14 All-Time Favorite Celebrities Exposed as Secret Jerks—Prepare to Be Surprised

I recently discovered an online discussion listing beloved celebrities who were revealed to have undesirable behind-the-scenes personas. When I read about the secret sides of these famous folks, I totally changed how I see them. Here are the top 14 things people said about it.

1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey MSN
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Oprah built a solid following through her illustrious career in entertainment and won the trust of millions of Americans across generations. However, it’s uncertain whether she has the best interests of her fans at heart.

According to some, the talk show host spent decades profiting off of her likable facade on camera and reportedly using it to “sell pseudoscientific health products.”

2. Bill Cosby

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Someone in the discussion claimed to have known about Bill Cosby’s problematic attitude even before the abuse allegations permanently tarnished his public image. They narrated, “My coworker, who used to be a security guard, once met Cosby and introduced himself to the celebrity. Cosby just looked at him with disgust and said he was not allowed to talk to him. He then tried to treat my coworker like a servant.”

3. Ellen DeGeneres

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Many expressed their disdain for Ellen’s mean-spirited personality in real life, which was in stark contrast to her “wholesome scripted self.” Somebody added that her “fall from grace was well-deserved and overdue.”

4. Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey MSN
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Many commenters mentioned having their suspicions about Steve Harvey’s character, pointing to the fact that he authored a book about marriage despite getting divorced twice. Others said that his rude behavior towards Asian men (calling them “undesirable”) and his tendency to spout generally sexist and homophobic remarks were more than enough to paint him in a negative light.

5. Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou MSN
Image Credit: Jack Sotomayor/IMDb

In the post, a user claimed that Maya Angelou once visited their university as a resource speaker. Apparently, when an audience member asked the writer about how she stays motivated throughout discouraging moments, Angelou berated them in response, saying, “Look at my body of work. Where would you get the idea that I’m ever discouraged?”

6. Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil MSN
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Dr. Phil’s television program infamously “takes advantage of mentally ill people for money,” according to users. A few said this exploitative practice made them “lose all respect for him.”

7. Jimmy Saville

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Image Credit: 72 Films/IMDb

English radio DJ Jimmy Saville was accused of being a child predator at the height of his fame, but the rumors were never brought to light until his passing in 2011. One commenter reported that the accusations were “kept under wraps because Saville brought them loads of money.”

8. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs MSN
Image Credit: Justin Sullivan

Many of the modern conveniences we enjoy today wouldn’t have existed without this man’s innovations, but that doesn’t mean he’s an honorable person deep inside.

One person in the thread said that Steve Jobs was emotionally abusive towards his daughter, who later wrote a memoir exposing his disturbing inner nature.

9. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan MSN
Image Credit: ChinaImages/DepositPhotos

You probably associate Michael Jordan with his athletic excellence and cultural impact, which helped transform Nike into one of the most recognizable sportswear brands in history. I used to think highly of him as well until I came across claims about Jordan’s stained character.

According to many, Jordan publicly humiliated new recruits by lashing out at them in front of their team. Even after his retirement, multiple accounts surfaced about the basketball player’s arrogant and condescending antics.

10. Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray MSN
Image Credit: s_bukley/DepositPhotos

Rachel Ray may seem pleasant and innocuous on the surface, but it turns out that she was “despised by her production crew” for being hard to work with, according to commenters.

11. John Lennon

John Lennon MSN
Image Credit: David Wolper/IMDb

The world-famous singer was celebrated for his charming voice and songwriting prowess and attracted droves of fans everywhere he went. Today, the Beatles’ biographies serve as testaments to the artist’s legacy.

I actually grew up listening to The Beatles, so I was appalled to learn just how horrible of a father he was to his children.

12. Gary Burghoff

Gary Burghoff MSN
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Studios/IMDb

Gary Burghoff, who played the role of “Radar” on the sitcom M*A*S*H, was known for being inconsiderate towards the cast and crew on set.

13. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler MSN
Image Credit: DancingRobin/DepositPhotos

“I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith may be one of the best love songs of the 90s, but uncovering details about the lead singer’s personal life gave me the creeps.

I read online that Steven Tyler dated underage women and even went as far as to isolate these young girls from their parents. One source claims that Tyler persuaded one of his ex-girlfriends (who was a minor at the time) to have an abortion.

14. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart MSN
Image Credit: everett225/DepositPhotos

Martha Stewart grew a huge following through her famous cookbooks, catering businesses, and TV appearances, making her well-loved among home cooks everywhere—but did you know that she’s notorious for her poor treatment of staff and service workers?

One commenter shared that they once witnessed Martha Stewart calling her assistant “worthless,” while another commenter who used to work for an airline recalled how the celebrity left a terrible mess on the plane floor.

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