Guys Honestly Share Their Pet Peeves: 14 Things Women Do That Give Them the Ick

I recently saw interesting answers to the question, “Guys, what do women do that gives you the ick?” Some guys talked about things girls did that they really didn’t like. Did something similar happen to you? Check out the most popular answers and find out what others think.

1. Getting the Silent Treatment

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The best response to the question of what gives you the ick is about silent treatment, which gives this person the ick. He hated it when he did something wrong and tried to apologize, but the other person said nothing. It felt hurtful.

Silent treatment is considered abusive. It’s okay to say, “I need space. I will reach out to you when I’m ready.” They can’t understand how someone can be close to another person and punish them with silence.

2. Thinking a Toxic Trait of Theirs Is Cute or Quirky

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One thing that gives this person the ick is when people think their toxic traits are cute or quirky. There’s a big difference between being blunt respectful, and being mean.

Another person adds that being blunt is situational. If someone is upset because their mom passed away, telling them to get their act together isn’t being blunt, it’s just hurtful.

3. Confusing Confidence With Being Inconsiderate

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One thing that bothers this individual is when women confuse confidence with being inconsiderate. Another person also mentions that confusing consideration with lacking confidence is another issue. 

A third shares his experience that it’s quite amusing when someone thinks they can mistreat you because you choose to be kind, but they get surprised when you stand up to them.

4. Being Tested by Them

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One thing that bothers this person is the constant testing in relationships. They understand that past experiences may have caused someone to be cautious, but they don’t want to be constantly tested or accused of lying. 

It’s important to give each other trust and not assume that all men are liars based on past experiences. It creates distance and doesn’t show the other you trust them. 

5. The Social Media Mask

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One thing that bothers this man is when women loudly empathize with every cause and group on social media but treat people in their personal lives poorly. It’s like they care about all these causes online, but they don’t show the same empathy to the people around them.

Another person adds that social media has created a platform where people can show support for causes without actually doing anything in real life. They get praised for their performative support without making any meaningful effort.

6. Having the Victim Mindset

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It’s frustrating when women lie or do something hurtful, and then they play the victim, making you feel like you have to comfort them even though they were the ones who hurt you in the first place. It’s like you end up consoling them when you’re the one who needs comfort.

Another person adds that this behavior is called DARVO, which means “deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender.” It’s a manipulation strategy used by psychological abusers to shift the blame and make themselves appear as victims.

7. Lie About How They Feel

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One thing that bothers this person is when women lie about their feelings. They find it frustrating and hard to deal with someone who says they’re okay, but it’s obvious they’re not.

Another shares a personal experience, saying their ex used to do the same thing. Whenever he asked his ex how she was, she would always say, “I’m okay,” even when it was clear she wasn’t. He had to keep pushing her to open up; it was tiring and draining for him.

8. Not Taking Accountability

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The biggest ick for this person is when women don’t take accountability. If they mess up, are rude, or are incorrect, it’s unattractive when they refuse to apologize or admit fault. Own it and apologize like a grown-up without adding excuses like “I’m sorry, but…”

Not taking accountability shows a lack of responsibility and maturity. It also makes it difficult to trust someone who can’t own up to their mistakes and learn from them.

9. Cleaning Their Hair Out of the Drain

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This man shares that he gets grossed out when cleaning his wife’s hair from the drains. He gags, and he’s not sure why. He’s okay with other gross things, like cleaning up his dog’s vomit, but the hair in the drain just gets to him.

Cleaning someone else’s hair out of the drain is no fun because it can be slimy and gross. The feeling of pulling out tangled hair from the drain is just uncomfortable for some people.

10. Being With Friends VS Being Alone

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It’s not a great feeling when you’re hanging out with friends, and suddenly your girlfriend starts treating you differently, making jokes at your expense that they wouldn’t normally make. This person has experienced this in multiple relationships and finds it unpleasant.

This behavior shows a lack of respect and empathy towards the targeted person. Making jokes at someone’s expense and treating them differently in a negative way is never okay. 

11. Acting Dumb to Be Cute

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One thing that gives some people the ick is when women pretend to act dumb to be cute. It can be frustrating because intelligence is attractive, and pretending otherwise can be perceived as insincere. 

Acting dumb may give off the wrong impression and make others doubt a person’s authenticity. Embracing one’s intelligence and personality without the need to put on an act can lead to more genuine and meaningful connections.

12. Not Covering Their Mouth While Sneezing

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One person shared how they saw a cute girl on a treadmill at the gym sneezing four times without attempting to cover her mouth, which disgusted them. 

Another person adds that it’s even worse when people cough into their hands and touch everything around them. They emphasize the importance of basic hygiene in such situations.

13. Why Hating Repels Instead of Empowers

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One person shares their ick about women who ‘casually hate’ everything and genuinely asks themselves why they are always upset about everything. 

Another idividual adds that they believe these women may think it makes them seem mature, but it just pushes people away. A third person appreciates the term “casual hate” and finds it fitting to describe this behavior.

14. Fake Eyelashes That Are Way to Long

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Another person shares “hilariously fake eyelashes” as a response to the question, what women do or have that gives men the ick. He finds them too obvious and excessively long, making women less attractive. Some even joke that the women wearing them might fly away if they blink too fast.

Another person shares that their friend wears fake eyelashes because she feels insecure without them. However, they believe she looked better before using them, but they don’t have the heart to tell her. 

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