“Wake Up, Gen-Z”: Millennials and Boomers Expose 15 Hard Truths You Need to Hear

Adults, what’s something super important about the ‘real world’ that you wish you knew when you were teens? Now that you’re older, is there something you’re happy you figured out along the way?

Here, we delve into this essential knowledge, exploring the valuable life lessons every Gen-Z needs to know from millennials and Boomers.

1.  Life Does Not ‘Settle Down’ 

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Many believe teenagers should know that life is always changing and doesn’t become calm and easy. If there’s something you care about or want to achieve, they say you should start working on it as soon as you can.

Someone else agreed and shared another tip. They think teenagers should avoid getting too comfortable or missing out on chances because they believe there’s always more time. They point out that sometimes, ten years can go by, and you might keep saying, “I’ll do it later,” and miss out on many opportunities.

2. $1000 Is a Lot to Owe but Not a Lot to Have

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Many people believe that every teenager should understand that owing $1000 might seem large, but having $1000 is not a substantial sum.

A student chimed in with an example, saying that this concept is essential when considering money. For instance, having a $220,000 student loan can feel incredibly burdensome when you think about how much money that is.

3. The Cost After Moving Out

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Adults often believe teenagers should understand that they must pay for everything when they move out independently, and life can get expensive.

Another person shared a different perspective and noted that some people from Asian cultures feel fortunate not to follow the Western idea of moving out when they grow up.

In Asian societies, family connections are highly valued, and they believe in caring for their elders. That can mean living with your parents, spouse, and children in the same home. While sometimes they wish they had more independence, especially in today’s challenging economy, they’re grateful for the support of their family.

4. Confidence Opens Many Doors

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Adults often believe teenagers should understand that confidence can be just as important as good at something. This means that believing in yourself and showing confidence can help you.

For example, imagine there are two students, Emily and Alex. Emily is good at drawing but too shy to show her art to anyone. Alex is also good at drawing, but even if his drawings aren’t perfect, he shows them to people with a smile. Because Alex is confident, he gets more opportunities, and people notice his drawings. So, having confidence can help you succeed, even if you’re not the absolute best at something.

5. You Are Not That Important

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Adults often believe that teenagers should understand that while you are important in your life, other people are usually focused on themselves and might not pay much attention to you.

If you’re watching a movie, the main character is the most important person in the story, just like you are the most important person in your own life. But in real life, there are so many people, about 8 billion, and they all have their own stories and things to worry about. So, don’t worry too much about what others think of you, because they are usually busy with their stuff. Just be yourself and do what makes you happy.

6. Not Everybody Likes Peaches

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Teenagers should realize that even if they do everything right and don’t make any mistakes, sometimes things might not turn out how they want them to. And that’s okay because that’s just how life is.

Another agreed and added; You can be the most delicious peach on a tree, but not everybody likes peaches. Sometimes even when you do your best, things might not go your way, not because you did anything wrong. It’s just how life works.

7. People Can Still Lie

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Some people still lie when they are older. Just because they’re an adult doesn’t mean they always tell the truth. 

People usually do what they need to do for themselves without thinking a lot about others who aren’t right next to them. So, it’s a good idea to be cautious about trusting people too much. Remember, it’s okay to have healthy boundaries. 

8. Plan Your Birthday Parties

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Planning your own birthday parties is important if you want to have them. While sometimes friends might surprise you, it’s not very common like in TV shows. You need to put in some effort to have an active social life.

Growing up, you must work hard to create a good life. This might make you feel more tired than ever, and going out for fun might become challenging. Don’t resist the changes as an adult because things might become tougher gradually.

9. Nobody Knows What They’re Doing

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No one truly knows what they’re doing in life.

Some days, things can feel confusing and messy, like they’re unsure of what’s happening. Then, on other days, they’re super busy and involve lots of tasks like paying bills, doing chores, and running errands.

10. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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Many people mentioned how comparing yourself steals happiness. They add that your past self is the only person to compare yourself with. 

This isn’t always necessary. You can still be happy at 60, even if you have more energy at 40. It’s all about improving your mindset and learning to be grateful and happy with where you’re at in life. Focus on you.

11. Learning How to Learn

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In high school, learning how to learn is more important than the actual subjects you’re studying. It’s essential to focus on learning how to learn effectively rather than just the subjects themselves.

Avoid slacking off during high school, as a solid work ethic developed now will greatly help you later in college and beyond. Building good study habits and responsibility early on will make transitioning to more challenging academic and work situations much smoother.

12. Reaching Your Goals in Life

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Setting a goal and having a plan doesn’t guarantee success. It’s alright to experience setbacks. The world can be tough, and things don’t always go as planned.

Someone else said that success or failure isn’t always straightforward. Life isn’t just about passing, failing, or earning a certain amount of money. Sometimes, you can do everything correctly and still not get the outcome you hoped for. Your perspective might be too narrow to determine if you’ve truly failed.

13. Friendships Take Maintenance

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Friendships need care and attention to stay strong. Just like caring for a plant, you need to water it and give it sunlight.

Someone else added that you don’t need a ton of stuff to be happy. Sometimes, having a few good things and a few good friends is better.

14. You Are Replecable at Your Job

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Remember, your job is like a puzzle piece, and there can always be another piece that fits. It’s important to take care of yourself and your family. Your job is a part of your life, but it’s not everything. If you don’t like where you are, don’t be afraid to find a better place. Don’t stay at a job that makes you unhappy because it pays well.

Another person agrees by saying, “Yes, I agree.” Jobs are tools for a good life, like food and a car. But they’re not your whole life; people might not remember you after you leave a job. So, spend time with your family and focus on what matters.

15. Everyone Has Their Own Story

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It’s really surprising how much each person in the world has faced and conquered. Everyone has a story, and everyone here has faced challenges and hard times. These stories shape who we are and how we see the world. 

Remember, you’re strong for making it through tough times, and it’s a good way to celebrate your birthdays as a way of celebrating yourself.

Does this make you think of something you want teenagers to know about ‘the real world’?

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