Your Guide To Finding Amazon Proofreading Jobs As A Beginner – 8 Best Ways

Are you good with words? Sharp-eyed? Attentive to details? And would you like to take a shot at working for Amazon? Read on to know more about Amazon proofreading jobs.

Originally focused on selling books, Amazon is now the world’s biggest online retailer of electronics, toys, housewares, movies, music, and many other items. Thus, with their product catalogs, affiliate content, eBooks, and other written marketing and informational materials, the company regularly requires the services of wordsmiths, proofreaders in particular. 

This article will give you an overview of Amazon proofreading jobs, where to find them, how to get them, and succeeding in the various proofreading gigs offered by the company. 

Writing jobs became a whole lot bigger with Amazon. Let’s begin!

8 Ways To Find Amazon Proofreading Jobs [For Beginners & Experts]

Many online platforms provide jobs to proofreaders worldwide to earn a good amount of money every month. In this article, we have listed the 8 best places to find jobs as a proofreader.

1. Start Blogging

We recommend starting your blog whether you have proofreading experience or not. It will allow you to earn more money through an affiliation with Amazon or other clients. Add pictures and a list of services to make your blog attractive to clients. 

Your blog will look more professional if you add social media buttons, contact information, and previous client feedback. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog. You can try Bluehost as your hosting platform. Bluehost is cheap and excellent for beginners.

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2. FlexJobs

FlexJobs has numerous job search positions for work from home opportunities. However, what makes this site special is its credibility compared to other job listing sites. 

FlexJobs has been ranked number 1 since 2007 for remote jobs due to its amazing reach and authenticity. They maintain their quality by spotting potential scammers and removing them from the platform to make it more secure for freelance workers. All you need to do to get a proofreading job is to search “proofreading” on the FlexJobs platform and choose the relevant job from the listing. 

To keep yourself up and running on the platform, buy the membership beforehand, as the free trial only lasts for the first 7 days of profile creation. Once you get the membership, you will have unlimited access to all available jobs. 

FlexJobs doesn’t show ads like other sites, which is a huge relief. 

Read the full Flexjobs review for more information on the platform.

Start Earning Money On FlexJobs

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform that provides online jobs related to almost every field. It is a paradise for freelancers and home-based jobs. Digital marketing and content creation work are abundant, so set up your profile, start searching, and make money with online jobs from home. 

For Amazon proofreading jobs, you can go for multiple proofreading options, which include eBooks, product descriptions, and many other listings. Your make money from options now becomes much bigger and better because of this, right?

One advantage of using Fiverr is that it allows you to create your profile for free. You won’t be required to pay anything unless you want to upgrade your account to Fiverr Pro, which allows you to land more jobs, so it is a great opportunity to utilize if you are confident with your proofreading skills.



4. Upwork

Upwork is one of the biggest platforms for freelancers looking for home-based jobs all over the globe. With more than 18 million workers and 5 million plus clients, it is an ideal place for you to search for proofreading jobs.

As a proofreader, you don’t need academic certification or experience to qualify for jobs. As long as you have the skill and the right words to persuade a client, you are good to start earning. 

However, a downside is that Upwork charges around 20% of the total job payment. 

So, make sure to build a strong and attractive profile and portfolio to land more jobs and open more doors for opportunities to come your way.

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5. Proofreading for Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle app is where you can find amazing offers to proofread eBooks. You can easily download the app to your smartphone and read and earn anywhere. The app’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are very smartly designed, making it easier for people to read and write effectively.

People who do not want to read continuously can switch to text-to-speech features whenever they like. It allows you to listen to the text and edit it much faster. However, the text-to-speech feature is only available on iOS operating systems.

Start your proofreading career by creating an Amazon account, linking it to your Kindle app, and adding an eBook.

6. Proofreading for Amazon Affiliate Blogs

Amazon affiliate blogs are long articles that occasionally contain grammar and punctuation mistakes. These blogs are great for bloggers who can earn by promoting Amazon’s products. 

Affiliate links are added to blogs, so a customer who visits one of the blogs with the link will be redirected to the Amazon site. The owner of the blog site earns referral fees. 

These backlinks generate a lot of leads helping bloggers to earn a handsome amount of money, so you will be highly paid for proofreading such articles. It is a great opportunity for people with good reading skills to make extra money. 

7. Proofreading for Amazon Product Listing

The descriptions for the products are as important as their image. For that reason, sellers on Amazon invest heavily to make their listings pop with engaging descriptions. You can help these sellers by using your proofreading skills to find possible mistakes in their product descriptions. 

Not all sellers on Amazon are from English-speaking countries, so there are plenty of jobs in this area. However, one downside is that you have a high chance of landing a job that requires additional editing work, such as correcting the structure and flow, altering vocabulary, etc. 

8. Use Social Media

Nowadays, everything is going digital, and finding jobs has become easier. 

Connecting to people opens doors for opportunities, and social media sites do just that. On Twitter, you only need to search for #proofreading, and a list of job posts will come right in front of you. You can use a similar practice for Facebook and other social media sites. 

Proofreading jobs are relatively easy to find. The market is not saturated with qualified proofreaders, so there is a high chance of landing a job even if you have little experience. states that the employment of proofreaders will increase in the next few years by 5.92%. 

We highly recommend you attend conferences, webinars, conventions, and workshops related to proofreading for more exposure. 

How Do I Become a Proofreader?

Among the required qualifications, proofreaders must read the content and look for possible grammar and spelling errors. They are also responsible for finding and correcting mistakes, if any. 

Please note that the correction of mistakes does not include the alteration of the text. 

Proofreaders need to be very attentive and have sound knowledge of English. Most proofreaders receive a text that has undergone multiple editing phases, increasing the probability of grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. If you can spot these efficiently, you can become a good proofreader and earn money with this skill.

Note that this job can be done as a freelancer while working remotely or from home. It could be a part-time or full time job; essentially, you will be an independent contractor for freelance writing while working with flexible hours from home. 

How Much Can You Earn From Proofreading Jobs?

An average proofreader in the US earns around $55,000 a year, and most of them are between $47,000 and $61,000. 

The bottom 10% of them make around $41,000 yearly, whereas the ones at the upper level make somewhere around the high 60s. If you have no experience in proofreading but are interested in making this a legitimate job or looking for some extra cash, start from the lower bracket and work your way up.

If you are serious about becoming a proofreader, enroll in courses like Proofread Anywhere by Caitlyn Pyle to prepare you for the best remote proofreading jobs. Caitlin made over $36,000 per year part-time as a proofreader, which has some high-income potential. 

Try this completely FREE workshop and start your proofreading journey in no time.


5 Tips to Become a Better Proofreader

Read, Wait, Read Again

Reading the whole paragraph in just a few seconds might sound impressive, but it’s an invitation to errors for proofreaders. You should always focus on one sentence at a time. 

Remember this rule “Read, wait, check for errors, continue.”

Read Loudly and Slowly 

Whispering takes your hearing sense out of the equation, which makes it difficult to spot mistakes. However, when you read out loud, your hearing sense helps you identify mistakes. It negatively affects your mind when you hear something out of order.

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Zoom In

This method comes hand in hand with the first tip of the list. Zooming in so that you can only read 1 sentence at a time would help you focus more. 

Moreover, it would reduce the chances of getting distracted by the next sentence in line, as readers mostly miss words while reading without breaks.

Backward Reading

Reading backward is an expert tip that allows a reader to focus only on the mistakes rather than the meaning of the text. The technique is highly effective while spotting mistakes such as misspellings, weird formatting, and repeated words. 

Revise at Least a Couple of Times

Revision is always a good option. Make sure you read your text at least twice to check for mistakes you didn’t spot the first time. 

We would advise you to use the backward reading technique the second time of reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Amazon Proofreading Jobs

Is Proofreading Well-Paid?

Proofreading is a well-paid job that can help you make around $50,000 to $60,000 per year, depending on your skill and experience level. 

Making money through proofreading is also convenient since you can have a flexible work from home job.

What Skills Are Required To Become a Proofreader?

Here is the list of skills required to become a good proofreader:

  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills
  • Ability to use initiative
  • Attention to detail 
  • English language skills
  • Reading skills

How Long Does It Take To Proofread 1,000 Words?

It takes around 15 minutes to read an easy fiction text of 1,000 words. Given that is the average, a difficult text can take up to 60 minutes. 

Conclusion – Amazon Proofreading Jobs

There are plenty of Amazon proofreading jobs where you can start your Amazon career and have legitimate work from home jobs to earn a good income. There are also many other work at home jobs for proofreading opportunities available online, so consider the list above just for starters. 

One thing is for sure, work-from-home positions are available to make money for yourself.

Amazon proofreading jobs are excellent prospects. Around 1,670 of its Kindle ebooks are uploaded daily, and about 12 million products across categories and services are in their inventory–assuring the demand for proofreaders will continue.

Give it a try and be part of the success of the largest online retailer in the world. 

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