalable business!

Caitlin Pyle of Proofread Anywhere actually left her day job to become a full-time proofreader. She has created a great FREE training that you can follow to get started!

Her free course covers all the basics that you need to know to get started. Invest an hour of your time in this FREE training and learn everything about starting your own proofreading business.


3. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is really in demand right now. Business owners are looking for virtual assistants who can help run their businesses. This is one of the best side hustles in the internet age.

Virtual assistant work is done from any place in the world where you can take your laptop – this means you can become a digital nomad or travel full-time. As more people are taking their businesses online, the demand for virtual assistants is ever growing.

If you’re looking to become a virtual assistant, think about any skills that you have. When you’re good at something, you can monetize it and help others.

Something is that has a big demand at the moment and is relatively quick to learn, is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. Kristin & Gina have a FREE webinar that you can follow to get started.

With this FREE training you will learn all the basics that you need to get started with your own Pinterest VA business.


4. Sell feet pics

A growing trend on the internet is people making money from selling feet pictures (yep, weird but true!).

Sellers can upload feet pictures and start attracting buyers straight away. It’s widely reported people are making thousands of $ from monetizing other people’s feet fetishes.

There are 100,000+ people a month searching to buy feet pics. A great feature of selling feet pics is that sellers can remain 100% anonymous without posting face images.

It’s not considered adult content (as it’s basically pictures of feet), so morally, more people are inclined to make money this way instead of other, more explicit avenues. 

The biggest platform is FunwithFeet which allows sellers to sign up in minutes.

5. Selling Stuff Online

I have been doing this for about 5 years now. Some periods I do it really actively, other periods I don’t have anything up for sale. When I was studying I sold all my study books as soon as I finished my semester. With this money, I bought the study books for the new semester (also second hand).

For example, over the past year, I’ve made over $1,000 from selling things that I had lying around in the house. With zero effort. You probably have more stuff around your house that you can sell, which will make you a good amount of money.

I also have a friend who is picking up free items that people don’t need anymore, like furniture. He flips it for a profit, making thousands and thousands per year.

A couple of tips to get this side hustle going for you:

  • Start by selling items around the house, that way you will get the hang of it.
  • If you flip and resell, buy items for less than $10 to keep costs low.
  • Make sure you know what items you’re selling.
  • Watch the shipping costs by getting a postage scale.
  • Check out YouTube and blogs to learn more about this!

6. Teach English With VIPKid

VIPKid is a platform that you can use to teach English online to Chinese students. You can work when you want, where you want, and you can make up to $22 per hour

When you want to sign up with VIPKip, you do need to go through an application process that includes going through a practice lesson. Just so you know, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

You don’t need to be a certified teacher. All you need is some working experience with kids. This can be anything from babysitting, tutoring, or even raising your own kids.

7. Walk Dogs Or Pet Sit

Do you own a pet? You would know how important it is to find a good pet sitter.

Do you not have a pet in your life? But you would love to? You would know how great it is to watch someone else’s pet, even just for a short while.

That’s where a platform like Rover comes in. Rover connects pet owners with pet sitters and dog walkers in the same area. If you love pets and would love to pet sit, this side hustle is for you!

What you get paid varies highly depending on if you are walking the pets, coming over for a couple of hours, or even facilitating an overnight stay. I’ve seen listings $20 dollars per half-hour walk!

Once you have a couple of clients, they will probably want to come back to you. They know you treat their pet right and they trust you, which is extremely important.


8. Babysitting

When I was younger, we lived in a small village. The kind of village where everyone knows one another. So when I wanted to start working at the age of 13, my mom asked around if someone knew something. Immediately, I had 3 families with children that needed a babysitter around 1-2 times a month.

For me, babysitting was very fun and easy. You just play with the kids for an hour after the parents leave, take them to bed and go sit in front of the television. So the majority of the evening I would get paid for watching TV and eating some popcorn, not too bad!

9. Sell With Shopify

Shopify is an easy to use platform that I’ve used in the past to set up and run my own eCommerce store. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually quite easy once you’ve set it up.

With the Shopify platform, you build your online store. You can build your online store on your own custom domain, use their pre-made templates for the layout, and use their drag and drop editor to customize it completely to your needs.

When you set up your Shopify store, you make sure you select items that can be sent directly to the customer. That means you connect the supplier directly to the customer and you are the middle (wo)man. You take a part of the profit and you don’t have to deal with anything like shipping or packaging.

The best thing? You can start your Shopify store for at little as $29 per month, PLUS they offer a FREE trial!


10. Freelance Skills on Fiverr

If you have any marketable skill, working as a freelancer is definitely something that you should try! Skills like copy writing, marketing, and website design are all great skills to list on Fiverr.

Most of the freelance work can be done from the comfort of your home on the times that are best for you. It means it’s the perfect side hustle!


11. Write An Ebook

Writing an ebook just requires an awesome idea! You can write about a specific things that you’ve learned over the past year, something to help others, or a hobby that you want more people to know about.

The great thing about ebooks is that they can be anything you want to be. They can be cheap, expensive, long, short, basic, advanced. It is all based on where you are now!

Simply start working towards your idea and gradually make your way towards it in several weeks or months.

For example, Jeff Kinney make over $500 million with his books, which he started writing outside his day job. If he can do it, so can you.

12. Rent Out A Space In Your Home

With the rise of Airbnb, I think this is becoming a more known way of earning extra income. You can ask for much higher pricing when you are renting out your space with Airbnb, compared to renting it out on the long-term market.

When you are in a good location where tourists visit, Airbnb will be a good option. You can either do Airbnb or rent a space in your house permanently, for example, for a friend who needs a space.

Renting out space in your home is a great way to reduce your costs, house hack, and make the first steps towards saving half your income.

13. Create A course

Do you have tons of knowledge about a subject that you would love to teach to others? Create a course!

There are platforms out there that make creating your online course super easy. One of the best platforms out there is Teachable, they provide you with an entire course creation bundle when you sign up.

If you’re selling your course at $400 and you sell it to 25 people, you have just made $10,000.


14. Sell Your Items On Etsy

Many people are using Etsy to sell the products that they created. This can be something that is handcrafted, or a digital product like a printable that they’re selling through the platform.

If you have a creative side and you have many ideas for crafts, that could be something you want to try out on Etsy!

15. Make Videos For YouTube

YouTube is a great platform that can make you A LOT of money. It’s not something that will get you rich overnight, but if you publish videos consistently you could make quite a good buck from it.

Think about something that you’re passionate about. What would you want to make videos about?

Keep in mind that with YouTube, it may take a while before your videos are being watched consistently and you’re starting to make money.

16. Invest Your Money

One thing that can help you a LOT, like a lot, is investing your money. One of my favorite affirmations includes: ‘My part-time business is managing and investing my money, and creating passive income streams’.

Investing and managing your money could possibly be the most lucrative extra income ideas! If you do not know where to start, please go here to learn how to invest your very first dollar.

If investing in the stock market is something that brings you some resistance, you can start here:

17. Invest In Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer income is my favorite version of passive income, where you lend money to individuals or companies and you get paid monthly interest for that. This is one of my major sources of passive income at the moment!

Want to start with peer-to-peer lending? Read this complete guide to start making passive income with per-to-peer lending.

18. Real Estate Crowdlending

When you are participating in real estate crowd lending, you are basically owning part of a real estate property. I

With real estate crowdlending, you will get a yield paid out monthly and a capital appreciation when the property is sold. Isn’t that amazing? Just like you get when you own a property and lend it out to others!

Here are the real estate platforms that I recommend when you want to give it a go.

19. Promote Brands On The Social

If you are active on social media, you can get promote your favorite products or brand on social media and get paid. You can get paid based on for example your follower numbers or the interaction the brand receives.

A more common (and easier) way to get paid by promoting products you love is affiliate marketing. When someone clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase, you get a percentage of that sale.

I’ve taken a GREAT course on affiliate marketing by someone who makes over $50,000 a month from affiliate sales. You can check out the course directly. If you need more info, here is my review.


20. Complete Surveys

I’ve always completed a lot of surveys, it’s easy money and it’s doable from the comfort of your own home.

I have a very exciting list for you, of the best survey sites that you HAVE to know about! Go read about taking surveys & making money here.

21. Test Websites

Website testing is getting more and more popular. You can earn money from the comfort of your home and their pay is not bad at all. You often get $10 per 15 minutes.

The only thing is that you need to patiently wait for the opportunities, as many people want to do it, and jobs are limited.

Check out what platforms you can use to start testing websites as a side hustle.

22. Sell Your Art On Redbubble

Do you have some creative tendencies? Do you want to make money with your art and design? Check out Redbubble!

On the Redbubble platform, you can sell your designs. They will handle the shipping and handling of these products, meaning that you don’t need to bother with things like inventory.

Check out Redbubble here today!

23. affiliate Marketing

The majority of businesses have an affiliate marketing program that you can join. When you sign up for that program, you will make a small commission when someone buys a product or service through your link at no additional cost to them. 

Making money with affiliate marketing is most common through a blog. You can also promote affiliate links on social media, friends, family,  or online forums.

It is possible to do affiliate marketing without a website, but it would be more profitable if you have a website. We made a guide for you on how to start a blog, including tips on how to make money blogging and how to drive traffic. 

Affiliate marketing takes some time to build it up in the beginning, but everyone can do it. You need patience and practicing your copywriting.

Do you want to know more about affiliate marketing? Michelle from Making Sense of Cents makes over $50,000 monthly with affiliate marketing. She knows her stuff about affiliate marketing and wants to share her knowledge with you. 

Want to learn about affiliate marketing in bite-sized pieces? Want to know exactly how Michelle makes tens of thousands of dollars monthly with affiliate marketing? Check out her course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Or go here for a full review of the affiliate marketing course.

24. Get Paid To Walk

When you need money now, there are many apps out there that literally pay you to walk. There are many free apps that you can install on your phone, connect to a fitness tracker, and count your activity. Here are all the platforms you can use to get paid to walk.

25. Sell Photos Online

Do you have an eye for photos and enjoy making them? There are dozens of platforms where you can sell your photos online and make very decent money with that.

26. data Entry Jobs

Do you want to make money working from home? Data entry jobs are perfect if you want to make money online and from home.

Data entry jobs are great because they don’t require training to get started. It means that you can make money from the beginning, which is great!

27. Retail Arbitrage

Have you ever heard of retail arbitrage? It’s where you buy items on clearance from stores like Walmart, and you sell them online for a premium price.

When items are discounted significantly in the stores, you can sell them online for the regular price. When items are sold in stores that are hard to find, you can sell them for a premium. Try retail arbitrage today.

28. Sell Unused Internet

If you want to make money passively, try selling your unused internet bandwidth for an extra $50 per month without any effort.

Honeygain is a company that buys your bandwidth and shares them with companies who need local bandwidth for their software. They don’t track or log your data.

Your payment varies based on how many devices you connect. If you use our signup link, you will get $5 free credits!

 Try Honeygain Today ($5 Bonus)

29. Run Facebook Ads

Another great side hustle in the digital marketing day and age, is running Facebook ads.

By running Facebook ads, you can help small businesses increase their traffic. They will make more money using Facebook ads, while you make money running them.

Running Facebook ads is a very in-demand skill that you can do from anywhere in the world.

30. Deliver Food

When you are looking for side hustle ideas, delivering food can be a great option. If you have a bike, scooter, or car, you can start delivering food with DoorDash or PostMates. Check out our full article about DoorDash vs. Postmates and see which one is for you.

31. Transcription Jobs

Do you want to work on a flexible schedule and determine your own hours? Try transcription jobs! This side hustle can make you some extra money on top of your regular salary or you can treat it as a full-time job. It’s entirely up to you!

32. Bookkeeping

Do you enjoy numbers or have some accounting experience? Bookkeeping might be a side hustle for you to try. It’s a job that you can do online, determine your hours, and you can work from anywhere you want.

Check out this free series that shows you how to succeed as a bookkeeper!

33. Customer Service Representative

Customer service jobs are typical side hustle jobs that you can do from home and pay well.

If you are looking to become a customer service representative, you can look at online platforms like FlexJobs. Here is our full Flexjobs review and you can check their platform for current openings.

Start Earning Money On FlexJobs

34. Chat Agent

When you’re more comfortable interacting with clients through chat, you can become a chat agent. Chat agents need fast typing and clear communication skills.

If you’re looking for chat agent jobs, check platforms like Indeed and FlexJobs.

Start Earning Money On FlexJobs

35. Virtual Receptionist

As a virtual receptionist, you work from home while you answer the phone and do computer work. It is a good side hustle that you can start at any point, and you can determine how many hours you want to work.

36. Digital Travel Agent

Are you passionate about traveling? You can live that passion as a digital travel agent. While currently it won’t be a popular job, it could be a perfect side hustle to start when travel picks up again.

You can work for an agency or start your own travel agency for higher earnings.

37. Dropshipping

With drop shipping, you’re buying items for wholesale prices and selling them directly to the customer. You don’t hold inventory and margins can be really high, depending on the products you sell.

Try this course on Udemy to learn more about dropshipping and starting an e-commerce business.

38. Sell On Etsy

Selling on Etsy is the ideal side hustle, because you can do it completely on your terms. Etsy is an online platform where you can sell physical items or digital items like printables.

You can create your own products, which means you can dedicate as much or as little time to it as you want.

The earnings potential with selling on Etsy is huge, since there’s no cap to how many people you can sell your products to.

39. Graphic Designer

Do you have an eye for graphic design? Start your graphic designer side hustle! You can create logos, design websites, or create brochures.

If you’re starting out and looking for clients, try out platforms like Flexjobs to help you find clients.

Start Earning Money On FlexJobs

40. Web Developer

As a web developer, you can design website or build them using HTML or CSS. You can help clients by fixing bugs on their website or create websites for them.

Web development is one of the high-income skills that can make you plenty of money.

41. Search Engine Evaluation

While search engine evaluation sounds very complicated, I’m sure that you can do it. You use a search engine, evaluate the results, and rate ads for quality.

The pay is good and you can determine your hours. However, it’s better as a side hustle compared to full-time, as there’s not always enough work available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have all these ideas for making extra money & starting a side hustle, I can imagine some questions start popping up.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

How Do You Start A Side Hustle?

As with anything, it’s important to know why you’re doing it. Do you want to experience more freedom? Do you want to provide for your family? What is your bigger goal? That’s the first step.

When you’re motivated to start, think about what side hustle ideas you like the most. What things are you good at? Try to keep starting costs low, just to get your idea off the ground. Once you’re scaling up, you can up the costs.

Check out the complete idea list of side hustle ideas above to keep the creative juices flowing.

What Is The Best Side Hustle For Me?

When you want to know what is the best side hustle for you, think about what you’re good at and things you enjoy. From there think about ways to monetize that and make money from it. Don’t forget to think about how much time you want to devote to it and what kinds of bigger goals you want to accomplish!

Go through the list of side hustle ideas and check what idea resonates the most with you personally.

What do you think about these side hustles? Do you have any side hustles providing extra income?

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  1. I have a side hustle that I bet you haven’t heard of; parking lot litter cleanup. It’s almost as easy to do as going for a walk! I started doing this as a side gig in 1981 and grew it into a yearly 6 figure business that I still operate today. The service is done on-foot using a unique hand tool. You contract with property management companies to maintain their commercial properties litter free. I also instruct others how to do the same in their own cities. There’s big money to be made cleaning up litter!

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