9 Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight [Earn Up To $10,000]

Do you want to get paid to lose weight? Here are 7 apps and websites you can use to get paid to lose weight this year. 

The new year has started and people have all kinds of resolutions. A lot of resolutions revolve around getting healthy, losing weight, setting short-term financial goals, and taking action on their dreams. 

A couple of months into the new year, the feelings about your resolutions have probably changed. You either are seeing this through, or you’ve already fallen off the wagon. 

What if I told you that there’s an easy way to get more motivated to lose weight? Something that really motivated me is when I found out you can get paid to lose weight. Yeah, really!

There a quite some apps and websites that make sure you lose weight and get paid for it. Try them out and see what platforms fits your preferences. Who doesn’t want losing weight as their new side hustle? Also, if you need money now, it can be an option to hit two birds in one stone. 

9 Ways To Get paid To Lose Weight This Year

Here are the best options for you to consider when you want to get paid to lose weight. 

1. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is a safe and trusted incentive-based weight loss app. With HealthyWage, you can decide the weight you want to lose and place a bet on it.

HealthyWage allows you to join amazing weight loss games and pays you when you meet your goals. HealthyWage site has a handy price calculator that helps you calculate the prize amount based on how much weight you want to lose.

In addition to making money while completing fitness goals, you can also participate in HealthyWage’s other challenges. It helps you win a big cash reward, which will be an excellent addition to your side income.

You can find many testimonials on their site from people who have won $1,000+ by participating in one of their challenges. Here’s Anastasia who took home $10,000 after losing 41 pounds in 18 months.

HealthWage Winner Anastasia

How to use HealthyWage?

Getting started on HealthyWage is very easy and quick!

You only need to set up an account. After this, use the site’s calculator to calculate the price range according to the weight you want to lose, time to lose that weight, and bet money for each month.

You can now see the money you will get after completing your weight loss goal.

To achieve your weight loss goal, participate in weekly weigh-ins, exercise charts, and a healthy eating regimen. All this will help you lose weight while winning the extra cash.

With HealthyWage, you can get paid in cash through PayPal or get paid in Amazon credit. Check out our entire review of HealthyWage or go directly to their site

Make Money Losing Weight $$$

2. DietBet

Earn passive income for losing weight with DietBet! DietBet is a great weight loss app that allows you to earn cash through betting on the weight you want to lose.

There are different bets that you can participate in at any time. How you lose your targeted bodyweight doesn’t matter in this app. You can choose to run, swim, exercise, or any workout plan to lose body fat in your spare time.

DietBet allows you to join bets for as little as $10. Also, when you achieve the goal, you will get paid to lose weight via PayPal.

How to Use DietBet?

First, you will need to create an account on DietBet. After this, you can select the challenge from the following options:

  • Kickstarter – lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days.
  • Transformer – lose 10% of your body weight within six months.
  • Maintainer – keep losing bodyweight for 12 full months.

You can select up to three kickstarters and three transformers at a time.

Remember that you will need to pay the entry fees for each challenge. When you hit your goal, you will win about 1.5 – 2 times the amount you bet.

For example, if you pay a $10 fee for a challenge, you could expect to win $15 – $20 on completing your goal.

At a time, many competitions, including short-term and long-term, can participate in the bet. You can either create your separate betting challenge or browse the site to join the existing bet.

In a team challenge, all participants need to put a little money to make money into the pot. Now, in the end, the members who win the weight loss challenge get to split what’s in the pot in addition to cash prizes.

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3. Stickk

Stickk pays financial rewards for doing things like exercising or participating in a marathon. It is one of the great ways to make extra money online.

Unlike DietBet that only focused on weight loss, this is a platform that helps you to bet anything beneficial for your body.

You can set any goal for yourself, including losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising while cleaning out your garage, and more. All in all, Stickk is a goal-specific app that pays you back when you complete your goal within the said time frame.

With this app, you don’t have only to bet money, and you can bet any form of accountability, but, yes, betting on cash is motivating.

How to use Stickk?

Using Stickk is very easy and quick. Create your account on the Stickk app. After this, set your target, which can be weight loss.

Now, sign a “Commitment Contract” to say that you will stick to your goal. Finally, make a bet on your goal in the form of cash or any other useful thing.

When you complete your goal, you will get paid to lose weight within 72 hours.

4. Walgreens Balance Rewards

Do you have a nearby Walgreen? If so, you can sign up for their Balance Rewards program to earn rewards or gift cards to lose weight.

It offers many health challenges, including a four-week health goal that you can join for free. The app features two types of challenges that are physical and lifestyle, like exercising, not smoking, or any other health related goal.

The best part is that you can participate in both of them at the same time.

Walgreens Balance Rewards will not pay you in cash for losing weight but allows you to redeem points for shopping from Walgreens.

Also, you can connect the Balance Rewards account to your Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. It will make tracking weight loss activities easy for you.

When you completed your set weight loss goal, you can earn points in the following ways:

  • Connecting a FitBit may get you 250 points.
  • Walking, running, cycling may get you 20 points per mile.

When you earn 1,000 points, that may become equal to $1. It is a great and healthy way to get paid for weight loss.  

5. Achievement

When looking for the best app to get paid for being healthy or losing weight, consider Achievement.

This app is free and allows you to earn money while exercising to lose your body weight. It awards you points for a healthy lifestyle by tracking your progress with over 20 fitness apps, including Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.

How to Use an Achievement App?

First, go to the App Store or Google Play store and install the Achievement – Reward for health app on your phone. Now, connect one or more fitness tracking apps to it and start earning rewards.

With this app, you can earn up to 80 points per day for activities like biking, walking, running, and more. Further, if you participate in any offers, surveys, and weight loss programs, you can earn bonus points.

When your earnings reach 10,000 points, you may get $10. This app is no scam and is safe to install on your device.

You can also choose to donate a bit of extra money that you have earned from the achievement app to a charity, as an act of kindness

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Other Ways to Get Paid to Lose Weight

In addition to the above bet apps that pay you to lose weight, here are three more ways to get paid to lose weight.

6. Delivery Courier

Do you enjoy long drives or love to ride? If yes, get paid for a fantastic ride while delivering items with DoorDash or Postmates.

Both companies help you earn financial rewards when you deliver items on your bike, scooter, or car.

To get started, download the app, log in, and start accepting orders. Once you finish the job, you will get paid for your goal via PayPal.  

7. Sweatcoin

Whether you do a daily morning walk or cover a long distance on foot to reach the office, let Sweatcoin count your steps to pay you.

It is an amazing application that pays you according to the steps you take each day. First, you will need to download it on your device. After this, the Sweatcoin app can track your movement or steps with your phone’s accelerometer help.

For every 1,000 steps, you may earn up to 0.95 Sweatcoins. Now, you can use these cons for fitness gear, exercise classes, and more other purposes.

Also, you can redeem your points to get cash via PayPal.

If you want to learn more about Sweatcoin, check out our complete Sweatcoin review here.


8. Be A Dog Walker

If you want to lose weight and make money at the same time, dog walking may be for you. You get to spend time with dogs, make money, and stay fit. Win-win-win!

If you want to get started with dog walking, Rover is a good platform to start out. If you want to consider your options, here are the best dog walking jobs apps and websites for you. 


Corgi Dog Running Toward The Camera Stock

9. Be A Tour Guide

While it’s probably not the first thing you’re thinking about, being a tour guide can be a great way to get paid to lose weight. You walk around town, talk about your city, and get a lot of movement. 

Tours By Locals is a platform where you can sign up and create a unique experience for your tour. While tours are probably a little slow right now, it’s a great opportunity for when tourism picks up again. 

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

When you want to lose weight, it is essential to stay motivated. It will help you achieve your weight loss goal and help you earn money using the above-listed apps.

Follow the following tips for staying motivated to lose weight:

Have a Goal In Mind

Whether it is a monthly goal or a long-term aim, always think about it and imagine yourself in good shape. Try to stick your goal in the form of a schedule or images on the fridge, cupboards, and walls of your room. 

Address Emotional Eating

To achieve the weight loss goal, you will need to deal with emotional eating habits. Take yourself away from extra servings of desserts, fried food, sugary drinks, and other food items that cause weight gain. Try to look for healthy options for your cravings and hunger.

Find a Friend

When you get support from others, losing weight becomes much more manageable. Find a friend or exercise partner that has a similar goal. Working out with a friend is not only more fun but helps you stay motivated as well. Also, adopt an active lifestyle to lose weight fast.

Adjust Your Environment

It is crucial to keep unhealthy food items out of your reach. Fill your fridge with everything healthy, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads. This will not distract you from your path as you will have nothing unhealthy to eat at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you hear you can get paid to lose weight, there are dozens of questions that can pop up into your head. Here are the most frequently asked questions. 

Does HealthyWage Really Pay Out?

Yes, HealthyWage is an amazing app that pays you cash to lose weight. You will need to bet on the desired challenge related to the weight loss journey. After completing that task, you will get a financial reward or cash via PayPal.

Can I Get Paid For Losing Weight?

Yes, you can get paid to lose weight. For this, you will need to install a relevant app that pays rewards and extra cash for weight loss. Getting paid for free while losing weight is a fantastic feeling. 

What Apps Pay You To Lose Weight?

Many safe and trusted apps pay you for losing weight. Some of the popular apps are HealthyWage, DietBet, FitCoin, Charity Miles, Achievement, and more. You can install any of these from the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone. 

Conclusion – Get Paid To Lose Weight

There are many applications and platforms that enable you to make money while helping you to lose weight. You can place bets, stay active, start new healthy habits, deliver food, or walk dogs. 

Losing weight and getting fit is all about staying motivated and finding the ways that you are sticking to your goals. Pairing your weight goals will financial incentives, will definitely increase the chances of success. 

Do you want to get fit in another way? Try this 30-day plank challenge for beginners. It really helped me to start my fitness journey again. 

9 Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight [Earn Up To $10,000]
9 Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight (Earn Up To $10,000)

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