$27 An Hour Is How Much A Year? Benefit More From Hourly Rates!

If you work 40 hours a week, then $27 an hour is how much a year? Would you like to know how you can earn a better pay compared to what you make now?

$27 an hour is how much a year? If compared to your hourly rate, would you be earning more than your current pay if you’re paid $27 an hour? You already know that it will depend on how many hours you will put in to work.

If you worked at least 40 hours a week and put in a good amount of extra time, then $27 an hour is how much a year?

Typically, a person chooses between part-time or full-time employment. Since the total hourly compensation depends on the time spent in a workweek, you can decide how many hours you want to work. 

$27 an hour is undoubtedly better than the minimum wage implemented by labor laws in any country. Still, depending on factors like the essential cost of a family versus a one-person household, the pay might not be enough. And the best advice you’ll hear is to save money, but what if the budget is so tight that there is barely anything to set aside?

Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your income as someone qualified to work jobs that pay $27 per hour and give yourself a wage hike. But first, $27 an hour is how much a year? It sums up to a gross annual of $51,840 – overtime work and holiday pay not included.

Let’s go into detail. Read on for monthly salary, $27 an hour jobs, and how to live on $27 an hour.

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How Much Is $27 An Hour Per Month?

So how much does a person with a $27 hourly pay earn in a month? A standard 40-hour workweek schedule which consists of 20 days in a month, one can expect no less than $4,320 plus other inclusives like health insurance, paid sick leave, and other benefits like the 1.5 equivalent rate for overtime pay required by law.

$27 An Hour Is How Much A Year?

How Much Is $27 An Hour Per Week?

For employees, a typical 40-hour a week schedule means you can take home $1,080 at the end of the week. The weekly salary could be higher if an employee increases the number of hours worked for overtime pay. 

Part-timers are limited to 35 hours of work week and maybe a few extra shift hours. At $27 an hour, a part-time job pays $945 per week. But here’s the thing, you can always apply for more than one part-time job to earn extra and there are companies that offer part-time benefits.

Is $27 An Hour Good?

Yes, $27 an hour is a decent rate for salaried employees compared to the allotted minimum per state all over the U.S. According to Statista, the minimum hourly rate by state in the United States by 2021 ranges from $5.15 to $15 with Wyoming and Georgia listed to have the lowest rates.

The U.S. Department of Labor has set rules in order to protect the interest of all employees alike such as The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to improve the standards of all workers in every sector. And if a person is subject to both state and federal minimum wage, the option to pick the better pay is available.

This also sets a condition for companies in a state with low minimum wage like Georgia. A company or employer with an annual sales of $500,000 must pay an hourly rate of $7.25 instead of the state minimum of $5.15. But even with all the different laws and regulations to improve working standards, people need to seek alternatives that can help with their livelihood.

With all that said, you’re probably asking what kind of profession gets paid $27 an hour? Does it require special licenses or a degree to qualify for an interview? Actually, no. Also, these positions are in demand anywhere and quite more common than you realize.

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$27 An Hour Jobs

These are usually jobs that require flexibility, personal handling and observation, the likes that involve teaching, repairs, and crafts or creations are some of the general categories for these jobs. Depending on their level of expertise, their skills become their best bargaining tools for higher wages and $27 an hour is the least they can charge for their services. 

Just a few examples of jobs that pay $27 an hour or more:

  • Electricians and other skilled workers
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Skilled Craftsmen
  • Carpenters
  • Private Tutors
  • Programmers
  • Digital Editors
  • Starting your own blog

People trained with the skills to qualify for these jobs will always be in demand regardless of their location. Their level of expertise will provide them options like either working for companies with full benefits or preferring to go freelance to have more control over rates and schedule.

The option of working at home is also available, adding to the level of convenience and flexibility when it comes to working conditions. More people are vying for this set up so even skilled people with movement disability are more than capable of earning $27 an hour.

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How To Live On $27 An Hour?

It is true that the cost of living expenses varies depending on where you live anywhere in the world, and the best solution for anyone is to practice discipline when spending and handling finances. So how can you make sure that you can live comfortably with $27 an hour a year?

Here are a few simple points to remember when it comes to handling money:

  • Prioritizing your needs
  • Knowing how much to set aside for them
  • Identifying your wants
  • Limiting unnecessary expenses from the budget 
  • Try to save a little bit whenever you get your salary 

It may require a little more effort for an average family compared to a single person who has complete control over their schedule. While the cost is much higher, both parents can opt to provide for the family instead of just one person shouldering it. Dual income families have become more common as the years pass, from 31% in 1970 to 59.8% by 2020. This is due to more women entering the workforce. 

CNBC says that a family of four needs $7,691 to sustain the cost of living in Los Angeles, California. If both employed parents are paid a minimum of $27 an hour and at least five days a week, they would be making $432 a day, $2,160 a week, and $8,640 a month plus pay differentials. If this is the bare minimum income to live in an expensive city like Los Angeles, then it can surely provide for a decent life in other places. 

Conclusion – $27 an Hour is How Much A Year?

A person who earns $27 per hour belongs to the top 31% earners in the United States. It all starts with investing the time to learn a particular skill or two and consider that many high-income skills and high-paying jobs don’t require a degree. Time is also recognized as a precious commodity, it is good to know that people are now valued more based on what they can do.

A person only has to spend a few months to receive the certification for their chosen skill. An extra step could be taking a paid internship to gain some solid experience before getting a job from companies with the best benefits before going freelance. 

So, $27 an hour is how much a year? Before asking this question, you need to figure a few things out first. How much of your time are you willing to work at this rate? Are you capable of following simple but helpful tips to live comfortably and gain financial freedom? It requires hard work, a clear picture of your goal, and a better understanding of your motivations, and then you’ll know exactly how much you’ll get in return.

Working full-time at $27 an hour should have a gross of no less than $51,840 in a year plus benefits imposed by the government. But the actual earnings will still depend on the number of hours an employee works for.

$27 An Hour Is How Much A Year