10 Celebrities Who Are Treated Like Saints, But Were Actually Terrible People

People are curious about what celebrities are like when they’re not on camera. It’s surprising when fans find out that their favorite stars have done bad things when they’re not in the public eye.

Let’s look at the reality behind some of these well-loved icons.

1. Pablo Picasso

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One user mentioned, “I don’t think anyone remembered Picasso as a good person.”

Another one said when they finally knew, “In ninth grade, my friend and I chose him for the artist we were to examine. He had mistresses. He escaped while leaving his family behind in Nazi-occupied France, including his third wife.”

2. John Lennon

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One commenter said, “[John Lennon] was violent and abusive; apart from cheating on his wife, he screamed at his four-year-old son. He once hospitalized a man because the guy cracked a joke about Lennon’s wrongdoings.”

Another user added, “He used to be cruel to his woman. He beat her and kept her apart from the things she loved.”

3. Steve Jobs

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One commenter said, “Steve Jobs maltreated his family; his children disliked him, and his wife only stayed for the wealthy. He’s known for blaming employees for mistakes he made and taking credit for ideas that weren’t his own.”

Another user said, “As Jobs had cancer, he opted for alternative therapy for months instead of a life-saving operation. Complementary therapies aren’t effective; if they were, they would be called conventional medicine.”

4. Alfred Hitchcock

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One user commented about Hitchcock “I scrolled way too far to see this one. I’m still haunted by the story of him giving a stagehand a laxative and handcuffing him to a chair overnight.”

Another shared, “I recall watching a documentary on how classics are made. Hitchcock reportedly told the actress’ mother died while filming to make the girl cry. After, the girl learns that her mother is okay.”

5. XXXTentacion

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One commenter said on a thread, “I hate it when people treat him like some saint. He was horrible to his pregnant girlfriend. He deserved to be in prison, not 6 feet underground, being worshipped by teenagers who don’t know better and ultimately dodging the consequences of his actions.”

Someone user agreed, “This is the one I was looking for. It still baffles me how so many people could glorify him and treat him as a saint after what he did. I said this back when it happened and still firmly believe it.”

6. Paul Walker

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A user revealed a shocking story about Paul Walker, “He truly seemed like a wonderful man before his accident. Walker dated 16-year-old girls twice when he was 28 and 33, and he’s doing all this while raising his young daughter.”

One Redditor also agreed, “Yes, I think about this often. Very strange that he was one of the most attractive men but dated 16-year-olds. I don’t think he was a very stable guy.”

7. Mother Teresa

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A user posted, “[Mother Teresa] abused the sick, denying them access to therapies that could have saved their lives and somehow presented the world with such a holy and helpful face. Many people suffered.”

One commenter also supported the thread “She actively campaigned to have convicted Donald McGuire returned to the priesthood and given permission to carry on with his job, and protected known pedophiles.”

8. Johnny Carson

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One commenter said, “Carson is [not nice] when not on camera; he cheated on his wives. The most well-known incident of this example was him telling The Tonight Show’s Guest Host Joan River that she’d never become the show’s star.” 

One user added, “I did enjoy Carson, but the attitude towards Rivers was incorrect. Think about how Jon Stewart would have handled his correspondents.”

9. Coco Chanel

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One user posted a thread: “There is evidence that Chanel, a fashion icon, was not just a Nazi sympathizer but an actual Nazi operative. It was believed that she’s forced to become an agent in return to free Chanel’s nephew.”

Another user replied, “Chanel disliked floral odors. She once said that no woman should smell like anything found in nature. She ought to have a more pleasant scent than usual.”

10. Dr. Seuss

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Someone said, “When his wife fought cancer, he engaged in a long-term affair. Motivated her death, and then months later, he married the woman with whom he had an affair.”

Another added, “When ninth graders realize that Dr. Seuss’s stories are no good, the school stops reading them to the students..”

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