19 Legit Data Entry Jobs From Home In 2024

Do you want to make money working from home? With these work-from-home data entry jobs, you will be able to make money online within days!

What is so great about data entry jobs, is that they don’t require training to get started. This will enable you to make money right from the beginning. Which is great!

You don’t need any specific type of background, so no educational requirements or something like that. This means that if you are interested in data entry jobs from home, you can totally enter without any restrictions. 

That is why data entry online jobs have become the dream of many. If you’re just starting out to work from home and trying online jobs, this is perfect for you!

What Skills Do I Need For Online Data Entry Jobs?

If you’re not sure what skills you need for online data entry jobs, here are the basic skills that you would need for sure:

  • Basic computer skills – you need to know how to keep your computer safe, keep it updated, and you should know how to operate a computer. 
  • Accurate typing skills – you need to type quickly while still having high accuracy.
  • Software skills – you need some knowledge around programs that are often used. These include Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Spreadsheets. 
  • Communication skills – it is important that you know how to communicate properly. Especially if you’re working from home and doing online data entry, it is important that you can communicate effectively and get your point across clearly. 

What Tools Do I Need For Online Data Entry Jobs?

If you’re preparing for your online data entry job, these are the tools you need:

  • Working computer – with quick loading times and a fast internet connection. 
  • Access to common programs – if you want to be successful at your data entry job, it could be a good idea to have access to many different programs on your computer. Programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, but also Google Docs and Spreadsheets could be a great idea. 
  • A dedicated home office – you will be sitting at your computer for the time you dedicate to data entry jobs. Make sure that you have a dedicated home office. Working from the couch can be fun for about half an hour, if you end up doing that half the day your body will not agree.

What Are The Advantages Of Data Entry Work From Home Jobs?

Why would you want to start with data entry jobs? Well, there are quite a few upsides to it all.

The things that may appeal to you are:

  • No training needed.
  • No education needed.
  • Many opportunities are available to get paid. 
  • No software knowledge required. 
  • No specific hardware required. 
  • You can determine your own schedule. 
  • You don’t need to run everything yourself, you’re just the person doing the job. 
  • Data entry jobs don’t require any specific skills.

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Are Data Entry Work From Home Jobs Legit?

Are you looking for flexible online work-from-home jobs? Data entry is definitely the number 1 choice. BUT, there are many scams associated with those great data entry job opportunities. Do your own research to find legit data entry companies to work from home. 

Most of the time, there is no instant good money with data entry jobs. When you start out you will most likely spend many hours on the job and make very little. There are exclusive data entry jobs out there, but they do rarely have openings. 

I’m just being honest here with you!

For some of the data entry jobs that pay well, you need to sign up for a waitlist. The thing is that there is competition and people love those jobs, which means that they don’t leave once they’re in. 

young girl smiling using laptop
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Because of the high competition and many people willing to do the job, companies will offer their jobs often for very little. They can often outsource their work to countries where people are happy to work for pennies. 

What I mean to say is this: yes there are data entry jobs from home that have great pay. Be aware that they are very rare and you won’t likely get them in the first year of signing up. 

There are many people who are looking to scam you. They hope you want that data entry job so bad that you are too excited to sign up and don’t see the details. There is one rule of thumb that applies: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

These scams often look very legitimate, using other company names and want to get to your bank account. Just be careful!

How to Avoid Data Entry Jobs Scams

Many people are looking for good data entry jobs, which means that some people try to take advantage of that. Try to keep an eye out for possible scams. 

Specifically, focus on:

  • Anything that seems too good to be true. It often is. You will make some money with data entry jobs, but you won’t get rich instantly. 
  • Don’t pay to get a job. Unless it’s a legitimate platform that is known to ask a fee, don’t pay to get a job. 
  • Be aware of training programs. Yes, you need to have some kind of training before you start working. However, don’t agree to work for an extremely low fee as a training period. It may be the case that you never get to the high-paying work.  

Okay, so we got that out of the way. 

Now let’s go into the legit companies out there. 

19 Legit Data Entry Jobs From Home

Here are some of the best legit companies that offer data entry jobs from home to get you some extra cash throughout the year. 

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most well-known websites for finding any remote, work-from-home, freelance job. It’s is basically a freelance marketplace where you can market your services. Data entry jobs are very popular on this platform. 

They also offer writing, transcribing, and digital jobs. 

If you want to market your data entry skills, Fiverr is a great place to promote and get people to find you for the specific job.

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can offer any service you have and you will get rewarded for it accordingly.

It is a great site to check out to get started for sure!


2. Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services focuses on hiring independent contractors. Because Axion is one of those great opportunities that have few open positions, it’s good to be registered with them when something comes up. People often stick with the company, meaning that they don’t have a high turnover. 

If you want to apply to Axion, you need to have 2-3 years of data entry experience and type a minimum of 50 words per minute with minimum errors. 

Once you’re in, you’re paid per page or job that you hand in. That means, the faster you are, the more money you make!

While Axion is a legit data entry job, they do require you to pay a fee to be registered in their database. They are not a scam. 

3. The Smart Crowd

At The Smart Crowd, they provide their pool of workers with short tasks to complete online from the comfort of their homes. The majority of these tasks are around data entry. 

You can work entirely when it fits your schedule. You just log in to their system and start doing data entry jobs from home. 

Young Woman Typing On Her Laptop In A Coffee Shop
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To register with them, simply sign up on their website. They will review your application and match you with data entry jobs that fit your experience and skill. 

Their pay rates vary per project and depend on your productivity. They advertise as offering a competitive rate and they pay once per month. 

4. Clickworker

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing platform that offers data entry work. That means you’re part of a pool of people who complete jobs for clients of Clickworker. Besides data entry work, they also offer work translating, surveys, writing, proofreading, or web research. 

When you finish your free application, you complete a couple of short test assignments. Depending on how you perform, your pay will vary. If you perform outstanding, that means your earnings will grow.

The jobs that you’re doing are generally very small, taking a couple of minutes to complete at most. This means that payout per task is also low, generally under $1. 

You are paid weekly on the basis of the tasks you completed through Paypal. You determine when you work!

5. Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications regularly hires independent contractors. With this platform, there are other tasks that you can perform, including data entry jobs

You get paid an average of $0.40-$1.75 per audio minute and you can schedule your own time. Your pay highly varies depending on the performance and the specific job. 

Most work is posted on Monday through Friday, so that will be most likely the time you want to be active on the platform. Despite that, you are flexible to plan your own hours and work as you wish. 

6. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon has a Mechanical Turk division that allows people to do more than just data entry jobs. It is an enormous website with thousands of microtasks to complete. 

You can select one of their thousand available short tasks, complete them, and get paid. Data entry jobs are also included in their platform.

The majority of the tasks are paying you low fees but they won’t take long. However, you don’t need any experience to complete the tasks and get paid. 

You can get paid through Amazon gift cards or direct deposits. 

7. Capital Typing

With Capital Typing you get more than just data entry jobs from home. They also offer transcription work, translation, market research, and online customer care services. 

8. DataPlus+

DataPlus+ has data entry jobs and document scanning jobs from home. They focus on digitalization, by putting paper data into electronic databases. 

Because of their clients, you need to pass a background check. Clients include things like law enforcement and legal companies. 

9. DionData Solutions

With DionData Solutions, you will be hired as an independent contractor to perform the data entry jobs they need for their company. They are posting work from home data entry jobs on their platform. 

You need to type a minimum of 60 words per minute and have basic computer skills. The good thing is, you get training when you’re hired! 

10. SigTrack

SigTrack offers seasonal data entry jobs for things like voter registrations and petition signatures. The thing is, however, that this is only for people who live in the United States and you need to do a short Skype interview to apply. 

With SigTrack, you also get training when you’re hired. 

Accuracy is very important with this platform. You need to have at least 98% accuracy and also review the work of your peers. Besides that, no prior experience is needed. They pay through Paypal. 

11. Scribie

Scribie is more of a platform that lets you transcribe audio and video than a data entry job. On the Scribie website, it is on a first come first serve basis. You will earn around $10 per audio hour transcribed. 

Young Woman Smiling Holding Phone Laptop On Lap
Image credit: GaudiLab/DepositPhotos.

To give you an impression, most audio and video files on Scribie are around 5 minutes or less. 

It is important to focus on quality, as your rating determines whether or not you can keep working for the company. If you score consistently below 2.75, you won’t get any new assignments anymore. 

12. Microworkers

Microworkers is another website where they pay you based on micro-jobs. They offer different kinds of tasks, data entry is one of them.

On Microworkers, you need to be aware of the pay rate they give you. It may be higher for a similar task with another company. Their platforms only pays for completed work, to support that they show you how often the client has approved work before. If they have a very low approval rate, you could choose to stay away from it. 

You get paid through Paypal, as soon as you’re above $10. 

13. Working Solutions

With Working Solutions you can be hired as an independent contractor for online data entry jobs from home. Besides data entry, they offer call center and editing jobs. 

When you apply online, you need to take an assessment. It can take a couple of weeks (up to 2 weeks) to know if you’re accepted or rejected for their platform. 

You can expect to be paid per project, every two weeks. Payment varies highly per project. 

14. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is known for its transcription work, but they also offer data entry jobs. It’s best to keep an eye out on their platform for anything that fits your needs.  primarily hires transcriptionists, rather than typical data entry work. 

They will pay per word and can offer a bonus for specific tasks. This company is only available in the US, UK, and Canada. 

15. Appen

Appen is a company where you can choose between micro tasks or long-term projects. Their microtask opportunities will be data entry jobs from home. 

These data entry jobs can be project-based and in the short-term, others can be one-time projects that don’t require a follow-up. 

16. Lionbridge

While Lionbridge is known for their evaluator jobs, they also offer data entry jobs. This can be anything, from labeling images to improving their AI software. They are adding to their remote roles regularly, don’t forget to check their website every now and then!

17. Quicktate and iDictate

With Quicktate and iDictate you basically get a 2-in-1. They are partner transcription companies that provide data entry jobs from home. 

Quicktate is for files under five minutes and iDictate lets you upload files over five minutes. They pay $0.0025-$0.005 per word. 

In order to apply a background check needs to be done, which will cost around $20. 

18. Xerox

Xerox is a very known company that puts data entry up online every once in a while. Check their career page regularly for new data entry jobs that they upload. 

19. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of the most well-known websites for finding any remote, work-from-home, freelance job. That includes any remote data entry jobs.

On the FlexJobs platform, every job is legit and backed up by a real person. That makes things easier on this platform, as you can simply select the jobs based on pay. I have to say it’s a huge plus of the platform. 

The thing with FlexJobs is that you do need to pay to see their available jobs. If you’re serious about getting started with your work-from-home data entry job, this can be worth it. You pay up to $14.95 monthly, depending on your payment term. Check our entire FlexJobs review here for more details.

If you’re having a hard time finding remote data entry jobs that fit your needs, please check additional jobs here.

Start Earning Money On FlexJobs

What Are The Alternatives Of Data Entry Jobs From Home?

Data entry jobs from home have tons of advantages. They are easy to perform, require almost no training, you can plan your own hours, and it doesn’t require any particular background. 

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The only thing is that data entry jobs don’t pay extremely well. That can be solved quickly, by checking out other work-from-home opportunities that have almost the same advantages. Plus, they pay well. 

With these alternatives for data entry jobs, the only thing you’ll do is use an extra bit of brainpower and type as your life depends on it. Sounds fun right?

I know you want to know more, so here are three alternatives to data entry jobs that we’ll go into:

  1. Transcription jobs
  2. Writing
  3. Website testing jobs

1. Transcription Jobs

When you’re comparing data entry jobs with any other field, transcription jobs have by far the most overlap. It’s a great way to start working from home and there is a lot of work available online. 

Go to the archives to check out what transcription jobs can do for you and how you can get started!

Just like data entry jobs, transcription almost requires no training and you don’t need any particular background. Transcription jobs are mostly typing out what you hear as fast as possible. 

Transcription jobs are great to do if you’re just starting out and if you select the right company you will be paid all right. The more you do it, the better you get, and the more you will get paid. 

Click here to read everything about online transcription jobs for beginners. 

2. Writing Work

If you like data entry work, why not try writing? It’s also typing fast and you will earn much better money on the side. 

If you’re writing blog posts for a client, you can easily earn $50 for a post. If you take one hour for that post, that is pretty decent money. 

Once you start writing for clients and they like your work, they will probably hire you for much more than just that one blog post. 

If you don’t like writing under the pressure of clients and their deadlines, starting a blog may be for you. 

✨ Start My Blog Today

3. Website Testing Jobs

Website testing jobs are somewhat different from data entry jobs. However, they pay much better. With the average website testing gig, you will get paid $10 for a 15-20 minute test. 

The drawback of website testing jobs is that they are not so widely available. They are higher paid so many people want to do them. When you’re patient or you’re okay with signing up with many platforms, something good may come from it. 

There are dozens and dozens of website testing platforms online, I’ve listed the best 23 for you.

Get Them All – Data Entry Jobs

While you may want to get all the data entry jobs, it’s great to take a look at the list and sign up for a couple of platforms that resonate with you. Try them out and see which platforms you want to go back to. 

Data entry jobs may not pay hundreds of dollars per hour, but they have a very low barrier to entry and anyone can do them. 

Now that you know what platforms and companies offer legit data entry jobs from home, you know how to get started and where to look! 

Are you going to try data entry jobs from home?

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