FlexJobs Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

Working remotely offers flexibility in your working schedule and, at the same time, working in the comfort of your home. This FlexJobs review will help you find a job remotely by using this online job search engine. 

Is there a great way to earn money at your own pace and be able to do other things that are important to you? Can I have a job that promotes work-life balance and can still provide for my basic needs in this day and age? Well, working remotely is the answer! 

This is most popular with moms and dads who prefer to work from home and take care of their families. Being at home yet earning enough to meet the monthly needs is an ideal goal nowadays. 

Also, this type of job setup is applicable for all ages looking to earn remotely. The benefits of working from home make it the go-to way to work nowadays.

Continue reading to find out more about FlexJobs and start earning money remotely!

What Is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is a unique online platform that helps job-seekers looking for a flexible job, whether remote work, freelancing, or finding a part-time job. 

FlexJobs maintains a database of flexible jobs by collecting data from company websites and online postings. They put them through a rigorous screening to ensure they are the jobs people are looking for.

FlexJobs offers something for everyone, including people trying to find the perfect jobs for themselves or people who want to go out of their homes to find work, as not all of the jobs listed are work-from-home positions. 

But that’s not all, as besides providing you with a very powerful job-searching tool, it also provides you with:

  • Checklists for job searches.
  • Skill assessment that ensures you are the right person for the job.
  • Coaching sessions to provide you with a better understanding of what you are looking for.
  • Assistants to help you build an impactful resume.
  • Discounts for their members.

In this FlexJobs review, I will tell you about the honesty behind their claims and to what extent they can deliver on the promises they have made.

Start Earning Money On FlexJobs

How Much Does It Cost To Join FlexJobs?

Before we kick off this FlexJobs review, let us answer one of the most fundamental questions you might have, is there a price tag on their services? And if so, how much?

To answer the first part of the question, Yes! FlexJobs comes with a price tag, although they provide job-hunting tips on their blogs and hold a free webinar for job-seekers. To see the actual job listings, you would have to sign up and pay for their services.

Currently, FlexJobs is offering newcomers four packages, divided based on the amount of time you decide to hunt for jobs using their platform. The packages are,

  • Sign up for FlexJobs for one week at the rate of $6.95.
  • If your job hunting goes on for longer, you can get the monthly package for $14.95.
  • For a three-month package, you will be paying $24.95.
  • And finally, their year-long services will cost you a total of $49.95.

The packages aren’t exceedingly expensive and appear well worth their prices, but we will look deeper into that later. FlexJobs allows you to cancel your subscription and get a full refund within the first 30 days of signing up if you are not happy with their services. 

This is very inviting if you are someone who has had it with job-hunting and would love a helping hand.

Is It Worth Paying For FlexJobs?

Now, after reading the last section, you must be wondering, “Why do I need to pay for a job listing when there are tons of websites that do it for free?”

And you’d be right! The job listings found on FlexJobs aren’t some exclusive, high-paying corporate work-from-home opportunities that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. It’s always good to ask yourself whether it is worth paying for something.

But is it worth paying for getting access to the job listings on FlexJobs? I think it is entirely worth it, as FlexJobs not only finds you legitimate jobs but also customizes the job list according to your expertise and requirements. 

Looking for a specific job such as being a medical transcriptionist, or do you like working on search engine optimization, or maybe you’re a group of stay-at-home moms who are looking to earn some extra cash while taking care of your kids? FlexJobs has you covered! 

All you need to do is sign-up for their services, put in your email address, name, and preferences, and you can go ahead and take the assessments to find out what skills you have. 

The rest is taken care of by the website as it designs the perfect job listing for you.

Start Earning Money On FlexJobs

What Kind Of Jobs Are On FlexJobs?

Another thing I was pleasantly surprised with during the research for this FlexJobs review was how well the service has been able to cater to multiple industries without making it appear to be all over the place.

Currently, there are more than 50 career paths you can take with the help of FlexJobs. From starting a home business to part-time work from home, from accounting and finance to customer service representative positions, FlexJobs offers you various options with very flexible terms and conditions.

Some jobs I saw listed on the website are:

Woman at tabletop with laptop taking notes
Image credit: AllaSerebrina/Depositphotos.

These are some of the positions I’ve come across when trying out the services for myself. It appears to list jobs from the entry level to the top management level and depends entirely on your requirements and capabilities, whether you would be able to land a job or not. You can set your schedule directly on the website, tell them what you are good at, and let the website find the best job opportunities for you.

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Is FlexJobs Legitimate Or A Scam?

I can’t say if FlexJobs will guarantee you a job, but I am sure that it is 100% a legitimate service and is not a scam!

I know it would be a little hard for you to believe that especially if you have been working from the home industry and have come across various offers that sound too good to be true. 

FlexJobs does not offer your information to third-party mailing lists to find the perfect “job” for you. It is a legitimate job listing similar to some other big names in the industry, such as CareerBuilder. The only underlying difference is that FlexJobs offers flexible job opportunities instead of traditional 9 to 5 gigs.

Pros And Cons Of FlexJobs

Like most things in the world, FlexJobs isn’t perfect either. Although there are many redeeming factors for the platform, there are a few shortcomings that we need to look at. 

But starting on a positive note, let us look at some of the pros that come with using this platform in your pursuit of the perfect job.

Pros of FlexJobs

  • The job list is updated regularly, with almost 800 new posts made every week. This gives hope to job seekers; if they cannot find a good gig this week, they can always come back the next and maybe find their perfect employment.
  • All jobs undergo a rigorous hand screening process that ensures that no illegitimate job makes it to the board and that your time and money aren’t wasted.
  • An extensive portfolio of industries is made available, granting candidates the freedom to choose their career paths.
  • Different levels of employment allow an opportunity for everyone.
  • Flexibility is their core competency and the jobs they offer to follow suit. Most positions listed on the platform have very flexible working conditions, allowing candidates to choose where and how they want to work.
  • Easy browsing and filtering allow for an easy navigation process and make the ordeal of finding your perfect job easier for you.

Cons of FlexJobs

  • Too many filters can get a little confusing for applicants. They might get them to apply for jobs they don’t really want, taking away the opportunity from people who might genuinely be interested in the position.
  • Although there are a lot of job opportunities from large corporations, there aren’t many from smaller companies making it harder for fresh workers to find employment as large corporations tend to have stricter requirements.
  • And I just had to put this in here: even though it’s not really a disadvantage, paying for something that you can find for free by putting in time and effort deserves mention.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your FlexJobs Membership?

Now that you have read about the advantages and disadvantages of the platform, if you still want to go ahead and give it a shot, let me help you out in making sure that you make the most out of your membership.

Business woman talking on the phone and using laptop
Image credit: Syda_Productions/Depositphotos.

The process is relatively straightforward, as there are a few things you need to know before you decide to go on the platform and start looking for a job. The items you need to consider are:

Where Do You Want The Job?

First, decide whether you are looking to work from home or want a job in your area. If you are in a specific part of the country or are planning to move somewhere and want to be prepared, make sure you place a certain emphasis on this, as it is one of the most crucial factors when looking for a job.

What Kind Of Job Do You Want?

Now that you have decided upon the location, it is time to figure out the industry you want to work in. This decision lies within your previous job experiences or your field of studies, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. If you think you can commit to a particular position and have the skills required to undertake the job, go for it!

What Level Of Employment Are You Looking For?

Are you an entry-level employee looking for a start or a veteran looking to enhance their resume further? In both cases, make sure you are aware of your standings in the industry.

What Kind Of Work Schedule Are You Looking For?

Is there a specific schedule you are willing to work with? Do you want to decide on your work hours? Ensure that you have decided upon this before signing up for the service, as you would be wasting valuable time deciding on your schedule.

If you have decided on these few things, you are all ready and set up to start your job hunt with FlexJobs.

All In All – FlexJobs Review

FlexJobs can be an excellent tool for individuals who want freedom in their work. They can choose their schedule and be able to work at their own pace. Flexibility is what FlexJobs offers to many job seekers. It combines the best of both worlds: earning while maintaining accommodating working hours for you.

If you decide to have more time with your family and enjoy the flexibility of working from home, try FlexJobs and choose the job that best suits you. Start earning money in the comfort of your home. What is the best way to earn money and take care of your loved ones at the same time? The choice is yours. Startup that laptop and look for the best fit for you!

Try FlexJobs now and start earning money!

Start Earning Money On FlexJobs