Guide on How To Join Under Armour Product Testing Today

Do you want to become a product tester for one of the world’s leading sportswear companies? This article is a detailed guide to becoming part of the Under Armour product testing program. Read on.

Like other industry leaders, Under Armour has a rigorous testing program called the Field Testing Program. Products go through its comprehensive wear testing program and only get the UGOP (Universal Guarantee of Performance) stamp if the company is 100% satisfied with the quality. 

The product testing phase is followed by feedback collection, which is forwarded to the Product Development and Management teams. This feedback helps the teams determine if the tested products are performing accordingly or if further improvement is required. Useful inferences from the feedback are incorporated into the final design and future product concepts and designs. 

As an Under Armour product tester, you can sample some of the world’s most premium sports gear. Not only do you get to see these products, but you also get to try them before they hit the market and are seen in fitness centers, various sports fields, and courts worldwide. 

In addition to getting the product for sampling for the test duration, you can influence the final product outcome. Your feedback can impact the product’s final look and feel and how it performs. 

Sometimes, you get to keep the product. So, if we have your interest piqued, let’s find out how to join the Under Armour testing program.

Who Qualifies to Be an Under Armour Product Tester? 

Under Armour carries out different tests for different products, and tester selection is based on the requirements for the specific product testing. While Under Armour is actively looking to select athletes for product testing, you do not necessarily need to be one to get selected. 

When you apply to become an Under Armour product tester, you are required to fill out a form and provide the requisite information. The criteria for hiring include your size, your geographical location, your sport or activity experience and how much you play, etc. 

Having some activity level can be helpful as the company will consider you based on how well you can test the product. 

How to Join the Under Armour Product Testing Program

If you want to join the Under Armour product testing program, here is what you need to do.

1. Sign Up at the Website

To apply for the product testing program, you must sign up with Under Armour on the website. Under Armour has a detailed sign-up procedure, where you will be asked for comprehensive information to assess if you are a right fit for the field testing program. 

If you have worked with another sports gear or shoe company, you may already know how the program works. You will be required to divulge your personal information, including the type of activities you like to participate in.

Do not hesitate to provide accurate information. Whether you like to run, play soccer, or basketball, you must fill out the details as required. It is also important to fill out the entire form since knowing your location and demographics is part of the hiring process. You’ll also be required to provide your contact details, including your phone number, email ID, postal address, and birth date. 

The questions are specific, and it should not take long to complete the form. Once this phase is complete, the company will send confirmation via email at the address you have provided, followed by which you will be asked to create a profile at the Under Armour site. 

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It takes only a few minutes to fill out the details, and it is completely free, so you may agree that there is no harm in applying. 

2. Create Your Profile

The next registration process step is creating your profile on the website. The profile is password protected and will enable you to receive invitations to product testing programs in the future. 

As part of profile creation, you will be required to provide further details, including your size detail, which is an important aspect of product sampling. You are also required to provide information regarding the kind of sport you play or any activity you do regularly. 

Some detail provisioning is optional, and you do not have to provide it. However, giving accurate and detailed information makes the selection process easier for the company and can improve your chances as you give the company comprehensive details to work with. 

3. The Testing Program

Your hiring may depend on the selection criteria we mentioned earlier. Moreover, since many people apply for tester jobs, it’s not guaranteed that you will get picked for product testing.

If you are picked for product testing, remember that the testing period will vary depending on the product type. Usually, it may last one to two months, but a definitive period is not allocated, given the product variety. 

You will be provided guidelines to help you through the process even before the product to be tested is sent your way. Under Armour will guide you on how to provide feedback during the trial period regarding several aspects of the product. 

For instance, if you are testing shoes, you may be asked to recount your user experience in terms of product durability, performance, look, feel, comfort, and overall fit. Under Armour may ask you to maintain a daily online journal to provide details about how you used the shoes on a given day and the kind of activity you performed.

The feedback collection process varies according to the type of product being tested. Usual methods include communication via phone or email, requests to complete online surveys, or sharing pictures and videos.

If you want to be a part of future product testing programs, make sure to do your job well the first time and provide as many details as possible when sharing your product reviews. Product testers who do not provide satisfactory feedback and offer only basic details are not considered for future opportunities, and their names are discounted from the program.

Again, depending on the product and the company guidelines, you may or may not get to keep the product at the end of the program. 

In some cases, Under Armour may ask you to send it back so they can inspect the product in detail post usage, while in others, you may get to keep the product for yourself once you are done with the program.

4. Program Conditions

There are a few prerequisites associated with the program that you must be aware of before you sign up.

  • Under Armour requires you to physically sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) during the application process, which bars you from sharing details regarding the product testing program on any social media platforms or other mediums. Violating the non-disclosure agreement may land you in legal trouble with the company. So it is a point to ponder over before you apply.
  • Per the NDA, you cannot partake in the program if a competitor in the industry employs you or any family member.
  • If your agreement with the company requires you to return the product at the end of the program, you must comply or face the consequences.

Other Product Testing Opportunities

There are other companies besides Under Armour that offer product testing opportunities. Even if you do not get an opportunity at Under Armour, there are various other places where you can try your luck.

It’s a win-win situation! The company gets comprehensive feedback for their product based on which they can improve the product or provide better designs in the future. While you, as a product tester, can get the product for free in some cases or even earn money

If you know where to find such a job, you can land a product testing program in no time. Companies like Adidas, Nike, and New Balance offer testing programs like Under Armour. 

There are also numerous options if you want to venture into other sectors. 

For example, there are plenty of paid focus groups that want to get your feedback in exchange for some cash. Some platforms give you free perfume samples, free toys, or free magazines in exchange for your opinion. 

These are just a few of the many examples out there. Consider what type of products are up your alley and look for product testing jobs in the respective sectors.

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If you want to earn extra bucks, some platforms can earn you money simply by giving your honest feedback and opinions. Here are 3 of our recommended ones:

  • Survey Junkie – It holds paid online focus groups that can earn you up to $150 per session. Read our full Survey Junkie review for more information.
  • Respondent – It provides paid focus groups with a large variety of topics. You can earn up to $250 an hour.
  • American Consumer Opinion – It requires you to answer questions and provide your opinion on advertising, product, and projects. The usual pay starts at $0.50 to $50 an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Under Armour Product Testing

Is a Product Tester a Real Job?

Yes, product testing is a real job. Many companies hire product testers for honest and comprehensive reviews of their products before releasing them on the market. 

While many consider it an odd job, many people earn a 6-figure income with it.

Does Under Armour Have Product Testing?

Under Armour has a comprehensive product testing program. Selected applicants are provided with the product for a pre-decided duration, during which they give comprehensive feedback about the product’s look, fit, and feel. 

The feedback is then considered for improving the design or is incorporated into future concepts and designs.

What Is Field Testing?

Under Armour’s testing program is referred to as the Field Testing Program. Products go through its comprehensive wear testing program and only get the UGOP stamp if the company is 100% satisfied with the quality. 

This program engages athletes’ participation in various phases of the product development process. The testers wear the product, use it for a certain time, and offer feedback. 

The feedback helps the teams determine if the tested products are performing accordingly or if further improvement is required.

Conclusion – Under Armour Product Testing

If you want to try out some Under Armour sports gear at no cost, sign up for their product testing program. Soon, an invite may arrive at your mailbox if you have the qualifications they are looking for. 

This opportunity may not be a money-making venture, but it is a great way to be the first to test out the Under Armour gear, especially if you are a fan. Moreover, aside from the bragging rights, you get to be a part of a team that shapes what “fellow athletes” will wear in their future winning sports performances.

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