All’s Not Fair: Women Reveal the 14 Downsides of Being a Man

To all women out there, if you were born a guy, what do you think would be the biggest problems? What are the pressures and expectations that women think make life hard for men nowadays? How do women see the emotional and mental struggles that guys go through, and how can we understand and help with those challenges?

Here, we share the 14 downsides of being a man.

1. Talking to Women in a Bar and Getting Dates

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In general, it’s tougher for guys to secure dates when they’re in a bar or any similar kind of environment.

For instance, it’s often expected for a man to approach a woman in a bar and start a conversation if he’s interested in getting to know her better. It’s not yet so much the other way around. And when she is with lots of friends, men don’t always want to risk being the topic of their joke when they get rejected. 

2. People Thinking Every Man Can Fight

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One of the challenges for men is the assumption that they should always know how to fight. 

Jimmy shared a personal story about his ex-girlfriend getting into a conflict with a threatening guy on a train. When that guy got angry with her and the situation escalated, she looked at Jimmy as if he should step in and protect her. Despite the potential danger, Jimmy managed to handle the situation diplomatically.

3. Are Your Babies Even Your Babies?

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Lil mentions that as a woman, she’s confident that her children are definitely hers. She also apologizes to the men whose anxiety she might have raised by saying that.

Many discussed how this topic could lead to significant arguments in toxic relationships. However, this shouldn’t be a major issue in healthy relationships where there is trust.

4. Chasing After Women

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In response to the question, “Women, what do you think would be the worst thing about being a man?” one woman replied that having to chase after women is something she wouldn’t do. She thinks she would give up halfway.

Playing hard-to-get and wanting to be pursued can be frustrating. However, when you ignore these women, their reaction when they get frustrated is quite amusing in this person’s opinion.

5. Being Considered a Possible Threat by Strangers

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This woman’s biggest concern about being a man is the fear of being seen as a potential threat by strangers. She understands it’s about safety, but it wouldn’t be pleasant.

After reading this, a man shares that it can be really sad. He noticed people changing their paths when they see him approaching. He adds that he doesn’t want to make anyone anxious.

6. The Design of the Human Body

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The design of the human body for men can be a downside. a woman shares many questions to it. “Are they just dangling there? Are they in the way? How do you straddle stuff? Will you accidentally squish them? Do you have a special way to tuck them into your underwear?”

One took his time to answer all her questions and added that, overall, he’s pretty okay with how things are.

7. Getting Less Support Emotionally

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Another worst part about being a man would be receiving less empathy when struggling with emotional issues. This man then shared his story: his wife suddenly left him for another man, took his money, filed for divorce, and even kept the dog. He was only allowed one day off from work for the court date of his divorce. When he tried to talk about it with friends and family, they would get quiet. Now, 6 months later, everyone expects him to be fine. It’s tough on him.

In response, many people offered him their numbers and asked if he needed friends to support him. 

8. Getting Dirty Looks While With Your Kids

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One challenging aspect of being a man is not being able to care for children without receiving disapproving looks.

People have noticed that when a man is with a child at a playground, others often feel the need to check if he’s there with his kids. Otherwise, they’ll quickly call the police because they want the children to be safe.

This can make the man feel like he has to constantly defend himself, as people might assume he’s at the playground for reasons other than just spending time with his children. 

9. Keeping Everyone Safe

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It’s not fun when people always expect men to take charge in a threatening situation. For instance, always be responsible for safety when walking home from a party in a potentially unsafe area at night. 

While safety is definitely important, men are often expected to be protective regardless of their level of alertness, self-defense skills, or how much they’ve had to drink. This can put a lot of pressure on them.

10. Doing the Gross Stuff

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People tend to assume men would handle all the unpleasant tasks that no one else wants to do.

Repairing the car? Clearing a clogged toilet? Removing spider webs from the attic? Scrubbing mildew out of the bathtub? Guys are often just expected to handle these tasks without complaining because it’s seen as the “manly” thing to do. From this woman’s perspective, this seems quite unfair.

11. Can’t Have Your Moment of Weakness

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The worst part, this woman believes, about being a man is the pressure not to show any vulnerability. If you had a tough day, you can’t cry unless it’s a major tragedy. Got hurt? Push through it and go to the hospital. 

Feeling self-conscious about your body? Your feelings might not matter. Feeling sick? People might just label it “man flu,” a humorous term used to describe exaggerated or dramatic complaints of illness, typically by men, when they have a mild cold or illness. But we’re all human and deserve care and support, regardless of gender.

12. The Double Standard With Parenthood

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The double standard regarding parenthood is another thing considered a downside of being a man. When a woman becomes pregnant and decides not to have the baby, she has options like abortion or adoption, and often, it’s seen as her choice. 

However, the situation is different for men. A man who doesn’t want to become a father might be labeled with something negative. Moreover, if a woman decides to keep the baby, the man’s financial responsibility is connected to that child for years. 

13. Getting Out of Abusive Relationships

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There is a concern about the lack of support for people in abusive relationships. It’s important to remember that abuse can happen regardless of gender, affecting both men and women. However, this person feels there are limited resources for men who need assistance in such situations. 

They also mention a problem where some people might make insensitive remarks or jokes, implying that the person experiencing abuse somehow deserves it or is weak. This can be distressing for individuals seeking help. It’s crucial to provide support and understanding for anyone facing abuse, regardless of gender.

14. Marriage for Men

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Navigating marriage can be complex, and some people discuss the challenges that men might face. There’s a perception that divorce outcomes, such as asset distribution, alimony, and child custody, could sometimes be less favorable for men. 

This isn’t meant to disregard individual circumstances but to address an imbalance. Gone are the days when women were forced to depend on their husbands. Roles in relationships are evolving, including the contributions men make in marriages.

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