13 Easy Things to Sell to Make Money Fast

The average person has a lot of extra stuff that they don’t need. So many unworn clothes, unused electronics, unread books, and more.

I am a huge advocate of minimalism, it’s a way to clean out your mind by cleaning out the environment around you.

If you want to read more about my minimalist journey, you can read more:

When you have things in your house that you don’t use anymore, why not get rid of them? You can make some fast extra money from all the things that you have lying around! You can pay off debt, save extra money, or put some money towards your investments.

If you’re throwing things away that you could be selling, your basically throwing money away!

Also, never EVER throw perfectly good items away. If you’re not up for selling them, please donate them! Someone else can always use the stuff you think is worthless.

So if you’re up for selling stuff, you can do so in various ways:

  • Selling groups on Facebook
  • Thrift stores
  • Garage sale – if you have loads of stuff
  • eBay
  • Poshmark

13 Things to Sell to Make Money Fast

1. Clothing

Over the years I’ve gotten rid of so many clothes, but I’m sure that I could cut it down even more!

Everyone has some clothes they don’t wear, so this is basically the low hanging fruit if you want to sell things to make money fast!

If you’re not up for putting all your things online yourself, you can go to your local thrift store. They will often buy clothes from you if they’re in good condition.

Items you could sell include:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Business clothing
  • Dresses
  • Jackets
  • Wedding dress
  • Belts

At the moment, I’m not buying any clothes for the last two years and I still have more than enough clothes to sell. We often have much more than we need, without realizing it.

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2. Jewelry

If you’re having jewelry that you don’t 100% love or it has lost its emotional value for you, you can consider selling it. Jewelry can be worth a lot of money!

To make sure that you’re getting what your jewelry is worth, you might consider getting items appraised beforehand.

You can easily sell quality items like this on an auction site like eBay. You can also sell to a jeweler, but I would go to several stores to know what your maximum value is before selling it!

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3. Electronics

There are many electronics lying around your house that you’re able to sell! Old items or not working items can even be sold. A phone that doesn’t work anymore can give you $30-70 per item. A computer can even worth hundreds of dollars  – be sure to clear any data from it beforehand though!

Items that you could sell include:

  • Laptop
  • Cell phone
  • Computer
  • Camera
  • TVs

Gazelle.com is a popular website to buy and sell used tech gadgets online. This site is amazing! Did you know what if no one makes an offer on your stuff, they will so you can still exchange your item for cash! How awesome is that?

4. Video Games and Consoles

Games and consoles have a pretty short life span. Especially nowadays when there is a new console out every year or so. If you’re still owning old games and consoles, I would advise you to get rid of them sooner rather than later.

You can sell your games online, among others over at JJGames if you’re in the US.

If you’re holding on to very old games and consoles, however, you can sell them through sites like eBay for a fairly good price!

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4. VHS Tapes

Did you think VHS tapes are dead? Not yet! They are still in demand! You can check out Amazon, eBay or Craigslist to see if the VHS tapes you have are still in demand.

Sometimes the VHS tapes are for movie titles that are not available on DVD or they’ve become a collector’s item. This means that it’s time to find your VHS tapes again and get rich!

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5. Furniture

Some items in your home that are no longer serving any purpose could be furniture. You redecorated the house, moved in with your partner, or your furniture is simply taking up too much space. Selling some of that old furniture might just be what your wallet needs!

If you’re feeling creative, you could even repaint it or give it another touch-up so that it’ll give you more cash!

Some practical tips: post several pictures from different angles, use different keywords like brand names, and compare prices of similar items.

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6. Books

Books are amazing to sell for extra money! Depending on what kind of books you’re selling, you might be able to make a few hundred bucks from this!

What I found is that especially textbooks that I used for studying are very easy to sell. Currently, I’m trying to sell my old textbooks from 3 years ago. I noticed that this is a little harder, as they are often becoming outdated. Make sure to sell your textbooks asap after finishing your semester!

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7. Movies

Movies are another great thing! You probably stacked up on movies during the DVD/Blue Ray era, and now you’ve moved on to Netflix and don’t watch the movies anymore. Good thing that others still do, because you can sell your stuff to them!

Recently I’ve sold a whole lot of movies that I never watched or didn’t like too much. It’s a great way to make other people happy with something that you’re not using anymore.

8. Gift Cards

Yes, my favorite, gift cards! Many people have gift cards in their wallet that they’re not using. Rather than letting it expire, you can sell it online!

I had some gift cards lying around from several birthdays and Christmases, which had a lot of value together. Like I mentioned before, I’m in the process of getting rid of the stuff I don’t need and I’m trying to not buy new things.

I sold all of my gift cards! In total, I got around $175 from $200 in gift cards. That’s really good money for so little effort!

If you don’t want to sell them yourself, you can sell them on CardCash, Cardpool or Raise. For example on Cardpool, you get up to 92% of your initial cards value.

9. Sporting Gear

If you’re having outdoor sporting good, they tend to sell well. Maybe you bought a golf set that you never used, you rather sell the item than having it collect dust in your garage.

I remember having inline skates, ice skates, skateboards, tennis rackets, and more. My mom always sold them as soon as I didn’t fit them anymore or was not using them anymore. It brought in a good amount of money!

Used sports equipment you can easily list on Amazon.com!

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10. Children’s Toys

When I was young, I outgrew my toys very quickly. Some things I got for my birthday and I even never played with, so that’s a bummer!

If you’re having toys that your kids don’t use anymore, you can sell them Especially larger playsets could turn into a lot of cash!

11. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments that you have lying around the house can bring you a significant amount of fast money. If your dream of starting a band and becoming a rockstar never materialized, you might consider to turn it into cash!

If you are in doubt whether or not you want to sell it, put it up for bidding on eBay and see where the pice ends up. Perhaps you can sell it for a whole lot more than you expected!

12. Artwork

With artwork, I don’t mean the original Van Gogh that you inherited and can sell for millions. It could be something that is collecting dust on your attic or something that you simply don’t like anymore. Sell them for some fast money!

If you do happen to have a collection of fine arts, consider having them appraised before selling. You might want to know if you’re having that original Van Gogh after all!

13. Appliance parts

If you’re having small appliances that are old or broken, don’t throw them away yet! They can still have value. Some parts you can sell on eBay. 

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What is your favorite thing to sell?

6 thoughts on “13 Easy Things to Sell to Make Money Fast”

  1. I have tried selling old DVDs on our local Facebook market place. I made a grand total of £9.50! We are planning to go to a car boot sale when the weather gets better. We’ve never done one before. I am not sure if they have them in other countries. Basically you pay a small fee, usually £5 I think and then drive your car full of everything that you want to sell into a large field, open the book (for Americans that’s the trunk) and then try and sell everything. You won’t make a fortune, but at least you’re not giving it away.

    • Hi Sam, great to see you around!
      Sometimes it’s indeed better to not go for the big bucks, but rather get rid of your stuff and get paid a little less money in the process. This car boot sale sounds nice, especially when you can be there all day selling your stuff.

      In a few weeks, we have Kingsday here, which is our national holiday in the Netherlands. The entire day there are festivities, but also loads of people go and set up a blanket with stuff they want to sell in parks. It’s amazing to see and if you get there early you can get pretty great stuff! I’ve done it when I was younger, really fun!

  2. Titles like these always make me enthusiastic! I’ve been a great fan of minimalism for a few years already but still I manage to find stuff that can go. And what better way to let old items go than by selling these and make some money 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post! The VHS option I would never have considered.

    • Hi Jo, thanks for stopping by!
      Yes really, even though I don’t really show since a few years, I still have so much stuff accumulated over the years. Happy you enjoyed the post, I’ve made hundreds with selling stuff online that I didn’t need anymore. What an amazing side hustle! Apparently there are still people that want to buy VHS tapes, I’ve sold few of them to people who are still watching. I guess now it’s vintage?


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