DoorDash Driver Review 2021 – Is It Worth It?

Do you want to earn extra cash by delivering food and driving around? In this DoorDash Driver review, you’ll learn all the ins and out you need to know before you get started with DoorDash.

Previously, students and employees looking for extra cash would deliver pizza to get some additional income quickly and easily. Currently, you can deliver for almost any restaurant or food chain by driving for DoorDash. 

As a Dasher, or driver for Doordash, you deliver food to almost any restaurant. It’s very similar to Uber Eats or Grubhub. 

Is becoming a Dasher the right side hustle idea for you? In this article, you will learn everything about the basics, how you can make money, and what to do to earn even more money. 

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What is DoorDash?

If you need some extra cash, then DoorDash delivery service is for you. DoorDash is a very popular app-based food delivery service operating on-demand. It was established in 2013 in San Francisco and took the world by storm! Not only has it been declared ‘flawless’ by the Washington Post, but DoorDash Driver reviews by customers have also been very positive. 

According to a reviewer, “The app itself is self-explanatory. There are categories of kitchen styles or the meal-type you would like. If you search for a certain restaurant, you can simply use the search bar. Delivery guys are also really friendly and are respecting the health safety regulations due to covid”.

Currently, DoorDash is up and running in the world’s three major countries: the US, Canada, and Australia. The increasing popularity of DoorDash enables it to serve over 35% of the entire food delivery market, making it outperform Uber Eats and GrubHub! 

The DoorDash app is available for free to download on your Android and iOS devices.

You can earn money on DoorDash by delivering food to customers; the delivery employees are called ‘Dashers.’ You can deliver food for some of the finest, high-end restaurants AND keep the complete delivery charges plus the tips. This app offers fantastic opportunities to earn extra cash by working part-time, the perfect side hustle if you need money now.

How does DoorDash work?

If you have a vehicle and love to drive it, DoorDash is the right platform for you. You could deliver to the best restaurants in town by becoming a Dasher! 

The DoorDash delivery app is easy to use and understand: Customers place food orders through the app. After confirming the delivery fee and tip, the app transfers order details to an available Dasher nearby, delivering the food to the customer after picking it up from the restaurant. 

As a Dasher, you have the option to either accept or reject the order transferred to you. In case you decide to accept, after your approval, you are required to reach the restaurant, bring the order to the customer’s address, and take cash for it. 

The DoorDash app also provides directions for the restaurant and the location of the order destination. It is the ideal part-time job for anyone looking to earn extra cash and is also a great job for teens

Make Money With DoorDash $$$

Who Can Become A Dasher?

DoorDash delivery allows all job seekers to work flexibly according to their schedule. You could earn at DoorDash as a side hustle and still focus on your main job or career. This is possible as DoorDash requires very little commitment on your side, enabling you to carry out the deliveries in your own time. No wonder DoorDash Driver reviews are usually glowing!

It is pretty easy to become a Dasher. DoorDash welcomes new Dashers, primarily due to the increased number of orders during the pandemic. DoorDash also gives massive bonus offers to new Dashers on signing up. So, you don’t have to worry about making good money through the app, as DoorDash gives you plenty of perks!

Earn Money With DoorDash

Eligibility Criteria:

Following is the eligibility criteria Dashers are required to meet to work for DoorDash:

  • The minimum age requirement for Dashers is 18 years.
  • You do not need any specific qualifications to become a Dasher. However, you should be able to use the DoorDash app on your mobile.
  • Dashers need to have a private mode of transportation. It could be a car, motorbike, bicycle, or scooter.
  • Dashers are required to own a smartphone. Both Android and iOS will work.
  • There is no dress code necessary for DoorDash Dashers. 
  • The Dashers must own a drivers’ license. Moreover, the driver’s license must have at least one year left before expiring.
  • Dashers must also have valid auto insurance.
  • Dashers are required to have a social security number to deliver in the United States.
  • It is also mandatory to attend an orientation either physically or virtually before starting as a Dasher with DoorDash. 

There are plenty of success stories where Dashers saved enough to pay their college tuition, go on several trips, and bought luxury cars. With DoorDash, you’ll have plenty of money-making opportunities. You can use it to pay off your student loans as well.

How To Sign Up For DoorDash?

If you’ve decided to become a Dasher as a side-job, here’s all you need to know. Signing up for DoorDash is pretty straightforward and usually takes up to 3-5 days to become a verified Dasher. DoorDash even gives a sign-up bonus in some cities, which you can get after completing the required minimum number of deliveries. 

 Here’s how to start:

  1. Follow this link to the company’s website and make an account.
  2. After a necessary background check with social security, DoorDash Driver reviews your application for a few days.
  3. Once you are validated as a Dasher, you can start working as a delivery driver immediately. 
  4. Ensure you are punctual for both pickup and delivery as the DoorDash app allots a specific time for you to do so.
  5. The app also keeps checking off delivery list items, and customers can keep track of their orders. You also get rated to improve your credibility. 

According to a DoorDash Driver review, “Highly recommend. Very flexible food delivery app. Paid weekly, or daily if you opt for Fastpay. No complaints”.

Make Money With DoorDash $$$

DoorDash Drive

Some exemplary Dashers can qualify for DoorDash Drive. DoorDash Drive handles big orders for catering, and it pays more. Outstanding drives can be eligible for the DoorDash Drive jobs if your rating is high and you have completed 90% of your orders.

A Dasher will be able to see the total amount of the order. It makes the tip and the food amount hidden from the Dasher. If the Dasher fails to accept within 5 minutes, the DoorDash Drive job gets automatically transferred to another Dasher who is nearby.  

Guy On Scooter Delivering Food Stock

How Much Do DoorDash Drivers Make?

The initial pay for a new Dasher ranges from $2 to $10 per order. The payment amount is determined by many factors, including the restaurant’s distance from the delivery destination. According to a DoorDash study, an average Dasher can earn up to $18.5 to $20 per hour. 

The pay differs for each Dasher, as it also depends on the Dasher rating. DoorDash pays a higher amount compared to the other apps, as it allows the Dasher to pocket 100% of the delivery chart in addition to tips, bonuses, etc. You can make good money from customer tips alone. 

The app offers Dashers many ways to make extra money. Sign-up bonus alone can amount to $750!! 

On top of the sign-up bonus, Dashers also get a referral bonus for referring other drivers. The app provides Dashers with a referral code, which can be sent to new Dashers. Making money has never been easier!

Make Money With DoorDash $$$

How Can You Earn More Than Average?

While many people earn an average pay working as a Dasher for DoorDash, you can easily make more. Some drivers even hike up to $40 per hour. 

If you want to earn more than average in your job as a Dasher, you need to take into account the essential tips mentioned below:   

Accepting Large Orders

For earning extra within the same time frame, be picky in choosing orders. Opting for larger orders is a great way to make more money. And you might get tipped generously, as customers often tip on percentage. The larger the order, the more tip you can get. Just make sure you do not make a habit of rejecting jobs as it might bring your ratings down.

Avoiding high traffic areas

Traffic often slows down, so you cannot take up the maximum number of delivery jobs. The time lost could reduce your Dasher’s income by a considerable amount. So, be careful about taking routes that usually have high traffic and avoid taking orders from downtown where you can face parking issues.

Look for free parking zones

Parking fees can sometimes eat all your earnings from DoorDash. Look for free parking zones, but you can park in places with lower rates of parking fees if they are not available.

Work during Peak Hours

Peak hours are an ideal time for you to make more money in lesser time. The primary demand for food delivery starts immediately before meal times like lunch or dinner. The increase in demand also applies to holidays and occasions.  

Delivery App Bonuses

DoorDash keeps initiating new bonuses for the exemplary Dashers. Be sure to complete your eligibility criteria to obtain the rewards to increase your DoorDash earning above average.

DoorDash Promotions

DoorDash provides guaranteed Earning Offers to Dashers of a minimum amount of $2,750. When you have fulfilled their time and delivery requirements and earned only $2,500, DoorDash pays the difference of $250. You get your guaranteed earnings, either through DoorDash order or from the company itself. 

DoorDash also provides various other promotions so that Dashers can increase their earnings. These include peak times’ promotions, indicated by red light highlighted on the Dasher’s app with a dollar sign. This peak time job pays $1 to $4 more than the typical food delivery.

As you can see, you can earn a decent side income through the promotions offered by DoorDash.

Frequently Asked Questions – DoorDash Driver Review

There are probably many questions that pop up when you are reading this DoorDash review. Here are the most frequently asked questions answered for you.

How Much Does DoorDash Pay?

DoorDash pays between $2-$10+ per order, depending on how long it will take the Dasher, the distance, and the order’s value. Orders with a higher expected delivery time, a longer distance, and are less popular among Dashers result in higher pay. On top of that, you can earn tips and bonuses offered by DoorDash. 

Do I Have To Pay Excess Taxes On My DoorDash Earnings?

Dashers aren’t required to report their income and pay taxes if their income is less than $600. They are independent contractors, and the company doesn’t withhold any tax amounts from the Dasher. Dashers are responsible for their obligations regarding taxes. 

If your income exceeds the minimum requirements, Dashers must take legal advice on reporting their income and paying taxes.

What Is The Dasher Rating System?

When customers place an order through DoorDash, they have to rate every food delivery on a five-star scale. If Dashers are consistently late and are unprofessional, their ratings decline. 

DoorDash doesn’t inform the Dasher of the rating that they have received. They can only check their total ratings. The higher the rating of you as a Dasher, the more money-making opportunities you get.

Do DoorDash Drivers Get Paid Well?

How much a Dasher earns depends on various factors, like deliverability, estimated time to deliver, and the distance you have to drive. Dashers make $2 to $10+ on every delivery. Thus their total earning depends on the number of food deliveries you make in a given day. 

DoorDash pays reasonably well as it permits the Dasher to keep a 100% delivery fee along with the extra tip and any bonuses they currently offer. If you work during peak hours, you can make extra money. DoorDash also gives specific challenges and issues bonus amounts to the Dashers. According to many DoorDash Driver reviews, you can work when you want, get incentives during peak hours, and make decent pay at the end of the day.

Is Being A DoorDash Driver Worth It?

Driving for DoorDash is a great side hustle to make some extra money. You can make money on your own terms and work when you want to. It is easy, and you get paid weekly. When you have short-term financial goals for yourself or work towards a money-saving challenge, having extra cash could help. It’s quick and easy to get signed up with DoorDash, so give it a try!

Sign up with DoorDash and start making extra money today!

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