14 People Share Hilarious Moments When They Realized They Were Dating Someone… Less Intelligent

In love, being a good match means more than just liking the same things and finding each other attractive. It also includes having similar smarts. Sometimes, you might notice that your partner isn’t as smart as you thought. These moments can be funny and make you think about things more deeply.

These anecdotes serve as a reminder that love and laughter often go hand in hand, even when faced with moments of realization. Here, we delve into 14 hilarious moments when people realized they were dating someone less intelligent.

1. Pre-heating the Microwave

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There are moments when people discover they might be dating someone who isn’t knowledgeable about certain things.

One classic example is witnessing your partner attempting to “pre-heat” the microwave, highlighting a lack of familiarity with kitchen appliances. Microwaves do not require pre-heating like ovens; they use microwaves to heat food quickly. 

2. The Smell of Gas

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There was a time when the smell of gas prompted concern, and instead of addressing the issue responsibly, this person’s partner’s immediate response was to reach for a lighter and ignite it.

This kind of reaction demonstrates a lack of awareness about the potential hazards of gas leaks and the importance of safety measures.

3. Getting Ahead of the Government

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This man’s ex-girlfriend made questionable decisions regarding financial matters and personal identity. Firstly, she shared that she refused to pay taxes, a legal obligation for citizens in most countries. 

Furthermore, she refused to have a bank account, a common and secure way to manage finances. Also, her belief that changing her name every few years would somehow make her untraceable to the government reflects a misunderstanding of how name changes work. 

4. Using Steel Wool to Remove Eggs

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There was this woman who shared her boyfriend’s decision to use steel wool to remove eggs from his car. This indicates a lack of knowledge regarding car care and maintenance. Using steel wool on a car’s surface is generally not a recommended method for cleaning, as it can cause significant damage to the paint and finish.

The use of steel wool in this scenario likely resulted in scratches, swirl marks, and further damage to the car’s paint, ultimately leading to costly repairs.

5. “Refrigerate After Opening”

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This man’s wife used to bring home items labeled “refrigerate after opening,” open them, and then place them in the refrigerator.

Fortunately, she eventually learned the correct procedure after he questioned her actions. Her response was filled with laughter, and the situation brought humor to both of them.

6. The World of Credit Cards

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The moment this man realized that the woman he was dating wasn’t particularly savvy was when she failed to grasp the concept of paying off credit card balances. She believed the credit limit represented a monthly allowance that magically reset at the beginning of each month.

Unfortunately, this is not how credit cards work. 

7. A Misguided Quest

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Back in 1990, Leo recalls an amusing incident. He was living in central Alabama at the time. His girlfriend excitedly informed him that she and her best friend planned a weekend getaway to Birmingham. Naturally, he didn’t think much of it, as Birmingham, Alabama, offers plenty of shopping and attractions. 

However, when she returned on Sunday night, she expressed disappointment with the trip. As it turned out, they had spent two whole days driving through the wealthier neighborhoods in Birmingham, Alabama, hoping to spot a house that matched the iconic gates of Ozzy Osbourne’s residence, but they never found it. Little did they know that Ozzy Osbourne lived in Birmingham, England.

8. The Simple Dishwasher Duty

Stacking cups in the dishwasher is an amusing yet perplexing scenario that highlights a certain lack of awareness. 

Unlike some other situations where miscommunication, assumed incompetence, or cultural differences might be to blame. This one appears to scream, “My body is in motion, but my brain is on vacation.”

9. Dinosaurs and Dragons

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Ali and her boyfriend conversed about dinosaurs, and his reaction was nothing short of astonishing. He expressed sheer disbelief upon learning that dinosaurs were once real creatures. 

However, it didn’t stop there. He asked this question, “Did they really breathe fire?” He had somehow conflated dinosaurs with dragons, assuming they were the same. 

10. Questionable Business Strategy

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Stan recounts a somewhat baffling experience with his ex-partner, who had ambitions of launching a business specializing in baby shower supplies. Her business strategy, however, left much to be desired, as she proposed selling all her products below cost to boost sales. 

Her response was surprising and head-scratching despite Stan’s repeated attempts to clarify that running a business in this manner would lead to inevitable financial losses. She firmly insisted that Stan was wrong, arguing that selling at rock-bottom prices would miraculously stimulate more business and result in greater profits. 

11. The Understanding of Day and Night

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The moment that revealed this man’s girlfriend’s lack of knowledge occurred when she asked, “Where does the sun go at night?” She was 20 years old at the time. 

For those wanting an explanation, we live on Earth, and it’s daytime when the sun shines on our side. Earth spins around, taking about 24 hours to complete one spin. So, we get half of our day in sunlight and the other half in darkness. When it’s nighttime and we can’t see the sun, it’s because the Earth has turned, and the sun is on the other side, below us.

12. A Lesson in Pill Selection

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The moment that revealed this man’s girlfriend’s lapse in judgment was when he discovered that she was randomly selecting pills from a “21 active + 7 placebo” contraceptive blister pack instead of following the arrows on the package.

R, the man who experienced this, got a reaction that jokingly said, “Baby roulette!”

13. Commercials Are Recorded Live

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This man’s former partner had a rather interesting belief about television commercials. He genuinely thought that commercials were recorded live, and the people featured were employed to perform them repeatedly. 

This unusual perspective on the world of advertising left many baffled. While most people understand that commercials are pre-recorded and played repeatedly, he clung to the notion that these advertisements were essentially live performances. 

14. When Cold Meets Confusion

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One night, Merceline’s then-boyfriend turned to her with a puzzling question. He asked how frozen yogurt in the freezer could melt when moved to the fridge. She explained that the fridge is warmer and not cold enough to keep it frozen. 

He questioned her further, asking about the yogurt still being cold, leading to her clarification about varying levels of coldness. During the conversation, she explained that cold is the absence of heat, similar to darkness, which is the absence of light. This explanation left him amazed and enlightened.

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