29 Ultimate Ways To Get Paid To Walk In 2024 [Free & Simple]

Did you know that you can get paid to walk? It is possibly one of the easiest ways to make money this year and beyond. 

Since the beginning of this year, my partner and I have loved to walk around in our neighborhood. It gives your brain some fresh air, allows you to catch up, and allows you to move your body for the day. 

When I found out there are apps that pay you to walk, a whole new world opened for me. While it isn’t the best side hustle that will earn you the most money, getting paid to walk is simple. Walking is something that you do anyway. It would be the same as making money in your sleep

The apps automatically track your steps, meaning you don’t need to do anything. If you find yourself saying, I need money now. This can be the perfect source of passive income for you. These apps won’t make you rich, but earning additional income for something you’re doing is great. 

29 Best Apps That Pay You To Walk

Walking is something that you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking to work, running for exercise, or walking is your favorite date night idea. There are dozens of apps available for your phone. In this list, we’ll discuss legitimate ways of getting paid to walk. 

One side note: getting paid to walk will not make you rich. It can be the perfect way to move more when you know you get a financial reward for it. 

1. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is one of my favorite apps that pay you to walk outside. Instead of earning gift cards with your steps, you will make cryptocurrency with your efforts. Sweatcoin has its own cryptocurrency, called Sweatcoins – surprise! 

I’ve used Sweatcoin myself for over a year now, and I use it to stay on top of my health goals. Over 40 million people are using the app worldwide. 

With their free plan, you will earn 5 Sweatcoins per day when you walk 5,000 steps. You can use these coins to get rewards from their app, donate them to charity, or send them to friends. While the gift card options are limited, you can get $1,000 via PayPal for 20,000 Sweatcoins. It will take you a minimum of 18 months to get there, but it’s a lot of money. 

The other rewards in the Sweatcoin store change daily, so it’s great to save your coins and exchange them when you see something you want. Some of these items include TVs, Apple watches, and yoga classes. They also have some great crowdfunding projects where you can give back to others with your Sweatcoins.

With Sweatcoin, you only get paid when you walk outside. The app’s unique feature means that walking around the house and running on treadmills doesn’t count. 

Check out the complete Sweatcoin review for more details!


2. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is an application that allows you to make money by losing weight. Keep in mind that you won’t get paid to walk directly. However, you can include walking and getting enough steps into your day as a part of your plan to lose weight.

Once you download the HealthyWage app, you can set up your weight loss plan. You let them know your current weight, how much you aim to lose, how tall you are, your sex, and how much you want to bet on this goal. Based on that, the app will determine the amount of money you can win. 

I’ve done a quick assessment myself, and I saw that the money I could earn a minimum of $400 when I would lose 4 pounds. If you are looking for more motivation, the HealthyWage app may be for you. 

Sign up directly with HealthyWage or read our HealthyWage review.

Make Money Losing Weight $$$

3. Achievement

Achievement is an app that will pay you to exercise. You can choose to walk, run, swim, bike, or any other sport. The Achievement app will pay you to move and even to meditate!

After you sign up, you can link to other health apps to earn more points. You can connect apps like Fitbit, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, and more. For every 10,000 points, you get $10 in cash or donate to charity. Maximizing your points can get $30 per year or $10 per four months. 

Besides walking, there are dozens of ways to earn rewards, including tracking your water intake and sleep or taking health-related surveys. Simply download the app and check it out yourself! The more you use it, the more points will start to roll in. 

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4. StepBet

Are you ready to up your game? Try StepBet. As the name suggests, you can bet on yourself and your fitness goals. If you meet your goals, you win money. However, if you don’t, you will lose some money.

StepBet will help you determine your goals by considering your current fitness level. You must stick to your new goals for six weeks to earn money. The initial bet on your goals will be around $40. 

Are you up for it? Stick to your goals and earn some income. If you are the Obliger type, which means that you respond to outer expectations and need to have accountability to work out, this will work perfectly to get you active!

5. Higi

With Higi, you can do more than just get paid when you walk. You can track your health, including your weight, body fat, and blood pressure. They have dozens of stations where they can measure these things for you. 

With the Higi app, you get paid to walk and rewarded when you visit a health station check-in. The app connects to fitness trackers or other apps, making it simple to track your steps. 

Unlike other apps, you can’t redeem your points for cash or gift cards with Higi. With their app, you can donate money to charity. Their app also has rewards that you can purchase, which will often need a cash inflow from you. This app may not be for you if you want free stuff without adding any money to the table. 

6. Charity Miles

If you are big on acts of kindness and helping others, Charity Miles lets you donate the money you earn when walking. When you have difficulty fitting giving to others into your budget, this could be your way to give back. 

With Charity Miles, you can earn points when you walk, run, or cycle outside. If you are running inside on a treadmill, you must log the activity as a separate workout. Important: you have to open the app to log the activity. 

With over 40 causes to choose from, the chances are that you will find something worth the effort. Knowing that you support a charity every time you move may just be the motivation you need!

7. Fitpotato

Fitpotato is a walking app with a great name that helps you win prizes. Every week, you select a challenge that you will do for that week on the platform. When you meet your weekly goals, you get some prize money. 

It is important to note that with Fitpotate, you need to pay a fee of $5 to join the weekly challenge. The prize is mostly around $1,000, making it very attractive to put down the $5. If you win, you split the prize with everyone who met their weekly goals. 

You can use Fitpotato for walking or running. You can only use it now if you’re an iOS user. 

8. Walgreens Balance Rewards

Walgreens has its Balance Rewards program, where you get points when you walk. The points you earn are redeemable at Walgreens. If you get things at their store regularly, this is for you. 

Signing up is simple. You create a Walgreens Balance Reward account on their website. After that, you install the Walgreens app and log in with your account details. In the Walgreens app, you can link any activity tracker. If you don’t have a fitness tracker, use the one provided on your phone. 

You will get 20 Walgreens Balance points for every mile you walk. However, you can’t earn more than 1,000 points every month. As mentioned earlier, you can use these points to shop at Walgreens. 

9. MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness is perfect for you if you like Under Armour products. MapMyFitness is a variety of apps owned by Under Armour, including MapMyWalk and MapMyRun. 

There are plenty of fun prizes and rewards to win in the apps. While they don’t get cash or gift cards, you can get steep discounts on Under Armour products. 

The apps are intuitive and straightforward to use. You can connect them with your activity tracker or phone tracker app. If you’re going for an outdoor workout, GPS tracking will get you the exact details of your training if you want. 

10. Runtopia

Runtopia encourages you to run. If you use the app, you get audio coaching while you’re walking or running. It takes care of the warming up, training, cooling, and stretching afterward. They report your data after your walks to improve your performance as you go. 

You can earn coins on Runtopia by walking, running, cycling, and more. The coins that you collect in the Runtopia app can be used to get rewards like cash, gift cards, or sports gear. 

11. Winwalk

Winwalk is an app that tracks every step you take. You earn points daily when you walk, up to a maximum of 10,000 steps per day. 

You can use the points you earn to get gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, or Walmart.  

12. Lifecoin

With Lifecoin, you also get rewarded when you walk or run. With the coins you earn on the app, you can decide whether you want to get rewards or gift cards. The rewards they typically offer are sporting goods or electronics, but they change continuously. The gift cards you can earn are for stores like Amazon or PayPal. 

Lifecoin works with your GPS to track the steps you take. It is available both for iOS and Android. 

13. Lympo

With Lympo, you get paid in cryptocurrency when you walk indoors or outdoors. You could say with Lympo that getting paid to walk is a stay-at-home job. You earn points by walking and completing the challenges they have on the platform. 

You get additional points for logging your weight, sleep, and water intake. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can swap your points for prizes or gift cards that are available on the platform. 

14. Million Steps

Million Steps is an app that pays you when you take one million steps. You will get $10 per one million steps that you complete. It’s money you wouldn’t make otherwise, but it’s not something that will break the bank. 

The Million Steps app caps your daily steps at 1,000. You can move those steps up when you watch ads in the app. With every ad you watch, you will get 200 extra steps. Watching the ads can be quite time-consuming, but if you want to get to your goal faster, it is the way to go. 

When you get your 1,000,000 steps, you earn $10 in cash or gift cards. 

15. Fit For Bucks

With Fit For Bucks, you get rewarded for staying active. Staying active means any form of movement, including running errands and dancing. When you stay active, you will gather points on the platform. For example, you get a massage for 35,000 steps.

The app gives you rewards on a more regular basis, but the rewards are relatively smaller. Important to note is that their rewards are mostly in the LA area. If you live in another region, there will be options, but fewer. 

16. PK Rewards

With PK Rewards, you get paid for several different forms of exercise. You can get paid to walk, run, cycle, and a ton more. At the end of your workout, the app determines how much effort you put into the training. Based on the score on effort, you will get more points. 

If you complete an exercise, you will get points. You can earn gift cards and other prizes with the points you gather over time. 

17. EarthMiles

EarthMiles is an app that you can use to get discounts on health items. You get EarthMiles by walking, cycling, or running. You get more points when you work harder to earn more when you run versus walking. 

The products that you can choose from in the EarthMiles shop are from local and smaller brands. If you want to try out some new things with a discount, this app could be just for you!

18. Carrot

Carrot is another app that pays you to walk. Carrot was offline for a while, but it is BACK. It is an app for people based in Canada, where you can earn money by staying active. 

When you sign up with their platform, you can connect your fitness trackers or smartphone to track your steps. The app will track your habits and determine your weekly goals based on your walking habits. 

You can redeem your points for prizes on the platform, like gift cards and various rewards. 

19. Yodo

With the Yodo app, you can track your activity with their pedometer. I like Yodo because they don’t cap your steps, meaning you earn more points the more you walk. 

They have a goal in the app to let you walk at least 1,500 steps a day before getting any points. Plus, you can invite your friends and family for extra points. You can get your prices in cash through PayPal. 

Alternative Ways To Get Paid To Walk

Do you want to get paid to walk? Here are some alternative ways to get paid and keep your activity in for the day!

20. Rover

Rover is a company that lets you earn extra money by walking dogs or dog sitting. You can sign up for their platform and instantly make money walking dogs. If you like dogs and want to make money walking, this is the perfect side hustle idea for you. 

Rover pays around $20 per walk with your new furry friend, which is significantly more than the abovementioned apps. Check out the Rover platform and find cute doggos in your area that need someone to walk them – earning money has never been more fun!


21. Wag

Wag is an alternative to Rover, with the side note that it generally pays less. You will get around $10 for a 30-minute walk. When you download the app, you can see a list of all the dog owners looking for someone to walk their dogs. 

22. Instacart

Instacart is a delivery service that delivers groceries to customers’ homes. You can choose whether you want to deliver the groceries or collect the groceries inside the store. 

If you like walking around grocery stores, Instacart may be perfect for you. Get paid to walk around the grocery store and shop for other people!

When you would instead deliver the groceries to the customers’ homes, that is also a possibility. Be aware that you need a car for that.

Sign up for your Instacart account, check your background, and start shopping within two weeks! When you complete a shopping trip, you will get paid right away.

23. DoorDash

DoorDash is a delivery app where you can make extra money walking by delivering food to people. When you download the DoorDash app, you go through their approval process, and once you’re approved, you can start right away. 

Depending on where you’ll be delivering and how big the area is that you cover, you may want to take the bike or the car instead of walking. 

The money you earn with the DoorDash platform, get deposited within 2-3 working days in your bank account. Check out our entire DoorDash review here.

24. Postmates

Postmates is a delivery app where you get paid for various tasks. You can pick up food, drinks and even dry cleaning for your customers. You can determine your hours, making it a flexible under-the-table-job if you need extra cash.

They do a background check at Postmates, plus you must submit proof of identity before starting. Once you are online on their platform, you can start delivering. Every delivery should be delivered in under an hour, which makes you around $4 plus tips. 

They pay out your earnings every week to your bank account. 

Which platform is your favorite? DoorDash or Postmates?

25. Favor

Favor is another delivery app where you can deliver groceries or restaurant orders. As with all delivery apps, you can determine your schedule and make extra money. 

You will get between $10-$18 for a favor, plus tips. You will get the money in your bank account within a business day.

26. Field Agent

Field Agent is a platform where you can get paid as a mystery shopper, so you get paid to walk around stores! Their app aims to gather information on customers and the individual store. You take photos and videos and collect data about the products they offer. When you complete these tasks, you get paid. 

The Field Agent app suggests which tasks you can complete to make extra money. These tasks can vary from filling in surveys to visiting an actual store. 

What I like about Field Agent is you get a direct deposit when you complete the task. The $5-$10 you make from the task will be directly funded into your account. 

27. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is a platform where you can sign up for small jobs or gigs that need to be done. You can do things like mystery shopping or taking pictures from displays in stores. 

Check out the Gigwalk platform for gigs in your area. The more gigs you do, the higher your payment will be over time. 

28. Airtasker

With Airtasker, you get paid for small jobs or gigs. You help people out, and you get paid for that. Most tasks on the platform are cleaning, delivering, gardening, or doing handyman tasks. There will be quite some walking involved with all of these. 

You can decide which tasks you want to do and how much you want to get paid for them. You can bid on a job, and the person posting the task will select the person performing it. After you’ve completed the task, you will get paid within 3-5 business days. 

29. Sidewalk

When traveling is possible and tourism returns close to normal, Sidewalk is the perfect app to get paid to walk. You earn money for showing tourists the hotspots in your area.

Sidewalk offers free guided tours, where you can create your tour and list it in the app. You won’t be paid by the hour, but rather by tips of the tourists that come and join you on your tour. The better your tour is, the more money you make. 

In my personal experience, almost all tourists tip something when they’re on a free walking tour. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Really Get Paid For Walking?

Yes, absolutely. There are dozens of apps that help you to get paid to walk. However, these apps won’t make you rich overnight. Apps can pay you money or other rewards like gift cards or discounts. 

Other types of apps pay you to walk indirectly, where you complete tasks while you walk. These apps will pay more money and indirectly still pay you for walking. 

What Is The Best App To Get Paid For Walking?

All the apps listed will give you cash or rewards. However, my personal favorite is Sweatcoin. You can make more money relatively quickly with Sweatcoin. I was able to make $50 a couple of months without doing anything.

While it may not sound like a lot, it is a great way to make money on the side while you’re doing everything as usual. You could even say it’s residual income. If you want to move more and become more active, this is an incentive to do precisely that. 

Are There Creative Ways To Get Paid To Walk?

The apps listed above are very diverse and different, so there are many ways to get paid to walk.

With DoorDash, you get paid to deliver food in your area. With Instacart, you can walk inside a grocery store and get paid while you shop for others. And with HealthyWage, you get paid to lose weight. 

Conclusion – Get Paid To Walk

Are you ready to make money walking? If you want to get motivated to move, these apps will make you do just that. Going outside for fresh air and some movement could become your new habit. 

Let’s go outside and get paid to walk at the same time. Simply some nice spending money or extra cash toward our financial goals!

What is your favorite way to get paid to walk?