Postmates Vs. DoorDash – Best Side Hustle For Drivers? [2024 Update]

Do you want to make extra money by delivering food and find it hard to decide if Postmates or DoorDash is right for you? You will learn the differences between Postmates vs. DoorDash and see which fits your situation best. 

DoorDash and Postmates are two delivery platforms that deliver food to a massive group of consumers. They are two of the most popular delivery services currently on the market, and they offer opportunities to make extra money. 

Whether you want to be financially free, pay off your debt, or start your emergency fund, these apps can help you reach your short-term financial goals.

Today we’re going to compare DoorDash vs. Postmates and show you which delivery service is ideal for your situation! 

Postmates Vs. DoorDash: Which Is Better For Drivers?

With more and more people embracing the undeniable convenience of home delivery, it’s no surprise how popular delivery services like DoorDash, Postmates, FodPanda, etc., have gotten over the years. 

Both Postmates and DoorDash focus primarily on getting their customers what they want, when they want it, and slowly becoming indispensable in their lives.

DoorDash is one of the best food delivery services in the US that customers use to satisfy their cravings any time of the day. It lets you order food like burgers, tacos, sandwiches, sushi, vegetarian, gourmet, or any other kind of fast food or takeout. Just find a local restaurant on the mobile app, place your food order, and DoorDash’s food delivery service will get your meal to your door in the designated delivery time.

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Postmates is a delivery app like DoorDash. Instead of just being a food delivery service, they deliver everything under the sun, from groceries to clothes to gadgets, you name it. If you need something to get from point A to point B, Postmates has your back.

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But getting you a hot meal from your favorite restaurant or extra rolls of toilet paper from your local grocery store aren’t all Postmates or DoorDash are suitable for; they give you the chance to earn money part-time as a side hustle too.

Working as a delivery driver for Postmates or DoorDash is perfect if you need money now and are looking for some side hustle ideas. You can determine what hours you work and where you want to deliver. 

Even if you can just spare a couple of hours between your studies or work, you can easily make a lot of extra cash as a part-time delivery driver for either delivery company.

But which is better, Postmates or DoorDash

The fact of the matter is that both delivery companies have their advantages and disadvantages. And while they are very similar to each other, you might find one to be better than the other depending on your circumstances.

Which Pays Better, Postmates or DoorDash?

Let’s answer this question right off the bat. Postmates vs. DoorDash: Which pays better? And the answer is, well, complicated.

If you were to ask drivers working on either platform, both would report wages of around $16-$25/hour. You’d earn more or less the same if you were working on either Postmates or DoorDash.

However, where the two differ is how that wage is calculated, and in neither case is the pay exactly a fixed sum of money. Let me explain.

Postmates pays its riders at different rates based on the number of pickups, the number of drop-offs, time spent in stores, and miles traveled for each order, regardless of whether you’re making a meal delivery or a grocery delivery. 

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These rates differ from city to city, considering the relative ease or difficulty of operating in different areas. It ensures you’re always paid a fair amount for your trouble. So, let’s say you were making a simple pickup and drop-off delivery in Houston, where the rates are as follows:

Per pickupPer drop-offPer-minutePer mile
Rates ($)1.500.950.070.50

Now, if you spent 10 minutes in the store and traveled 5 miles to deliver the order, you’d make $5.65 (1 x 1.5 + 1 x 0.95 + 10 x 0.07 + 5 x 0.50) on your order. So, as you can see, the amount you earn varies with the nature of the order, which is why it’s never guaranteed how much you’ll make when you accept one.

On top of that, Postmates offers Blitz Pricing for offers with a higher payout and Hot Spots for offers in high-demand areas. As a new Postmates driver, you can earn sign-on bonuses and referral bonuses as well.

DoorDash, on the other hand, offers a simpler payment scheme. You’re guaranteed base pay for each food order you complete, which varies from $2-$10, depending on the order. Added to that are the earnings from promotions, which include peak pay and challenges. 

Peak pay is only available when specific areas need a high number of deliveries, often during rush hour or lunchtime. You’ll see these areas highlighted on the app, along with the extra pay you’ll receive for delivering to them. Challenges give drivers a bonus for completing several orders in a given amount of time, but this feature is currently in beta and may change over time.

So, while your earnings per order vary with Postmates, you might prefer a guaranteed base-pay as with DoorDash, which promotions could also supplement. So, if you could only choose to work for either Postmates or DoorDash, the latter might be a better choice if guaranteed earnings are essential to you.

Regarding tips, it’s no longer Postmates vs. DoorDash, as both let you keep 100% of any tips you receive from customers. So, if you’re lucky, you can earn a lot of extra cash on each order just from tipping alone.

*For illustrative purposes only, actual earnings may differ and depend on expenses. Hourly pay is calculated using average Dasher payouts while on delivery (from the time you accept an order until the time you drop it off) and includes compensation from peak pay, tips, and other incentives.

Postmates Vs. DoorDash – Requirements and Availability 

Whether you choose DoorDash or Postmates, both are operational in almost every major city in the US. However, DoorDash has a broader reach, extending to smaller suburbs too.

The requirements for becoming a delivery driver on either platform are more or less the same too. You must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Have access to an insured vehicle (car, scooter, or even a bicycle in some cities).
  • Have a smartphone to download the mobile app.
  • Have a Social Security Number if you’re working in the US.
  • Consent to a background check, including any criminal history (Postmates requires a DMV background check).

So while the application process is quite similar for Postmates and DoorDash, the former makes you jump through a few more hoops before you can work as a delivery driver for it.

Winner – DoorDash is available in more cities and has a slightly simpler sign-on procedure.

Postmates vs. DoorDash – Schedule Your Delivery

Making deliveries part-time means you can’t always control when you can work, so flexible work hours are non-negotiable. Thankfully, Postmates nor DoorDash bot let you choose your work hours so that you can work at your convenience.

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So, what time of the day can you make deliveries on Postmates? Anytime since Postmates lets its customers order online 24/7. Now, you can’t expect as many grocery or food orders late at night as you would order for lunch delivery, but if that’s all the time you can spare, then Postmates has you covered.

Similarly, DoorDash also lets you deliver food whenever you open the mobile app. You can’t work 24 hours a day like with Postmates, but with the option to “Dash Now” from breakfast to late-night dinner, you still have many options, even with day delivery when it comes to working hours.

Unlike Postmates, DoorDash lets you schedule your hours in advance. This feature is handy for people who want to plan their work hours and find work when they’re free.

However, this system is like a double-edged sword because if you don’t accept any orders at your scheduled times, DoorDash docks points on your overall rating. Since your rating affects how often you get food orders on the platform and how high-rated they are (more on ratings further down), not making a delivery can end up costing you in the long run.

So, Postmates wins the Postmates Vs. DoorDash matchup here. With work available 24/7 and no negative effects on ratings, it’s the better of the two in this category.

Winner – Postmates because there is no penalization for not accepting any order.

Making Deliveries, Which is Better? Postmates Vs. DoorDash

The process of making deliveries on both apps is very similar. Simply log in to the app, and you see the available orders in your area. These show up whenever a customer taps “Order now” to order food from their phone.

In Postmates, you’ll simply see an order plus all its details, which you can review and then accept.

The same is the case for DoorDash, but in addition to the order details, the app also shows you your guaranteed pay for when you complete the order.

After you’ve tapped on “Accept,” you’ll need to drive to the pickup location to collect the order. Both companies send you an insulated bag and a prepaid card when you sign up with them. You can use the prepaid card to pay for any order the customer hasn’t already pre-paid at checkout in the app, while the insulated bag helps you to keep the food hot.

Once you’ve picked up the order, simply follow the route on the map, leading you to the waiting customer. Make the delivery on time and in good condition, and collect your payment (plus a generous tip if you’re lucky). And that’s it!

Winner – DoorDash! Postmates doesn’t have guaranteed earnings like DoorDash. 

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Postmates Vs. DoorDash – Driver ratings

Like many other delivery apps out there, both Postmates and DoorDash have a rating system to rank their drivers. While DoorDash still employs the traditional 5-star model, Postmates has ditched this model for a simple thumbs-up and thumbs-down rating system.

Instead of asking customers to rate drivers on a scale of 5 stars, Postmates just asks its customers to rate the entire ordering online experience thumbs up or thumbs down. 

DoorDash, on the other hand, bases its traditional 5-star rating system on these four attributes:

  • Customer rating: What the customer rates you out of 5.
  • Completion rate: The percentage of orders you’ve completed.
  • Acceptance rate: The percentage of deliveries you’ve accepted.
  • On-time/Early delivery rate: The percentage of orders you’ve delivered on time or early.

DoorDash requires you to maintain at least a 4.2-star customer rating and an 80% completion rate to keep working on the platform. It’s unclear how your acceptance rate and on-time/early delivery rate affect your overall rating since the company hasn’t clarified that yet. 

Regardless it’s clear that the DoorDash food delivery app judges your ability as a driver algorithmically. So, as far as driver ratings go, Postmates is the better option because your performance is less affected by external factors that you can’t control.

Winner – Postmates has a simpler rating system that won’t influence how much money you can make on the platform

Postmates Vs. DoorDash – When & How You’re Paid

To get paid by either app, you’ll first need to set up a bank account and link it with your Postmates or DoorDash profile. Both companies roll out payments to their drivers weekly, clearing their balance via direct deposit into their accounts. 

However, weekly payments aren’t the only option. Both apps let you instantly withdraw money from them too. However, there’s an extra cost to doing so for both of them:

  • To instantly cash out with Postmates, you’ll have to pay a transaction fee of $0.50 to deposit your earned money into the bank account.
  • To instantly cash out with DoorDash, you first need to have made at least 25 deliveries and worked for two weeks before the option is available. After you’re eligible for Fast Pay, the choice is made available to you in the app, and you’ll have to pay a $1.99 transaction fee to transfer all the money into your bank account.

As you can see, Postmates wins the Postmates Vs. DoorDash battles here since it lets you cash out without minimum requirements to be met and for a cheaper transaction fee.

Winner – Postmates has lower transaction fees.

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Can You Do Both DoorDash and Postmates?

Does it have to be either Postmates or DoorDash? Can’t you work for both?

Yes, you can! It is what most people do – using one app to find orders when there aren’t many options on the other.

The most significant advantage of using both apps simultaneously is the reduction of downtime in between orders. Why is downtime bad? Well, say you were working on just one platform, and you have just completed an order and are waiting for the next one. The app won’t reimburse the time you spent waiting, so you’re wasting money by waiting around.

But what if you get an order on both apps at the same time? Which do you choose? Postmates or DoorDash?

In this case, we’d advise you to prioritize orders from DoorDash over Postmates. After all, DoorDash shows guaranteed pay before you accept the job.

But with more or less similar pay rates and features, we’d say you’re fine using either at the end of the day.

Summary – Postmates vs. Doordash

Driving with Postmates and DoorDash are both side hustles that can make you good money. They both have unique features. DoorDash lets you schedule your time in advance and shows guaranteed pay before you accept the job. Postmates has more flexibility and has a different rating system, where you’re not affected as a driver.

Both Postmates and DoorDash are great side hustle options. They enable you to make money in your free time, determine your own schedule, and pay between $15-$20 an hour. 

If you can free up some time and want to make extra money, check out Postmates and DoorDash and see how they work for you!