23 Sites That Will Pay You For Testing Websites And Apps

Do you want to make extra money testing websites and apps? Here are 23 websites that pay you for browsing the internet. 

If you want to run a successful website, they need to be user-friendly. 

When it is hard to navigate around your site, you will lose people and thus money. 

This is a major struggle for any website owner. You’re easily blinded for the deficiencies when you’re building your blog since you’re working on it daily. It would help you majorly if someone could shed a fresh perspective on your website. 

There are websites out there that have terrible user experiences and their owners don’t know it. They could have a lot of pop-ups, unreadable fonts, or colors that don’t match. 

The moment you see a site like this, you will probably not even try and simply leave. 

As a business owner, this can be killing for your business. They want to pay other people to provide feedback and test their website. This is where you come in!

Web Testing Companies are looking for you!

You can be the person getting paid to test their website!

You check out their website, click around, comment on the things that you see, and you get paid. 

Website testing is one of the easiest ways to earn money without leaving your bed.

testing websites from home

Testing websites while you’re chilling in bed. Yeah, why not?

Testing websites is a bit different compared to other ways to make money online, like taking surveys or getting cashback on your purchases. It’s not like you will always be accepted. You do need to apply and you do need to pass their test. 

That means, unfortunately, not everyone that reads this will be able to sit in bed and get paid for browsing and testing websites. 

Good thing there are 23 websites that you can apply to, meaning that chances are that one of them will accept you. 

What Does a Website Tester Do?

Well, simply put, you test websites. Companies designing websites and apps want to know whether or not their platform is easy to use for their customer. They let other people test the platform, to get a different point of view and help them improve. 

If you’re testing a website, most of the web testing companies require you to talk through the website and record your screen. That way they know what you’re thinking and they are following along with you. 

When you have to build up some experience, getting paid for testing sites gets easier. You will be testing websites for bugs and issues that need to be resolved. If you find any issues, you will get paid as a reward for your efforts. 

How Much Do Website Testers Get Paid?

First things first. You’re not going to get rich from testing websites a couple of hours a week. BUT, testing websites can be a great addition to your current income. It can give you that little extra money to save for your dream holiday or go away for the weekend without having to sacrifice anything else. 

Most of the website testing platforms are going to pay $10 for every website that you test, which will take on average 15-20 minutes. When you have some experience, offers for $20 or $25 per gig will come by. 

How Do I Get A Job Testing Websites?

Most website testing companies do not provide you with a full-time income. If you combine your efforts on multiple platforms, you may make enough to cover all your expenses. 

Getting a job testing website can be as simple as signing up with the below companies and just start testing websites. Over time you will get experience and the pay you receive will increase with that. 

What Do You Need to Start Testing Websites?

When you’re starting out testing websites and earning some extra cash, this is what you need:

  • A decent computer with an internet connection
  • A microphone or simply your headphones (here’s what I use)
  • Some companies require a webcam (here’s one)
  • Optional: a good keyboard with a mouse

In addition to this, you should be able to speak and write English. 

Personal Experience Testing Websites for Money

On April 30 I got my first web testing gig from UserTesting and I got $10. Since then I got another three tests earning $30 for me. Side hustle income here I come!

For a month on a web testing company, that is not a lot. I have to say I enjoy it and it’s fun, making it easy for me to do it. In total it took me less than 1 hour to earn that $40. 

There’s just this one thing: it’s not enough for a full-time job. 

There are people who will take on multiple platforms or really stand out on one particular platform, making thousands and thousands of dollars every month. 

It’s fun to have some extra money every month. Use it towards your goals, whether you want financial freedom, go on a weekend trip, or plan your mini-retirement

Do whatever you want with it!

23 Sites That Pay You For Testing Websites & Apps

23 Sites That Pay You To Test Websites

Let’s go into the 23 different sites that will pay you to test websites from the comfort of your home, your couch, or even your bed. Yaass!

1. Respondent

Respondent is a high-paying platform that has website testing projects. Besides that, it allows you to fill out surveys and participate in other studies. 

Once you complete your sign-up process, browse the platform for opportunities that sound interesting to you. 

Go to the Respondent website, check the pending projects, and sign up for one of their gigs. 

You can get paid $40 for a 20-minute test or even $100 for a 60-minute task. Log in and check what is available for you at this moment!

2. UserTesting

UserTesting is the biggest company around when it comes to testing websites. You earn $10 for every 10-15 minutes of work. That’s a great start!

In order to apply, fill in your email address. They will ask you to make a test assignment. Before you get any paid assignments, you need to pass the practice test. It’s just a quick test to make sure you are thinking out loud and answering the requests they make throughout the test. 

After you are approved on the UserTesting platform, paid tests tend to come upon their dashboard. Before each test, you need to till in a couple of questions to make sure you’re the target audience they are looking for. 

I would expect that you can complete around 2 tests a week – that’s what I get.  

They pay you within 7 days after each test, through Paypal. Make sure you have a Paypal account before you start! 

3.What Users Do

What Users Do pay you $9 per 15-20 minutes of work through Paypal. Signing up is straightforward – you download their screen recorder and can start straight away with the sample test. 

In the beginning, you will be sent 3-5 tasks per month. The better you perform on the tasks, the more work is going to come your way. That sounds great, right?

They pay on the 25th of every month, meaning that it can be a couple of weeks before you see your money. 

4. Enroll

If you want to make money testing websites, Enroll is a great site to check out. Enroll is part of Zurb, which is a well-known design agency that many people rave about. 

This means you can test websites before they are published to get your cash. Enroll lets you take the test on your preferred device, whether that’s your laptop, tablet, or phone. Whatever you like!

Do you want to make some extra cash while walking home? This is your opportunity!

Plus, you don’t need a microphone for your tests. They offer simple tasks like giving your preference over two web pages or something similar. 

They pay through Paypal and payment varies per job. When you get a short assignment, you will be paid less compared to a longer one. 

5. UserFeel

With UserFeel, you get around $10 per 10-20 minutes test for different websites. 

What you need to do to become a website tester, is to take their sample test and pass it. The test is not super difficult so I’m sure you got this. When you are approved, the assignments will be sent to your email. 

With UserFeel, you are paid through Paypal every week. 

Tip: check out their FAQ page, which has tons of useful information for you as a website tester. 

6. Testing Time

Testing Time is a website testing platform that does their studies through Skype. This is a bit different compared to the other website testing gigs out there. 

Their studies take between 30-90 minutes, and you can earn up to $50 through Paypal. You will be paid within 5-10 days of completing the study. 

All you need with Testing Time is a stable internet connection and Skype on your computer. 

7. TryMyUI

With TryMyUI, you can make $10 in 15 minutes. It’s one of the most popular platforms for testing websites, that’s because their entire process is so easy!

Before you can become part of their team, there is a sample test you need to pass. This is a qualification test that shows you understand their process and meet their standards. 

If you pass their test, you will be sent different test opportunities by email. 

Payments are made twice a month through Paypal. 

8. UserLytics

UserLytics focused on providing feedback on concepts, prototypes, apps, along with websites. That means you don’t have to only test websites with them. It could be great for some variety. 

When you complete their test assignment, you can get to the real deal. After completing your assignment, you will be paid $5-90 depending on the task you completed. 

9. UserZoom

With UserZoom, you will take around 10-20 minutes to complete a test. Very similar to other websites. 

Generally, the studies that they offer are easy and you’ll find no difficulties being accepted by this website!

They transfer the cash within 14 business days to you. 

10. Validately

Validately offers two different kinds of tests. They offer 5-minute tests that will pay you $5, easy and simple. That’s the way we like it. 

They also offer live tests. These live tests mean that you are speaking on the phone and sharing your screen live, this will pay you a minimum of $50 per hour. 

When completing the test, payments are done through Paypal within 7 business days. 

11. UTest

UTest hires people to test different websites on software and hardware. They help brands like Google, Amazon, and Netflix.  

Their platform looks a bit more complicated compared to others. There’s a lot going on. 

I would advise you to spend some time on the platform and you will get used to using it. If you’re having a really hard time, ask their helpdesk. 

It’s worth putting the effort into this platform! 

There are people that make a living off of UTest with $3,000+ per month. It’s not like that happens overnight or it’s easy to achieve that, it’s just to show you that there are possibilities. 

Fill in their online application, take their test to show your tech skills, and the jobs will be sent straight to your inbox! 

It can take a couple of weeks before the first tests come rolling in. After you complete your test, you can work on building up your rate. With a higher rate, you’ll get more testing gigs sent your way. 

12. UserCrowd 

UserCrowd is a platform where you can take quick surveys on a website or product, mostly aimed at the design of these websites. 

These questionnaires will only take a minute, meaning that you will earn $0.20 per answer. This means that you need to do a couple of them to make it worth your while. 

23 Sites That Pay You For Testing Websites And Apps

13. IntelliZoom

Through IntelliZoom you can test how easy websites can be used on different devices. Their pay varies from a minimum of $2 for a quick survey to $10 for a video submission ( with a duration of 10-20 minutes).

Payments are made through Paypal 14 business days after finishing your task. 

14. PingPong

With PingPong you get paid to test websites and apps, which can earn you $40-200 per 30-60 minute interview. This depends highly on the task. 

You get paid 7 days after the test through Paypal or Transferwise. 

15. Intuit User Research

Intuit User Research lets you test web-based programs like Mint, Quickbooks, and Turbotax. It’s like giving a review and explaining what you like about the platform and what could be improved. 

You can participate in tests that take anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours. For every 30 minutes you participate, you will receive $50 as a Visa Rewards Card. 

16. Ferpection

Tired of being voice recorded or having to do interviews through Skype? With Ferpection you are not recorded in audio or video. You take some screenshots and answer the questions that pop up. 

For a 15-minute test, you will get around $10. You will get paid through Paypal every month on the last Friday. 

17. Loop11

Loop11 is an Australian company that hires website testers every now and then. They require you to complete a 5-minute test before you can use their platform. Besides that, they do require a webcam. 

They claim to pay above average, although exact amounts are not disclosed on their website. Plus they pay bonuses if you’re consistently delivering high-quality work. 

Loop11 works with big clients like IBM, Vodafone, Deloitte, and JPMorgan. 

18. Checkealos

With Checkealos you can test websites in 15-minute tests. For each test, you will receive around $8. 

You can do your web testing with any device. A PC, smartphone, or tablet will do. 

Besides that, all you need is a Paypal account and that’s it. If you speak English or Spanish, this website is for you!

19. UserBrain

UserBrain lets you do a set of different tasks for 5-15 minutes. You are speaking your thoughts out loud and you get paid $3 per test. While it is not the highest paying gig, there is still some money to be made. 

Their payments are made weekly through Paypal. 

20. Test IO

Test IO lets you test websites, apps, and games. When you find a glitch in their software, you will earn a minimum of $50. The more important the problem, the bigger your payment. Besides finding bugs, they also pay for testing and rating different websites or apps. 

Test IO pays monthly through Paypal, Payoneer, or bank transfer. 

21. UserTest

UserTest is a great website where you will get paid $10 for every test. Payments will be sent quickly after completing the test, you only need to wait 2 days. 

However, it is a very limited access website with around 5-10% of submissions being accepted. That means when you get accepted, you will get some pretty cool tests. 

22. StartUpLift

With StartUpLift, you don’t need a screen recorder or microphone. Say what?!

All you need to do is head over to the requested website, complete the test they set out for you, and write it down. You will get $5 for every filled-out response. 

You will get paid every Monday through Paypal. 

Side note: there are many many people who want to test with this platform, meaning that it may take a while before you get an actual opportunity in your inbox. 

23. TestBirds

TestBirds is a user testing site where you test software for bugs. They have an above-average pay – where you will get paid $23 for a simple usability test. 

If you find any bugs in addition to that, you will get paid on top of that. 

A great thing is that they offer free training, meaning that you can make more money trying that! 

23 Sites That Pay You For Testing Websites & Apps

How Can I Earn More Money Testing Websites?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably calculating. If I can complete this many tests in an hour, for this much money, that’s the amount I’m going to make in a day. 

Like I already said earlier, it can be hard to make this your full-time gig. Don’t worry, you can still dream about all your financial goals. Just be aware that getting paid for testing websites is extra to your current income. 

There are so many testers and only so many testing jobs. 

What do you need to do to increase the chance of making money?

1. Apply to as many testing websites as possible. The more websites you’re on, the more opportunities you will see. Test which website will work best for you and return the most web testing jobs for you. 

2. Get good at practice tests. Web testing companies will often allow you a couple of times to pass the test they put on their platform. Practice and make sure that you pass the test! (I have passed all practice tests on the first try, so don’t worry too much!)

3. Give it all you got. Many companies will give highly rated testers more jobs or jobs with better pay. Isn’t that what we all want? Take your time and do your best, that way you will make sure that you get the best jobs with the best pay sent your way. 

4. Don’t wait around. If you need to wait for these companies to email you, don’t sit still. You can start data entry jobs, transcribing jobs, or anything in between to keep yourself busy. This will make sure that you’re constantly working and having money coming in. 

Final Thoughts – Sites That Will Pay You For Testing Websites And Apps

It’s amazing how you can get paid testing websites from home, with absolutely zero prior experience. It is a great way to earn extra money online

You provide value and get paid for it, that’s great! Getting paid $10 for every 10-20 minutes that you work is very very decent. 

With these best 23 testing websites, you probably want to get started right away. It’s an extremely flexible way to make extra money and work towards your financial goals with lightning speed. 

And remember:

  • Apply for as many sites as possible.
  • Practice your tests.
  • Put in a lot of effort and give it all that you have.
  • Don’t wait around for work, try other things in the meantime. 

Would you want to get paid for testing out websites? 

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23 Sites That Pay You For Testing Websites And Apps

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