Mistplay Review – Playing Online Games & Earn Rewards

Do you want to earn money online by playing games? One of the best apps that can help you make money is Mistplay. In this Mistplay review, we’ll show you all the ins and outs of the app and how you can make money right now. 

Looking for some side hustles, but you don’t know where to look? Then today is your lucky day. 

We will show you a new way to earn extra money online. You can do this in your spare time, while watching TV, waiting for your bus ride, or even while on vacation!

Through this review, you will learn how to get quick cash and earn a little money while just playing games. Too good to be true? Let’s get an up-to-date Mistplay review to learn how to boost your income by playing online games.

What Is Mistplay?

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Mistplay is an app that lets you play games where you earn points that you can exchange for gift cards. The platform allows its users to choose from the list of available games, chat with other users, skim through various offers in their area, and earn rewards by playing free games.

The more time you spend playing games on Mistplay, the more points you will earn! Mistplay’s point system provides its users rewards through app credits. The more points you earn, the more “units” you receive, which can then be turned into gift cards, Steam credit, and other incredible prizes. 

Unfortunately, this app does not pay in cash, but you can get gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, Visa, and more. Plus, you get to play a wide variety of mobile games such as virtual casinos, war games, strategy games, Solitaire, and more. 

What are you waiting for? Start playing now, gain experience and extra money in rewards!

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How Does Mistplay Work?

To get started with Mistplay, you will first have to download the app from Google Play Store and install it on your phone. Unfortunately, the app is not available on iOs yet. After, open the app and create an account.

Installing the Mistplay app requires you to change a few settings. You have to disable power-saving on your phone and let the app keep running in the background. That’s because the app will need to monitor your time spent on each of the games for you to be rewarded accordingly.

After you have created your account, the platform will recommend a game for you to download and install within the app. Some of the games that can be found in Mistplay are Bingo, board games, war and strategy games, and more.

You won’t get bored with Mistplay, as they constantly add new games for you to try and earn more points. Based on the game, you’ll have to meet certain requirements for you to receive the Mistplay in-game currency called “units.”

If you want to know how many units you’ve accumulated every after the game you have finished, before you click exit, you can see the earned points. Sometimes the availability of the games depends on the area where you are situated. 

However, you should be careful with using VPN. If they find out you are using VPN, you risk getting banned from the platform.

How Much Can You Earn With Mistplay?

The points you earned playing with Mistplay will depend mainly on 2 factors:

  1. The amount of time you spent playing
  2. Your PXPs (Player Experience Points)

Just like any other game, the reward you accumulate with the different units or points is based on the time you spent playing or the rank you have reached. 

Other than that, the higher your player experience level is, the faster you can earn those points.

Finally, this platform provides referral program users, where if you refer somebody and they download and use the app. Both of you will enjoy reward points. Now, your referral obtains Level 4 in the app, and you will earn additional 100 points as a bonus. COOL!

How Can You Convert Points Into Actual Money?

If you want to convert your points or redeem them for actual cash? You will need to have at least 1,500 units to redeem your points for a $5 Google Play gift card. 

At first, it may seem unfavorable, but once you have played more games and spent time on the app, you will reach a higher level to earn units faster.

For you to earn more “units” whenever you have a long bus ride or watching some TV, you can spend more time playing games on your phone and earn “units” that you can convert to gift cards.

Even so, if you rarely play or use Mistplay, then don’t expect that you have earned much for your time gaming. Being an infrequent player will take you longer to earn units or convert them to gift cards.

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How Do You Earn The Mistplay Points?

Earning money by doing what you love can be done in Mistplay as long as you love playing games. If you do, this is the ideal app for you. On Mistplay, there are different competitions that will pay different amounts and will have various requirements for you to be able to earn points.

Some of the requirements they usually ask for are reaching a certain level in the game or playing the game for a certain time. During the game, you’ll also get points called “units.” You will only receive them when you are actively playing the game.

So you won’t be making any points if you leave the app on. You must play the game in order for you to earn units. 

Also, you have to know that the points are not constant, meaning you can earn different amounts of points while playing the same games at a different time. As you move along in the game level, your Game Experience Points (GXS) too will advance.

What Is GXP?

GXP stands for Game Experience Points. You start each game at GXP Level 1. You earn more GXP and advance to higher levels. When you reach a new GXP level, you gain units and PXP.

What Is PXP?

PXP stands for Player Experience Points. While you have a separate GXP level for each game, you also have one PXP level for your entire Mistplay account, starting at PXP Level 1 when you first download the app. 

When you advance to a new PXP level, you earn more GXP while playing games in Mistplay.

Preferably, these points are deliberately to stipulate your level in that Mistplay game. Your level of GXP isn’t necessarily based on your gaming skills but on the length of time you have played.

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Another way to earn points and make money on Mistplay is the PXP. That will determine where you rank on the app and how many GXP you accumulate.

The higher your GXP in the game, the higher the units and PXPs you will earn while playing. Also, the more PXPs you have, the more GXP points you will make every minute you play.

What Can I Exchange My Mistplay Units For?

The units you earn with Mistplay can be exchanged or converted into cash or gift cards you can use.

Playing different games offers you a different number of units. That is why it is better to pick games that offer higher prizes. When you have reached a specific number of units accumulated, you’ll be able to exchange those units for some awesome rewards.

Mistplay prizes include gift cards from Amazon, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Play, and more. However, you won’t be able to exchange your Mistplay units for cash. They will always have options to pay out your points in gift cards or prepaid cards from $0.50 to $50.

After you start redeeming your points, ensure that you select the correct currency and enter your email address when you place your order. Once you have set the gift card you want, you won’t be able to return it.

Who Is Mistplay For?

Games are for all ages, but how about Mistplay? Who is Mistplay for? The app was developed by mobile gaming companies with the purpose of bringing it closer to people who love playing video games.

They establish games and file them to know how many people will enjoy the games they make. Mistplay developers have the chance to test their games that is to get insights into how people would react to their games.

Mistplay is also suitable for people who are looking for more ways to earn cash online. People who love playing games would love to get an opportunity to earn some money while doing what they like.

And as long as Mitsplay is compatible with your mobile device, then you are eligible to make money by playing games.

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Advantages And Disadvantages of Mistplay

As we all know, when you talk about apps, games, sites, etc., you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of using a platform such as Mistplay.


Get to know the advantages of Mistplay and how you can come to love it:

  • Receiving Gift Cards

Who would have thought you could receive gift cards from playing games? Mistplay would! With all the points you have earned after your games, you can exchange them for gift cards and prepaid cards. 

The value cards are typically from $0.50 up to $50. So, if you enjoy playing games or do it every so often, why not take advantage of earning online while playing games.

  • No Credit Card Info Required

Most of the apps or games may be labeled as free but still would require your credit card information. Usually, the reason you are asked is when you buy upgrades within the game. 

However, with Mistplay, you don’t have to provide your credit card information or any financial information to use the app and redeem rewards.

  • No Ads Within The App And Games

When you are playing games, and an ad pops out, it can be frustrating, right? Especially when you’re playing for ranks. Another good thing about Mistplay is that you don’t have to suffer for ads because they don’t have one.

Mistplay is ad-free!

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We can’t just discuss the good things, and we have to be fair and share the Mistplay app’s downside with you. While you won’t be earning money to support full-time income, it is still important to determine the disadvantages of a platform that can provide you with some side income.

  • You Can’t Earn Direct Cash

One of the most significant disadvantages of Mistplay is that you can’t earn and exchange points for cash. You can earn “units,” the game currency, and exchange them for gift cards or prepaid cards.

  • Only For Android Phone Users

Sadly, Mistplay is only available and compatible with Android Phone users. 

So if you are an iOS user, then you might be at a disadvantage here. Despite that, Mistplay apparently is developing an app version that might work for iPhone users, so stay tuned!

  • Earning Points Gets Challenging 

By using the app consistently, your earn rates will slow down as you level up into your games. It makes the process a lot more challenging when earning units and may limit the way you earn.

Is Mistplay Legit?

Most of us love playing games and particularly love earning extra income, but with more apps getting developed, how can we be sure that we have a legitimate one? We don’t want to waste time and effort without earning money and getting scammed! 

Mistplay is not a scam, and it is a 100% legitimate app where you won’t find any sales pitches, and it won’t force you to buy anything. Also, Mistplay has paid over $16 million in rewards, so you know that they are running a legit service.

Mistplay only offers free games in exchange for gift cards. If that is not free, then it is not Mistplay!

Mistplay does not have any costs upon installing, membership fees, or other expenses. You also don’t have to worry about getting the gift cards because they will be delivered to you within 48 hours of redemption.

If you have encountered problems or issues with the app, you may call Mistplay’s customer service team, and they are available to help you resolve any problems you have. Plus, you can check their website for some helpful resources and check the frequently asked questions.

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Apps Just Like Mistplay

If you are still looking for more apps to play with, check out our list of Mistplay alternatives. Most of these apps are available on iOS and Android phones.


First on our list where you can earn money while playing online is InboxDollars. It is an app managed by Prodege, a market research firm that also owns Daily Rewards (Canada) and Swagbucks.

InboxDollars is not limited to playing games, and you can also watch videos, answer surveys, read emails, and shop online. This platform has paid its users more than $57 million since its development. In addition, after you have signed up, you get a $5 welcome bonus. 

Unfortunately, InboxDollars is only available in the United States. 

You can read our full review of InboxDollars here for more details.

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Another legitimate app that lets you earn cash online by playing games is Swagbucks! Aside from the games mentioned in Mistplay here in Swagbucks, you can see Wheel of Fortune, Dynomite, Mahjong, and Catch-21.

Aside from playing games, Swagbucks also has other activities and tasks that let you earn rewards, such as shopping online, answering surveys, surfing the web, and watching paid video ads.

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Just like InboxDollars, Swagbucks has also paid its members over $630 million and sends out 7,000 gift cards every day. Unlike Mistplay, you can convert your points to cash and cash out through PayPal.

Swagbucks is available in multiple countries, including The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and more. 

Find out more about Swagbucks with our full review and earn $5 when you sign up with this link.



Similar to Swagbucks, Kashkick pays its members after finishing simple tasks and then rewards them with cash. Here are some of the tasks on Kashkick:

  • Answer surveys
  • Watch videos
  • Surf the web
  • Play Games (like Mistplay)

After you have earned it, it will be directly sent to your PayPal account with a minimum of $5 threshold. This platform is available in countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


Are you an avid gamer? Then Gamehag is the best Mistplay alternative for you! 

Gamehag has a wide variety of popular online games, and it also earns you points called soul gems when you play with this app. Some of the games that you can find in Gamehag include Dark Genesis, War Thunder, Rise of Kingdoms, Grand Theft Auto, and more.

Once you have earned enough points (Soul Gems), you may exchange them for steam wallet codes, prepaid MasterCard (USD & EUR), gift cards, free premium games, and cryptocurrency.

It is available on iOS, Android, and PC devices.

Conclusion – Mistplay Review

Mistplay is the app for you if you love playing games or looking for a fun way of earning extra income. It is a great way to earn some extra bucks that can help you with your finances. 

And who doesn’t want to have fun while earning, right? Mistplay combines two great things at the comfort of your fingertips.

Bear in mind, Mistplay cannot be a substitute for your full-time job, and it only provides points and lets you redeem your units for gift cards and prepaid cards. But if you have a passion for mobile gaming or have lots of time to spare, then you might want to consider using Mistplay.

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