How to Sell Feet Pics – 25 Authentic Ways

Do people really shell out money for photographs of feet? And just how legit and lucrative is this job? This article will tell you all you need to know if you want to make extra money and are wondering how to sell feet pics. 

In today’s digital age, there are unique opportunities to earn money in ways you might not have imagined before. One such unconventional avenue is selling feet pictures online. Yes, you read that right! 

If you’re curious about how people make money by sharing pictures of their feet, this article is here to help you understand the basics. Whether you’re looking to earn some extra cash or simply intrigued by this trend, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to get started. 

So, put your feet up and read on to discover the world of selling feet pictures online.

Ways on How to Sell Your Feet Pics – Social Media 

1. Start a Blog

Starting a blog to sell feet pictures online to make money on the side could be the perfect opportunity for you. With the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever to showcase your feet and connect with individuals who share your passion. 

Establishing your blogs can become a great source of passive income if you know the right content and audience to target. 

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2. Fun With Feet 

Fun with Feet is a new website facilitating anonymous connections between buyers and sellers of feet photos and videos. Their content is categorized into black jeans, tied toes, and other categories, making finding and attracting your preferred audience easier.

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3. Snapchat

With the help of Snapchat, you can create a personalized, private experience for your customers and sell feet pictures to multiple clients. Some individuals repurpose it to sell specialized content like foot pictures, leveraging its temporary nature to create exclusivity and urgency for interested buyers. Adherence to legal and ethical guidelines and compliance with Snapchat’s terms of service are crucial when engaging in such transactions.


TikTok has become a hub for content creators, and you could be the next big toe influencer. And with millions of users scrolling daily, there’s no better way to showcase your stunning soles and make some cash in the process.

5. Instagram

With over 1.3 billion monthly users worldwide, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms, making it an ideal platform to sell feet pictures as you will likely find interested buyers easily.

6. Facebook

It may sound strange, but selling feet pics is a famous niche market. Social media platforms like Facebook are a great place to start. You can create a personal page and showcase your feet with different poses and angles. 

7. Reddit

While it may seem unconventional, there is a massive demand for foot pictures in specific online communities, such as Reddit. And you can be a part of this picture-selling and buying community. Just click photos and find genuine clients!

8. Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps with a massive global presence, making it an excellent platform to sell foot pictures. The app matches you with local individuals, making it an ideal option for selling foot pics locally.

9. Create Your Own E-Commerce Store

Creating your e-commerce store is the perfect way to sell your foot pictures and make a decent income. With online shopping becoming more popular, it’s the ideal time to start your digital store. 

10. Print on Demand Marketplaces

A Print on Demand (POD) company provides a variety of blank items for you to design as part of the POD business model. You can create an online shopfront that showcases your foot pictures. When someone orders a product, the POD company will produce the item, turning your picture into a design and delivering it to the customer.

Ways on How to Sell Your Feet Pics – Apps 

Woman Wearing Heels
Image Credit: HayDmitriy/Depositphotos

11. Feetpics is a comprehensive website that enables users to create and market their page and earn extra bucks for feet photos. Unlike many other platforms, Feetpics does not collect commissions or monthly fees on sales. Instead, there is a one-time account setup charge of $5.00 and a cost for promoting your page within their website.

12. Feet Lovers Only

After recognizing the growing interest in foot-related content, the creators of All Things Worn established Feet Lovers Only, a website dedicated exclusively to foot photos and videos.

Feet Lovers Only is a secure and confidential community selling tailored feet images, videos, pre-worn socks, and shoes.

13. Feet Finder

Feet Finder is one of the biggest and most secure platforms for selling feet pictures online. This website offers free registration, allowing sellers to submit their feet pictures anonymously. There is a $3.99 per month or a $14.99 yearly fee for becoming a seller on Feet Finder.

14. Dollar Feet 

Dollar Feet is an online marketplace if you want to earn additional income selling feet photos and videos. This platform pays its users in cash for their foot-related content. According to their website, Dollar Feet offers $10 for each accepted (10-minute long) video.

To sell your content on Dollar Feet, you have to submit it first, and then the platform will decide whether to accept or reject it

15. Foap

Foap is a free picture app that allows you to sell your feet pictures to earn extra cash. Each photo on Foap is priced at $10, out of which you earn $5. Foap keeps the remaining $5.

16. Kik 

Kik is a free messaging platform that allows users to communicate and share content anonymously. It is compatible with Android and iOS. It gained popularity for its user anonymity and ease of use, often used for casual conversations and sharing content. However, like other platforms, Kik has been utilized for various purposes, including buying and selling content like foot pictures. I

17. Instafeet

Instafeet is a subscription-based website, recently merged with FeetFinder, that exclusively focuses on foot photography. You must aim to attract subscribers who will pay a monthly fee to access your foot-related content to make quick money.

According to the website’s recommendations, the ideal monthly subscription fee is around $10. While there is no charge for getting started on Instafeet, the platform does deduct a 10% commission on your subscription fees. So, for every $10 subscription, you can earn $9.

18. Whisper App

The Whisper app is an interesting social media platform with over 250 million users. However, unlike other platforms, Whisper does not facilitate buying or selling content; therefore, there’s no payment mechanism.

However, this platform can still help promote your website or online store, where buyers can safely transact.

19. Onlyfans

OnlyFans is a social media platform with more than 130 million registered users. You can sign up for free on OnlyFans and set a subscription fee for fans to access your exclusive content. Subscription fees start from $4.99.

20. Stock Photo Sites, Shutterstock, Deposit Photos, Dreamstime, and Adobe Stock, are famous stock photo sites that you can try to sell your feet pics.

21. Craigslist

Craigslist is among the oldest and most widely used online platforms for buying and selling goods and services. This website allows you to sell your feet pictures and connect with potential buyers in your area or beyond. You can also explore alternatives to Craigslist for more options.

22. Etsy

Etsy is an excellent platform for selling handmade or unique items. It is an ideal platform for selling creative artwork; watercolor feet pictures will likely be received well.

23. Wikifeet

Wikifeet is a website dedicated to celebrity feet photos. The site’s content is entirely user-submitted and free to use.

24. Feetify

Feetify is a subscription-based platform with a 4.6 Trustpilot rating, supported by over 200 reviews. It’s the perfect platform to help you sell feet pics online.

25. Zazzle

Zazzle is an online marketplace that offers a dropshipping service for printable products. If you’re looking for a platform to sell feet pictures that aren’t necessarily fetish-related, Zazzle is a great choice.

Is There a Market for Feet Pictures? 

The market for feet pictures is a thriving industry, despite being controversial. It is commonly referred to as a “foot fetish.” The buyers are predominantly males, although some females also show interest in the foot market. The reasons for buying feet pictures vary, but the most common reason is that people simply love feet. 

Smiling Young Woman Holding A Camera Photographer MSN
Image credit: DepositPhotos

Foot fetishes are one of the most popular fetishes known to humans, and those attracted to feet consider them an erogenous zone. People attracted to feet may also seek attributes such as painted toenails or arched soles. 

Feet pics can fetch anywhere from $5 to $100, depending on several factors, such as the seller’s popularity, the quality of the photos, or specific requests made by buyers. Most sellers choose to sell their pictures through social media platforms or websites dedicated to the trade, where they can reach a broader audience while working from home and making money online.

Is Selling Your Feet Pictures Legal?

Selling feet pictures to make money online is legal in most countries. You’re good to go as long as you’re over 18, the photos are of yourself or a consenting adult, and you have full ownership of those foot images.

Is It Dangerous to Sell Feet Pics? 

It’s safe to sell feet pics as long as you take precautions. Protect your personal information and identity, and avoid showing your face. While there are legitimate buyers, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Can a Minor Sell Foot Pics?

Modeling, in general, is not illegal. As long as the photos do not have explicit sexual content, it is not illegal for minors to sell them. However, minors should seek the approval of their parents or guardians before proceeding. 

What Are The Requirements for Selling Feet Pictures?

Photo Specifications

There are no standard specifications for feet pics, as different platforms have different requirements. Sometimes, the buyer may have specific demands (e.g., size, image resolution, color, file format, etc.) in mind. So, check and follow these client conditions and platform requisites for uploading images. 

Feet Condition

Generally, taking care of our feet is essential since they get us from point A to point B daily. But for feet models, having excellent-looking feet is imperative, as most client requirements go. So, wear comfortable shoes to avoid bunions and calluses and keep your feet clean, moisturized, and well-rested.

Popular Foot Poses

As you search for ‘how to sell feet pics,’ knowing different feet poses might inspire you for your own creative feet picture portfolio. Down below are six of them. 

  • Foot Arch

The foot arch shows off the natural curves of your arch, elongates your toes, and emphasizes your instep. To achieve this pose, curl your toes and lift the ball of your foot off the ground, arching your foot like a beautiful ballerina. 

  • Shoes in Heels

Slip into your favorite pair of heels and watch your pictures transform into something glamorous and imaginative. Not only will you be showcasing your fabulous footwear, but you’ll also be adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your snapshots.

  • New Polish

It is one of the classic foot poses that buyers like. Just flaunt your new polish and take pictures from good angles.

  • Foot Soles

One standard foot posture seen on social media is taking a picture of the soles of your feet. Adjust the camera carefully so that its focus remains on the bottom of your feet.

  • Ankle

When taking this photo, aim for a position that accentuates your ankle and the arch of your foot. The higher the quality of the picture, the more likely it is to attract customers.

  • Pool Feet

Poolside feet pictures turn out amazing. So, be creative and add fun to this pose by setting the camera right and accessorizing the surroundings.

Tips on How to Sell Your Feet Pics Safely 

From setting clear boundaries to protecting your personal information, several tips can help you protect yourself and confidently sell your feet pics. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie just starting, here are some helpful tips on how to sell feet pics safely.

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  • Maintain Anonymity

Consider creating an alternate email address for all foot pic-related accounts. Also, avoid sharing any personal information or identifiable features in your pictures. 

  • Use a Fake Name

Generate a new persona with a fake name, age, and location. Use this persona consistently across all your online accounts, and maintain the same personality and persona across all platforms. 

  • Not Responding to Personal Queries

Do not entertain the buyers personally. Keep your relationship professional.

  • VPN

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for communication and transactions so the buyers can’t track your IP.

  • Watermarks

Always watermark your feet pics before selling them to the buyers or uploading them on selling platforms.

  • Do Not Sell Without Getting Payment

Only sell the pics after getting paid. Make sure you get your payment before the final deal.

  • Keeping the Transaction Professional

Stick to authentic apps and transaction gateways to maintain professionalism.

  • Make No Payments Yourself

Some buyers might ask you for a payment, which you should never do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – How to Sell Feet Pics

How Much Money Can I Make Selling Feet Pics?

You can make up to $60,000 annually by selling feet pictures, like this creator and website owner who started her feet pics business with just an iPhone. Feet photos fetch from $5 to $100 per image, depending on your client and platform.

Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Most U.S. states do not consider selling feet pics illegal since they are not considered adult content that needs to be restricted. It is legal as long as you maintain professionalism and do not go beyond picture selling.

How Can I Safely Sell Feet Pics?

You can sell your feet pics safely by:

  • Keeping your identity anonymous
  • Using a fake profile
  • Using VPN
  • Not responding to buyer’s personal queries
  • Keeping transactions professional

Conclusion – How to Sell Feet Pics

The demand for feet pics may have been influenced by increasing societal recognition of individuality, privacy, and diversity. If you’re considering delving into this unique side hustle to earn extra money, there are several important factors to remember. First and foremost, being well-versed in the safety concerns associated with selling feet pics is crucial. Protect yourself by ensuring your transactions remain private and maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout.

Success in this field often hinges on your marketing prowess and creativity. Being marketing-savvy and imaginative can help you attract more clients and command higher service rates. By tapping into your entrepreneurial spirit and honing your skills, you can potentially turn selling feet pics into a profitable source of income.

If you’re wondering how to start, rest assured that as long as there are buyers, the market for selling feet pics will likely continue to thrive. By educating yourself and following best practices, you can confidently approach the challenge and explore this unique income-generating avenue.

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