14 Mind-Blowingly Stupid Things People Actually Believed Are Real

I saw a question online that asked, “What’s the silliest thing people believed in?” Have you ever thought about why people might think it’s true? Here are the top answers that got the most votes.

1. Photos on Facebook

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The most upvoted comment on the topic is something about Facebook photos with the statement:  “I will not allow Facebook to sell my photos.” The commenter noted this somehow makes their terms of service invalid. That’s not how it works, of course. 

Another user added that this is also the case with forwarding emails and that it has no use. They said, “If you forward this email, Bill Gates will pay you $1 for every person it gets forwarded to.” They rightly questioned how someone like Bill Gates would even know or care if an email was forwarded.

2. A Wrist Band That ”Gives You Energy”

Young Woman Looking At Her Wristwatch Smiling

Some people think wristbands can give you energy. Many others agree with this opinion that it can not be real.

Another user shared their story about a lady trying to sell a necklace with liquid core metal that claims to improve balance. The user called out the lady when she demonstrated it by pushing on their shoulders.

3. That MLMs Are Small Businesses

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Leigh shared their opinion that the belief that Multi-Level Marketing (MLMs) are small businesses and not pyramid schemes is a silly thing people believe. Many others in the discussion agreed with Leigh and shared their experiences with people they know who have been involved in MLMs. They mentioned that there is little to no chance of making money or not losing money in these schemes.

4. “I Need to Buy These Itunes Gift Cards to Pay off the IRS”

Confused Office Worker Looking At The Computer Holding A Card

Rilo commented on the people that believe in messages like “I need to buy these iTunes gift cards to pay off the IRS!” Another shared that this one is especially sad because it preys heavily on older people. 

A third commenter wrote that their grandma fell for a scam involving Safeway Gift Cards or something similar. The scammers convinced her that if she didn’t address the issue immediately, the police would come to her house. She fell for it since she couldn’t reach them or their mother to ask for advice. She lost around $4000, which happened a few years ago.

5. “The Rain Follows the Plow”

Woman Cutting Grass Using Lawn Mower

In the 1800s American West, people believed in something called “The rain follows the plow.” They thought that when they started farming, it would magically make it rain more. They believed that turning grasslands into fields would release moisture into the air and that human activity like factories or trains could create rain clouds. 

Some even took it so far as using dynamite on kites to make it rain. But, in reality, these ideas were untrue and didn’t work.

6. A Device to ”Reduce Your Electricity Bill”

Couple Man and Woman Sitting on Couch in Living Room Home House with Air Conditioning MSN

Many believe in scams that promise to “reduce your electricity bill” with a special device you plug into your home’s outlet. They pay money for these devices and believe they work, even though it’s all fake and doesn’t do anything. It’s surprising how many people fall for this and swears by it, but in reality, it’s just a waste of money and not a smart thing to believe in.

7. JFK Jr Being Alive

Guy Crying On Street With Head Down MSN Facepalm Stupid

One user commented that believing JFK Jr is alive is a dumb thing. Another person added that some even think JFK himself is still alive, even though he would be over 100 years old and we saw him publicly getting shot.

8. Babies Feeling No Pain

Child Laying in Bed Having a Fever Kid Being Sick MSN

One person mentioned that there was a belief in the past that babies couldn’t feel pain, which lasted until the 1970s. Because of this belief, some people would conduct experiments on babies without considering their pain.

It’s a scary thought to think about. Some people still say it doesn’t matter because the baby won’t remember it when they are older. 

9. Getting the Capability to Charge via Microwaving

Woman in Kitchen Putting Something in Microwave MSN

A fake ad claimed that Apple phones could be charged by putting them in the microwave. Many people fell for it and damaged their iPhones by microwaving them. It’s surprising how easily people can believe such things.

10. The 5G Mast Concerns

Electrician are climbing on electric poles in mast - MSN

During a town meeting about 5G mast concerns, people blamed various issues on 5G, including headaches, wilting flowers, and changes in their pets. After hours of ranting, the company representative revealed that they hadn’t even activated 5G yet.

11.  The Earth Is Flat

Woman traveling with map and phone outdoor

According to a user, the dumbest belief that some people still have today is that the Earth is flat.

Another user mentioned that even ancient civilizations like the Greeks knew the Earth was spherical and calculated its diameter using simple methods. It’s surprising and foolish that despite this being known for so long, some people ignore it.

12. Science and Psychology Says

Businesswoman Wearing Glasses Using Laptop Smiling

One user pointed out that making claims like “Science says” or “Psychology says” without providing actual research study links is frustrating. They find it ignorant because it’s hard to trust those statements without evidence.

Another user added that even when links are provided, people often misunderstand the article or make exaggerated claims. They explained that just because something works in mice doesn’t mean it will work the same in humans. Additionally, they mentioned the problem of research articles whose results cannot be replicated, which means other scientists can’t get the same results when they repeat the study.

13. Trickle-Down Economics

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One user wrote that Trickle-Down Economics is a stupid thing people believe is real. Trickle-Down economics is an economic theory that suggests if you give benefits and tax cuts to the wealthy and big businesses, the benefits will “trickle down” to the rest of society, including the middle class and the poor. 

However, many people believe that Trickle-Down Economics is flawed and unrealistic. They argue that it mainly benefits the rich instead of benefiting everyone and widens the wealth gap. The theory assumes that the wealthy will invest more and create jobs but often prioritize their interests and wealth accumulation.

14. 1/3 Is Smaller Than 1/4

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One person wrote that some people believe a 1/3 pound burger is smaller than a quarter pounder. Another person shared their experience working at a local chain where the burgers were changed from 1/3 to 1/4.

They had to explain the difference to customers, and the easiest way was to say it takes three 1/3 burgers to make a pound and four 1/4 burgers. They also mentioned that some people still think having four of something is more, even though it’s less.

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