House-Sitting Jobs Near Me: All You Need To Know In 2024

Do you want to travel on a budget, or are you looking to travel long-term? Finding house-sitting jobs will allow you to travel without paying for accommodation. Find all you need to know about house sitting. 

The whole community of house-sitting jobs has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. That is mainly because of the growing popularity of traveling and the digital nomad lifestyle.

House sitting has become one of the best ways for long-term budget travel. You can move to any desired location, experience different cultures, and stay in a home without paying for accommodation.

Regardless of the reason, home sitting is a rewarding job with a rewarding experience. It is one of the most popular stay at home jobs

Whether you want to temporarily live in beautiful homes in the countryside, live in a suburb, or want to live in a farm home, this is for you. 

And, if you want to become a home sitter, we have this must-read guide for you.

What Is House Sitting?

House sitting is a service where homeowners are looking for someone to look after their possessions, property, and fur babies for a particular period. 

During this time, the homeowner could be away from home for a business trip, vacation, or other events.

Although a set amount of money often pays for the services, house sitting is rapidly gaining popularity as an unpaid exchange of services. 

Homesitters stay in homeowners’ residences, taking care of their property, belongings, and pets in exchange for free accommodation.   

Homesitters can be friends or relatives, or you can choose professional house sitters to run things smoothly while enjoying your vacation.

What Does A House Sitter Do?

The duties of a house sitter may vary depending on the preference of homeowners and the location. But the most common responsibilities include the following:

  • Occupy the House

The primary duty of a home sitter is to keep the house occupied. Besides staying in the house, you have to do things like turning lights on and off, leaving a car in the driveway, and being seen outside.

These actions show that someone is home and deter any potential risk of theft and vandalism. Simply put: it’s to scare the burglar. 

  • Take Care of Pets

Unless the homeowner has hired a separate pet sitter, you are also responsible for taking care of any pets in the house. Are you a cat-lover? Always wanted to look after two dogs and have house pets? This is your dream come true!

Pet sitting includes all pet-related duties, including cleaning the litter box, watering, feeding, walking, pet first aid, pet care services, and more. You may also have to take pets to veterinarians when needed.

You get to make new friends, offer your pet sitting services, sit friendly dogs, and care for all animals on the property. 

  • Cleaning

As a house sitter, you may or may not be responsible for maintaining and cleaning up the home. You are often expected to leave the house in the same condition in which you found it. Even if you’re just at home for two weeks, you may be surprised how much cleaning may be necessary. 

  • Gardening

House sitters also provide lawn care, garden care, and take care of indoor plants. According to the service length, the duties may be as simple as regular watering or include pruning and mowing.

Simply put, tasks can vary! It includes jobs around the house, dog walks, and sitting around the pool mid-day, and spending time abroad. 

Homesitters may be requested to bring in the mail and newspaper daily. You may be doing pool cleaning, checking and forwarding phone messages, and even getting any necessary home repairs at the homeowner’s expense.

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How to Become a House Sitter?

You do not need specialized skills to become a house sitter. Anyone can do house sitting at any age, that’s why it is an excellent job for teens. All you need is the ability to take care of someone’s home and other personal belongings. 

If you are new to it, start with your friends, family, and colleagues. Chances are someone in your network will be away and need a property caretaker.

We have put together a step-by-step guide to help you secure your first home-sitting job. 

Step 1: Get a Police Record Check (Optional)

Security is at the top of homeowners’ minds when looking for someone to watch their home sitting. 

Having a police or government criminal record check helps show that you’re trustworthy. It increases your chances of securing a house-sitting job in a hassle-free manner.  

Visit your local police or government website and order a Criminal Record check. It gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that they have no convictions. 

While it is not a mandatory first step, it will separate you from the pack, and you will stand out as a result. Making the homeowners feel safe and cared for is the top priority.

Step 2: Sign Up for a Trusted House Sitting Website

Countless websites connect homeowners and homesitters. Set up your profile page with one or two reliable sites.

Note that your profile is your face to homeowners and the first contact. Make sure it is well-written and up-to-date.

Essential things to include in your profile are:

  • Experience: Add your experience as a housesitter, whether with friends, family, or anyone. If you can, add testimonials and previous setting experience. 
  • Special skills: Could you speak foreign languages? Are you handy with tools? Are you an excellent gardener? Mention all your unique skills that could make your profile stand out.  
  • Pets: Exude your love for pets, if applicable. Most house-sits include pet care in one form or another. 

Your profile should present your flexibility, trustworthiness, sense of responsibility, and relevant qualifications. Show homeowners that you are perfect for house-sitting jobs. 

Step 3: Market your Services

Increase your chances of finding a house-sitting job with internet marketing. Market your services through Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, or Craigslist. These platforms are not only convenient to flip things for profit, but they can also help you market your house sitting services as well.

Look for community bulletin boards at local libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops to expand your client base. There are also dozens of websites where you can find house-sitting jobs, one of the best include Trusted Housesitters

Another mode is word of mouth. Share your experience in-house sitting with your network. You can also design and hand business cards to your family and friends. 

Step 4: Apply and Follow Up

House sitting is a competitive space, so apply promptly and make your applications stand out. Be honest and make your applications grammatically correct. 

Whether or not the homeowner responds to your application, make sure to follow up. 

Set up email alerts to avoid missing any perfect house sit that meets all your requirements. There is quite some competition out there, so you want to make sure you follow through.

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6 Best Platforms For House Sitting Jobs

How do I find house-sitting jobs near me, in other states, or abroad?

We have put together a list of some best house-sitting websites. Each of these platforms is different from the others in terms of functionality, availability, price, and more.

1. Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters is one of the most popular house-sitting sites with a surprisingly extensive range of sites worldwide. The Trusted Housesitters platform is particularly big in Europe, Australia, and the USA. 

With their $119 fee, they are the most expensive platform, but they offer many options. When you find a house-sitting assignment for 2-3 nights, your membership fee has paid for itself. 

On Trusted Housesitters, there are a lot of houses available. Especially if you’re new to house sitting, you must apply to many different homes. 

With a professional feel, 24/7 customer service, and a big team, the platform is straightforward to use. In the end, you get what you pay for with this fantastic platform. 

Try Trusted Housesitters Today!

2. House Carers 

House Carers is one of the sites that has been along for a long time, started in 2000. It is a popular platform in Europe, Australia, and the United States. The platform operates all around the world.

The website offers a great user experience, from uploading your ID checks to personalized email alerts. The annual membership fee for House Carers is $50.

Using many options, you can give people detailed information about you and set yourself uniquely in the competition.

3. Rover

Are you comfortable taking care of pets? Join one of the largest networks of pet sitters, where you can watch people’s pets and homes simultaneously. You can be a dog-sitter or a cat-sitter on Rover, looking after people’s furry friends. 

Rover is a one-of-its-kind platform for finding home-sitting jobs involving pets. You get choices such as preferred regions, pet types, number of pets, and many other filters. You can even set specific dates for the service. 

4. Mind My House

Mind My House is a fantastic platform with a lot of homeowners looking for house sitters. The coolest part is their cheap membership fee, which is much more affordable than other sites. The low $ 20-a-year membership means that many house sitters join this platform along with other ones (usually House Carers or Trusted house owners). 

With an intuitive user interface, the international website has developed a strong community for sharing tips, experiences, and pictures. Set alert options so that you never miss a listing in your preferred locations. 

There are some complaints that the house sits on the site aren’t always up to date. It can mean that when you apply to a house sit, the listing is already filled, and it’s still online. To avoid this, apply when you receive an alert that a new listing in your desired area is online. 

Another thing is that customer service tends to be lower compared to the other house-sitting platforms. 

5. Mindahome 

Looking for the best home-sitting jobs in Australia? Head to Mindahome!

From pet care to looking after a mansion with no pets, Mindahome brings fantastic home-sitting opportunities nationwide. 

The excellent clean design of the website offers a good user experience. You can make your profile stand out by adding a compelling personal description, profile title, age, responsibility preferences, and preferred locations.  

The new ‘sitter appointment system’ and improved search feature make Mindhome even more appealing. 

6. Nomador

Nomador’s popularity is skyrocketing in France and French-speaking countries, primarily due to its free ‘discovery’ option. 

With this feature, people can book their first house sit for free and build their Trust Profile to attract more house-sitting jobs. After they get value from the platform, they can purchase a full membership that demonstrates house sitter satisfaction. 

Nomador is the only website that caters to those who do not house-sit full-time or need a full-year membership.

Frequently Asked Questions – House-Sitting Jobs

Getting house-sitting jobs can be overwhelming, especially when you’re new to the scene. Here are the most frequently asked questions answered. 

Where Can I Find House-Sitting Gigs?

As mentioned above, start with your network of friends, family, colleagues, and relatives. The websites that are a great place to find house-sitting jobs worldwide include Trusted Housesitters, Mind My House, and Nomador. 

What Is The Best House Sitting Website? 

Some of the best websites for short- and long-term house-sitting jobs are:

Are House Sitting Jobs Safe?

The quickest answer is yes! House sitting is based on trust and a review system. The more house sits you do, the more reviews you gain. 

You can ask homeowners for reviews and references, speak with them over the phone, and even meet them at the property before accepting the job. 

Before accepting a sit, both parties should be happy and comfortable with the agreement.

Conclusion – House Sitting Jobs

With the digital nomadic lifestyle gaining popularity, house-sitting jobs have emerged as an excellent choice. It’s a perfect option for those who want to travel rent-free or under-the-table jobs

The key to being a great sitter is, to be honest and dedicated to what you do. Hopefully, this guide answers your questions about house sitting and helps you start your own journey.