4 Spending Habits to Avoid

4 Spending Habits To Avoid

As we (maybe?) near the “new normal” with vaccines going into more arms every day, it might be a good idea to evaluate your spending habits before jumping back into the fray. There’s a good chance you’ve saved up after missing out on all those bottomless brunches and avocado toast entrees that aren’t filling enough … Read more

How to Hunt for Freebies

Hunt For Freebies

There are many steps we can take in our quest to achieve FIRE. We seek additional sources of income, look for ways to save money, and try to find free alternatives to things we’d otherwise buy.  For FIRE veterans, the approach to searching for all these things becomes second nature, but if you’re new to … Read more

Importance of Car Sharing

Car sharing is designed for short trips and distances that help to solve transport problems in the short run. Car sharing is aimed at enhancing public mobility and extending the transportation network. Long trips can discourage car ownership, and car-sharing companies help members save money on individual car ownership. You can search for share my car to … Read more