The 10 Professions That Attract the Most Toxic People – You Won’t Believe Who Made the List

I saw a question online that asked, “Which jobs have not-so-nice people?” I was curious about which jobs people might mention and why they think the people in those jobs aren’t friendly. I’m sure you’re curious too! Here are the answers that many people gave.

1. Nurses

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A lot of people mentioned nurses. They stated there is a lot of toxic, high-school girl drama type of behavior among nurses. It’s an important job, and someone said that “about half the people working as nurses shouldn’t be responsible for a yogurt, let alone a human being’s life.”

One person related to this and added, “I’ve always seen nursing as a way to get a free pass to ‘be a good person.’ It attracts people with no other positive qualities so they can fall back on being a nurse to be a good person. There are many good and great nurses, but those nurses would probably agree with that statement too.”

2. People Who Work in Network Marketing

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In Phile’s opinion, the executives that run MLMs make network marketing a profession with one of the most toxic people.

Many were on the same page, and one added that he was a consultant who had those executives as a client, and he promised that Phile is correct. He explained further that when their HR expert told them they needed a diversity, equity, and inclusion policy, the CEO responded that they “didn’t need anyone in DC telling them how to run their company.”

3. Property Agents

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Mathicus commented with two words, “property agents,” and people in the thread agreed. They had a few friends that became realtors, and they are not recognizable as the same people after a few years.

Someone added that the realtor she knew became vain, shallow, and a hundred percent of the time trying to sell.

4. The Staff in Mental Health Wards

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An individual shared that the staff in mental health wards are the most toxic people, in their opinion. There have been cases where staff members have engaged in abusive or inappropriate behavior towards patients. This can include physical or verbal abuse, neglect, or other forms of mistreatment. Mental health facilities must have robust policies and procedures to prevent and address such behavior.

Working in a mental health ward can be a challenging and demanding job. Staff members are often exposed to high stress, trauma, and emotional intensity levels. They may also face long work hours, low pay, and limited resources. These factors can contribute to burnout and job dissatisfaction, which, in turn, impact the quality of care provided.

5. Paparazzi

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Suven said being a paparazzi is one toxic profession. Someone vented that they don’t particularly pay attention to celebrity stuff. Still, they’ll never forget when paparazzi climbed up the fence around Michelle Williams’s house after Heath Ledger (her husband) died to snap photos of a woman grieving her husband who had unexpectedly passed away.

A third expressed that it’s amazing how everyone universally hates paparazzi, but somehow they stay in business. They’re not working for free. They added, “We have a culture obsessed with celebrity gossip, but nobody likes to see how the sausage is made.”

6. Law Enforcement

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One user stated that the law enforcement industry seems to have some problems. Another user clarified that the 22 years he worked in law enforcement had taught him that 3 types of folks go into the profession.

First, there are people who just want a stable career with a pension and decent pay. Second, there are people for whom it’s a tradition. Their family and friends are part of the police force or the military, and they want to carry that legacy. 

Lastly, law enforcement has people who desperately want to be in charge of other people. The commenter shares that the ratio will vary based on location, but it only takes one toxic person to ruin your day or life. 

7. People Who Work in Sales

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One expressed feelings about people who work in sales. He commented on his experience spending multiple years in sales, noting that he earned the highest amount of money in their life.

He also expressed a loss of respect for the intelligence of the average human due to his colleagues. They made promises that they didn’t follow up. 

8. Recruiters

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Somebody suggested recruiters to the list. Another acknowledged this saying she was a recruiter and could confirm this.

Her office had tons of drinking, drugs, and married executives sleeping with recruiters over ten years younger than them. 

9. Bouncers

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This person added bouncers to the list and raved that they swear those people are always looking to create trouble so they can exercise their right to physically hurt somebody.

Someone claimed to be a former bouncer and confirmed this, sharing that the two biggest guys at work caused most of the drama they were in. They just wanted to play games with people and brag about it while they had their after-shift drinks.

10. Elementary School Front Desk Administrator

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Someone just said, “Elementary school front desk administrator.” 

They expressed that it’s about the stuff they see in their job. She describes that her “sweet as pie” mother was one and had some horrible situation with non-custody parents that tried to check out a kid they had no right to take, or the number of people who would try to sneak their way into the school, or the number of parents who didn’t come to pick up their kid for hours after school ended. 

Another shared both views by writing that they’re either the sweetest grandmother or a “troll in women’s clothing.”

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