10 Best Ways To Earn If You Need Money to Pay Rent Tomorrow

Do you need money to pay rent tomorrow? What to do? Fret not. You can do several things if you need money to pay rent tomorrow. 

The inability to make your rent payment on time can be quite stressful. Sometimes we face situations where we do not have readily available cash, or our monthly income may suddenly not be enough. 

It can happen if you have not received your paycheck or allowance, loaned money to someone, have a credit card debt or utility bills that you needed to pay immediately, had an emergency expense during the previous month, if the money is tied up somewhere, or if you unexpectedly lose your job. 

Whatever your reason for being unable to pay the rent may be, you need a quick solution that works, and we are here to help you out. Let’s explore how you can arrange cash quickly and make your payment of rent by tomorrow. 

Quick Ways to Raise Rent Money 

If you do not have sufficient money and the rent is due immediately, here are some good options to help raise rent money. You can explore these solutions and choose what suits your circumstances. While some may pay out quickly, others might need some work. 

You may also have to throw two or more options into the mix to raise enough cash. 

1. Make Food or Grocery Deliveries 

You will find multiple online apps like Instacart or Doordash that deliver groceries or food through online orders. If you have a truck, van, or car, you can take up such a job and make money by the hour to earn cash and pay rent on time. Such jobs pay $20-$25 per hour depending on the location and if you take it up regularly for a few hours, imagine all the extra money you can make. 

Check out our Doordash review before you decide. 

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2. Get an Online Gig 

You can leverage your skills and find work online. For instance, if you can write well, get a content-writing job on Fiverr, FlexJobs, or Upwork. You can get paid once you submit the task and get cash right away. 

You can also find other jobs online, like virtual assistance, data entry, graphic designing or programming, etc. A quick search online will help you find what you are looking for. 

3. Earn Through Cashback

Turn your rent payment into an opportunity to earn cash back with GoCashBack. Choose from over 11,000 stores, including Walmart, Home Depot, and Macy’s, and earn cash back on everything from groceries to household supplies. Plus, once you’ve earned $10 in cash back, you can easily withdraw it via PayPal, check, gift card, or Helipay.

By using GoCashBack to pay your rent, you can make the most of your monthly expenses and turn them into a chance to earn rewards. Don’t miss out on this chance to save money and earn rewards – sign up for GoCashBack today and get your $8 sign-up bonus.

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4. Pay Partially With What You Have 

If you have some money to pay as a percentage of the total rent, you could try talking to your landlord to work things out. It would be a bonus if you are a long-time tenant and have previously been regular with rent payments. 

If you explain your circumstances to your landlord, it might work out for you. Make a partial payment today with a commitment to pay the rest later. 

5. Sell Some of Your Possessions 

Have a good look around the house and see if you have something valuable that you can sell to raise rent money instantly. It could be anything from gadgets or electronics to CDs & DVDs, music instruments, sports equipment, books, or crockery. 

While some items may have sentimental value, you can surely part with a few. Unless the item you sell is of high value, the money you raise from selling a personal item may not suffice to cover the rent. However, you could use it to pay partially. 

Furthermore, you can turn buying and selling items at a profit, commonly known as flipping, into a side hustle to avoid money troubles down the road. Here are some tips on the best items to flip for profit

6. Ask a Relative or a Friend for Assistance

If your financial woes are only temporary and you expect to have enough money later, you could always ask a relative or a friend to help you. You can pay them back as soon as you have sufficient money. 

It may not be possible for everyone, but if you have this option, consider asking for temporary assistance. 

7. Find a Part-Time or Under-the-Table Job 

If you do not have anything to sell and want to avoid taking out a loan, you can get a part-time job in the evening or in other free time. Some part-time or under-the-table jobs pay by the hour or on a daily basis. 

Even if the money is not great, it can help you raise extra cash that you can use to tend to your rent dilemma. 

8. Take Up Babysitting 

Alternatively, you can take up babysitting to raise extra money for additional assistance; this kind of job pays instant money. 

If you have a knack for handling babies and do a good job, you might get paid even more than the fixed amount. Some babysitting jobs even pay up to $100 for one night. 

9. Go to a Temporary Work Agency 

If you have trouble finding a job on your own, you can go to a temporary work agency and request them to help you find a job that can help pay your rent. 

10. Donate Blood 

Another idea to earn extra cash is to donate blood. One donation may help you earn around $60. You can put it in your monthly rent fund. Here’s a list of plasma donation centers that might help you. 

How to Live Rent-Free?

You may be surprised to hear that there are ways to live rent-free. Since rent payments are a major percentage of your monthly expenses, imagine all the things you can do with the money you previously used to pay your rent. 

You can put the money in a retirement fund, pay your debts, and save enough to buy a house or other appreciating assets

So, if you previously thought you would be stuck paying rent all your life, here is your chance to find out how you can live rent-free and save tons of money.

1. Take Up House-Sitting

Woman Holding A Mug Sitting In A House Couch
Image credit: deagreez1/DepositPhotos.

Many people need to travel for work purposes or vacations and like to leave their house in someone’s care. Such jobs are posted on Craigslist or Classifieds, and a little search will help you find what you are looking for. There are also dozens of websites where you can find house-sitting jobs, one of the best, including Trusted Housesitters

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You can take up such an option and live there rent-free.

While some house-sitting jobs are long-term if the owners have moved for work purposes, others are short-term, and you may have to switch from one place to the next frequently. 

2. Move In With Your Parents 

If you are fine with the idea, consider moving in with your parents until you have enough to be financially self-reliant. You can save on the rent, pay off your loans and have enough for the future.

If your parents are willing to take you in, sit with them and discuss how it would work out for you and them. Since you are an adult, you may have to set a few boundaries and ground rules to have your personal space.

It also means you have to be a responsible member of the house. Take part in chores, clean up after yourself and avoid causing them inconvenience while giving them space as well.

3. Become an Apartment Building Manager

If you have an opportunity, consider becoming a manager for an apartment building. You may be given a living space in the same building where you can live rent-free. However, you will be required to be available to the tenants over the phone to tend to their requests and problems and provide repair jobs.

Before you assume such a role, find out the terms and conditions of the job. Some apartment management is quite stringent, and you may not find the conditions ideal for working with.

4. Find a Rent-For-Work Job

Business owners, particularly farm owners, usually look for live-in help and offer accommodations in exchange for work. You can find plenty of such opportunities online. 

If you find such an arrangement, you can live rent-free and assist at the farm by doing chores like milking cows, helping manage the production and the cattle, etc. 

You can even learn farming for future purposes if you go for it.

5. Find a Live-in Work Situation

You could become a child care provider or a pet sitter for the family and live with them for free. These jobs are well-suited for people who are fond of little children or pets and can tend to them with care and attention. 

You may have to create an impressive profile on online sites that offer such opportunities. You can also find such jobs in local listings. 

Things to Consider If You Need Money to Pay Rent 

If you find it challenging to pay rent every month, you need to reconsider your circumstances and devise ways to improve your financial situation. For instance, think about how much rent you can afford. That way, paying dues will no longer be stressful, and you can easily manage it every month.

 Here are a few ideas to nudge you in the right direction.

Get a Side Hustle

young girl smiling using laptop
Image credit: Deklofenak/Depositphotos.

If you have been struggling to stay afloat with the job you have at the moment, you can always start something on the side to have an additional income stream. Here are some side hustles you can consider:

  • Be an online English teacher. Teaching English online is a great opportunity to earn extra cash while working at home or anywhere. You need a laptop, a fast Internet connection, and good English skills. Try VIPKid, Magic Ears, or search for other online teaching platforms. 
  • Take Up Dog Sitting/Walking. It can be a good way to raise some quick money if you live in a neighborhood where people like to walk their dogs or need help taking care of their pets when they are away. Dog sitting or walking is the easiest job you can find if you are fond of animals; it also pays by the hour. Check out apps like Rover, Wag, and Outugo. 
  • Apply as a Transcriptionist. Do you have good listening skills? You can earn money online as a transcriptionist by transcribing audio or video recordings. You should have keen attention to detail and quick typing skills. 
  • Play video games. Playing your favorite video games while earning money is the ultimate fun side hustle! Check out Kashkick, Gamehag, Lucktastic, and Mistplay, and have fun while they pay you for playing video games.

Take Up a Roommate

If you are living in a place with extra rooms, you can consider renting it out to other people. Raising rental income through roommates will help you make timely payments to your landlord/landlady.

Improve Your Profile and Get a Better Job

If you need additional income and your current circumstances do not allow it, you can work on improving your profile or resume. You could hone your skills or improve your education to build on your existing profile and land a better job that pays more money than you currently earn. 

It is important to have long-term financial goals to have a direction and the drive to work for it. If you cannot pay rent due temporarily, you can quickly take care of it by opting for one of the ideas we have suggested above. 

However, if it is a recurrent situation, you need to work on improving your circumstances to take care of your financial woes and never worry about paying rent again. Getting a better-paying job or a regular side hustle may just be your best bet for financial stability. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Need Money to Pay Rent Tomorrow

What to Do If I Need Money Now? 

If you need money now, you can ask a friend or family member for assistance or sell something you own. You could also do a quick side hustle that pays by the hour, like an online job, pet or babysitting, or doing food or grocery delivery to earn money right within the same day.

What Place Is Offering Rent Relief?

If you have a low income or are unemployed, you can apply to the government’s relief program for rental assistance. You will be provided with short-term or long-term rental assistance, depending on your circumstances. 

How Many Months’ Rent Can Go Overdue Before One Is Evicted?

Eviction from your dwelling depends on your lease agreement with the landlord. However, per general rule, if you have fallen behind on rent by eight weeks or two months, you may be asked to vacate the rental accommodation.

What Can Property Owners Do About Unpaid Rental Fees During the Pandemic?

Landlords could apply for federal rental assistance for unpaid rent during COVID-19 with the public housing authority or offices on county housing. The money provided for landlords can provide coverage for up to 18 months’ rent. Renters are, likewise, given similar support through the government’s housing assistance program. 

However, since the COVID-19 moratorium in the US ended on August 26, 2021, only selected states currently offer such assistance. 

Conclusion – Need Money to Pay Rent Tomorrow

There is an endless list of jobs to do if you are in need of rent money immediately. From the suggestions we offered above, just pick one (or more) that would suit your skills and availability. 

For the long-term, though, it would be better if you assess your circumstances to avoid having such cash emergencies in the future. 

Be realistic about what you can afford to pay for rent; scale down if necessary. Increase your income by asking for a raise, getting a better-paying job, taking on some part-time jobs, or engaging in regular side hustles. Having sound financial goals, realistic budgeting, and a simple lifestyle could end your money problems and give your bank account a boost. 

Take the first step now!