People Share the 19 Things They Believe Instantly Ages Someone, And Some Are Beyond People’s Control

Aging is a natural process everyone will experience. While some look younger than their age, others seem to have been run down by life and look older. Here are 19 things that can easily age anyone. 

1. Grief

Woman Sad and Crying and Depressed and Emotional MSN
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Nothing ages you like grief does. The excruciating pain (yes, physical pain, too) and fatigue can be brutal to the body and uncontrollably age it. 

Scientifically, when you’re grieving, you release the stress hormone cortisol, which breaks down tissues and collagen that accelerate aging. Besides feeling old, you will physically look old. 

2. Stress

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Stress is one of the major causes of many illnesses, and yes, aging is also one of them. The constant worrying and anxiety can take a toll on anyone’s body. 

Your DNA “age” can be understood by the telomere length and telomerase levels. Telomeres shorten each time your cells divide, and it is up to telomerase to correct this loss. Unfortunately, chronic stress decreases telomerase levels, speeding the aging process.

Former U.S. president Barack Obama is the perfect example of this. He started working as a president full of life and black hair. He ended his term with a head full of grey hair. 

3. Lack of Sleep

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Getting enough sleep is said to be the underrated secret to beauty. The lack of this can lead to the opposite and make you look older. 

Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to lose its elasticity, leading to fine lines, dark pigments, and eye bags. If you want to look young, you will need a good beauty sleep.

4. Back Pain

Suffering woman holding her head MSN
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Back pain easily ages people, not just because of the pain but all the limitations that come with it. When you’re young and you feel like you can’t do so many things, whether it’s playing basketball or lifting something heavy, it makes you feel old. 

Do some yoga and stretches to take some pain off your back. Taking walks can also be helpful or you can use an ice pack for fast relief. 

5. The Way You Dress

Two Woman Shopping Hate Look
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Some clothes just scream “old” and may remind you of your parents’ or even grandparents’ look. Styles and trends may come and go, and some just look like a thing of the past. 

To be safe, you can always choose classic and timeless pieces of clothes. Fitted garments and neutral colors will also make you look younger. Make sure to avoid bold prints and pleated pants. 

6. Choice of Hair Style

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There are hairstyles that can make you look old. You can even change your hair color to fit the age you want to be treated. 

Your perfect hairstyle will depend on the shape of your face. In general, loose, messy hairstyles will make you look carefree, cool, and effortlessly young. 

7. Cancer

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Cancer is one of the diseases that can eat the life out of you physically, mentally, and emotionally. When this big C hits, you’ll automatically age 20 years. The treatments you’ll need are also draining. 

Besides feeling awful, which can make you feel old, the cancer treatments can be hard on the body and accelerate aging.

8. Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Stressed man pulling paper from printer MSN
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Daily office tasks can be annoying, and nothing beats experiencing printer problems. The printer feels like it’s mocking you since it’s working when you don’t need it, and it’s not when you do. 

It’s a daily stress you will encounter, especially if you work in an office setup. What’s the solution? Go paperless! 

9. Drugs & Substance

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Alcohol may take a while for the effects to show, but drugs age people in an instant. Those young people struggling with substances always look old. 

Frequent substance use can lead to cellular damage, which can lead to premature aging. You won’t be able to stop the changes if you don’t stop using the substances. 

10. Hair Loss

Man checking his hair loss MSN
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Having white hair and turning bald are clear signs of aging. But nothing beats hair loss as the factor that can easily make you look old. 

When you age, your hair growth slows down, and strands become thinner and less fuller. As a result, you get light-colored fine hair.

11. Too Dark of a Tan (Fake or Real)

Woman in swimsuit sunbathing MSN
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Having too dark of a tan, whether fake or real, can make you look older than your age. For those with fake tans, tanning is done by increasing the oxidation in your skin, leading to more signs of aging, including blackheads and fine lines. 

Getting tanned from the sun without high enough SPF sunscreen can also cause a lot of skin problems, like early signs of wrinkles and even skin cancer. To add protection to your skin, always apply sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. 

12. Smoking

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Smoking is a sure way to make you look old. Nicotine is not good for the body, and its physical and mental effects will soon show. Smoking will lead to dry and patchy skin, wrinkles, baggy eyes, teeth and nail discoloration, and a saggy jawline. All of these physical changes can make you look old and bad. 

13. Buccal Fat Removal

Comparing woman before and after buccal fat removal MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/AY_PHOTO

Buccal fat removal or cheek reduction is a trendy optional surgery where fat is removed from the face, highlighting the bone structure. Some see this as a smart move to make them look stunning. 

As you age, the fats in your face will change over time. Removing it early on can make your face look older and gaunt.

14. Prison

Unhappy man behind bars MSN
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Prison is not a conducive place for a beauty rest. Staying in prison can be so stressful that you’ll look way older once you get out. The stress and the discomfort of living in an unfamiliar place can mentally get to you, and you will feel and look older in the process. 

15. Raising Children

Tired mother taking care of three kids MSN
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Raising children is guaranteed to age you without even noticing it. Dealing with toddlers is tough, but raising teens is a whole different challenge. And there’s no step-by-step guide to help you along the way. 

Besides the stress of raising another life, just seeing your children grow will make you feel older. 

16. Uncooperative Spouse

Serious Couple Sitting On Couch Mad At Each Other MSN
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Life is much easier and happier if you have a spouse to share your happiness and struggles. But if you have a partner adding to your stress instead, it will definitely age you fast. Arguing daily is never healthy and can take a toll on your relationships and your body. Anyone can feel and look in this toxic environment. 

17. Trauma

Depressed Man Head In Hands MSN
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Trauma can mentally age you, and it will show in your behavior. Having a trauma at a young age can be an added boulder to carry on your shoulders. If you want to move on from your trauma, go to counseling. Try to be kinder to yourself. 

18. Bad Plastic Surgery

Woman preparing for plastic surgery MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/michaeljung

Having bad plastic surgery will instantly age you and make you look unnatural. The same thing applies to having too much plastic surgery. Filler injections and over-suctioning of cheers can make you look older. 

19. Dehydration

Man drinking water for a bottle MSN
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Dehydration and sun exposure can physically age the body. Your skin will lose its moisture and look dry and scaly. If your body does not have enough water, the collagen in your skin will break down more easily. This can cause wrinkles and fine lines, making you look old. 

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