Avoid These 16 Tourist Hotspots Like the Plague – You’ll Thank Us Later

I found a cool question: “Which famous place isn’t really worth going to?” It made me think about how some folks feel when a famous spot doesn’t live up to what they expected.

Have you ever gone to a place you really wanted to visit, but then felt let down? People shared their stories about places that didn’t live up to the hype. Now, let’s hear about these disappointing adventures.

1. Times Square on New Year’s Eve

Times Square New York USA Billboards MSN

The highest-rate response to the topic is about Times Square on New Year’s Eve, with many agreeing that it has never lived up to the hype. 

Another user recalled a radio host’s remark highlighting the event’s unique aspect: each year brings an entirely new crowd of thousands. That implies that no one wants to experience it more than once due to the cold weather, the dullness of the experience, the overwhelming crowds, and it’s generally not clean.

2. The Hollywood Walk of Fame 

Hollywood in Los Angeles California, USA - Walk of Fame MSN

One individual mentions the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a place to steer clear of. They point out that despite occasional cleaning during significant events, the sidewalk remains covered in dirt from people’s shoes, and many of the stars you can barely see due to the lack of regular cleaning.

3. Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts

House and Home with Garage with Garden Yard MSN

One user mentions that Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts is a place to avoid, stating that it’s merely a small rock. 

Another user points out that the rock itself is not even the authentic landing site of the Pilgrims. It was brought there symbolically, and the exact location of their original landing in Plymouth is unknown. Interestingly, they add, the Pilgrims initially landed in Cape Cod and later found it easier to settle in Plymouth.

4. Manneke Pis in Brussels

Man Using Urinal Toilet MSN

Several people mentioned Manneke Pis in Brussels as something to avoid. It’s so tiny and hard to see because of the dozens of people trying to make a photo of it.

The only fun part about Manneke Pis is that he’s dressed differently every time I visited Brussels. Plus, he’s very centrally located, so it doesn’t hurt to walk by it.

5. The Niagara Falls in New York

Niagara Falls Huge Waterfalls in USA and Canada MSN

Nulu expresses their opinion that while Niagara Falls is an impressive sight, it may not be worth visiting if you plan to stay on the American side. According to them, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls has way more fun things to do and see. It offers an even better experience with lots of attractions to enjoy.

Another user lives 15 minutes away from Niagara Falls and recently discussed the topic with their family. They expressed disappointment in Niagara Falls, NY, describing it as an area plagued by crime and lacking appeal despite having a significant international tourist attraction nearby.

6. Lands End in Cornwall, United Kingdom

Short Haired Woman Pointing At Laptop Screen Shocked

Someone mentioned Lands End, a place in the United Kingdom that some people find underwhelming. They jokingly said it falls short of winning an award for being truly disappointing. 

The landmark is a regular spot that may not meet everyone’s expectations.

7. See Mount Rushmore From Afar

Mount Rushmore with American Flag USA MSN

One user shares that Mount Rushmore can be seen perfectly fine from the road, suggesting no need to pay for a closer view. Another user responded, questioning whether the first user had visited recently, as they had experienced a completely different situation in 2017 when the area underwent significant improvements. 

The first user expressed relief upon hearing this, as they had hoped that the situation changed since their last visit. The opinions about Mount Rushmore differ greatly, so you might have to determine whether it’s worth it. 

8. The Whole Country of Egypt

Egypt Image with Pyramids and Camels in the Desert MSN

Yova shares their experience with the country Egypt. They say it’s like a place where phone scams come to life! 

When you arrive at the airport, people might try to take your electronics and claim you need special permits. The hotel you stay at might also check your bags and ask for permits or other things you don’t need. Even the police might try to take money from you, or fake police might give you fines. 

Kids might come up to you and offer camel rides but then demand a lot of money and even make the camel attack you if you don’t pay. It’s all very wild and not worth it, according to Yova.

9. The Mona Lisa

Two People Looking At Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait In The Museum

This user shares their experience with the Louvre. They mention that while the Louvre is an incredible place that keeps you exploring for days, it’s not worth fighting through the crowds to see the Mona Lisa. They describe it as a small painting with many tourists surrounding it, all trying to take pictures. Despite the “No flash photography” rule, people ignore it, resulting in flash reflections on the protective glass, making it difficult to see the painting.

Furthermore, a rumor is circulating that the real Mona Lisa is kept in a basement, and the one displayed is a highly convincing replica.

10. The Country Dubai

Dubai Airshot with Skyscrapers and Water City MSN

One person shares their strong opinion about Dubai, saying it’s like a messed-up mirror reflecting all the bad stuff in today’s world. They also talk about how they judge people who only go to Dubai to take cool pictures for Instagram.

Another person named Da jumps in and gives their thoughts on this matter. They compare Dubai to the famous Fyre Festival, but way bigger. They mention that the enormous buildings on man-made islands in Dubai are experiencing erosion, which means they are slowly getting worn away or damaged by natural elements like wind, water, and other environmental factors. This erosion poses a threat to the buildings and has negative effects on the environment, making it harmful and damaging. 

11. Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

A man facepalming - MSN

Another user expressed their disappointment with Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. They mentioned that although it used to be the border between the U.S. and Soviet sectors, all that remains now is a small shack and a sign. The only activity available is paying for a photo taken with someone wearing a uniform. They also highlighted the presence of a McDonald’s restaurant right next to it, which they found to be quite surprising, and not in a good way.

Another user shared that they enjoyed the DDR museum next to Checkpoint Charlie. However, they agreed the checkpoint itself was a letdown in comparison.

12. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Tower of Pisa and Duomo di Pisa with Sunset Italy MSN

One user expresses their thoughts on the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They say the town around it isn’t very interesting and is mostly full of tourists pretending to hold up the tower. They suggest going to Florence, which offers a more enjoyable experience.

Another user recommends Pisa as a day trip from Florence. They suggest visiting the tower, crypts, and university gardens. Afterward, they recommend going back to Florence for dinner.

13. Llanfair­Pwllgwyngyll­Gogery­Chwyrn­Drobwll­Llan­Tysilio­Gogo­Goch in Wales

Man Looking Scared and Shocked, Hands Up MSN

One user named Dre mentions Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch in Wales, noting that there isn’t much to see there except for an Edinburgh Woollen Mills shop. They found it amusing since Edinburgh is nearly 300 miles away.

Then another user, T, shares their experience of visiting the place to take a photo by the train station sign. They achieved their goal and found the whole experience just as they expected. They describe it as being perfectly “whelmed,” meaning it neither exceeded nor fell short of what they imagined.

14. The Mall of America

Woman Riding Shopping Cart MSN

Travis shares that he is not impressed with the Mall of America. He thinks it’s just a really big mall with the same stores you can find in smaller malls. He even noticed that sometimes there are two of the same stores in the mall. 

Someone else shares a different opinion. They say they love the mall and think it’s great, especially because it wasn’t crowded when they visited in the summer of 2019. They also say that if they go there, they might be disappointed. For them, it was just a place they stopped by several times during their trip.

15. Centralia, Pennsylvania

Scared woman under blanket - MSN

Gabe tells us about their trip to Centralia, Pennsylvania, a place famous for having an underground mine fire that has been burning for a long time. They thought they would find spooky abandoned buildings and have an exciting adventure, especially because it’s loosely connected to the Silent Hill movie.

When they arrived, they were disappointed. There was nothing. All buildings were gone except for a well-kept cemetery. The only thing they found was a part of the road that had been changed and graffiti, but now it has faded. 

16. Everything About Hollywood

Woman With Glasses Holding A Phone Sitting In A Business Class Airplane

Hollywood is not a good place to visit because it’s known for being sketchy, dirty, and violent. The neighborhood has been disorganized and getting worse since the 1950s. The worst time was from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s. The people who lived in West Hollywood didn’t want to be associated with Hollywood anymore, so they made their own town in 1984. Even though there are many entertaining things to do in the larger Los Angeles area, Hollywood is usually seen as unappealing.

Did this make you think of a place you had high hopes for while traveling but were left underwhelmed? 

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