People Are Opening Up About Jobs That Give Them ‘The Ick’ in a Potential Partner, Do You Agree?

In a big world with lots of different jobs, some jobs can either make our love lives better or more complicated. When we try to figure out how dating works these days, we might ask ourselves: are there certain jobs that could make us think twice about dating someone?

Beyond the initial attraction, some jobs can raise questions about compatibility. Join us on a journey through the fascinating interplay of love and career choices as we explore the surprisingly unattractive careers of a prospective partner.

1. Auto Mechanics

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Women often immediately unmatch when this man mentions he’s an auto mechanic. He shares that from his online dating experiences, being an auto mechanic is a job that makes people hesitant.

People say it’s because they believe the pay isn’t as good and don’t want to be his partner because of that.

2. Long-Haul Truckers

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People might be less likely to date long-haul truckers because their profession often involves being away from home for extended periods. Being away for a long time can lead to challenges in maintaining a stable and consistent relationship, as the trucker’s schedule might not align with their partner’s. 

The long hours on the road and time spent away from home can create feelings of loneliness and disconnect in the relationship. The unpredictable nature of the job can make it difficult to plan and enjoy quality time together. 

3. Medical Debt Collectors

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People might hesitate to date medical debt collectors due to common stereotypes. These collectors are often perceived as ruthless, lacking empathy, and solely focused on financial gain, mainly because of their persistent and sometimes intrusive calls to debtors.

4. Politicians 

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Dating a politician might be less appealing to some due to the potential intertwining of their professional and personal lives. When involved with a politician, the boundaries between public and private can blur significantly. 

That means you could attend numerous public events or gatherings to bolster their public image or demonstrate that they lead a relatable, everyday life. The constant scrutiny and the need to maintain a polished public persona can be taxing and may deter individuals who prefer a more private and low-key relationship.

5. Flight Attendant

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Being a flight attendant often involves being away from home for extended periods due to their flight schedules. Flight attendants typically have irregular working hours, making spending quality time with a partner and maintaining a stable relationship challenging. The frequent travel and time zone changes can also lead to feelings of loneliness and disconnect. 

Flight attendants may have to deal with jet lag, fatigue, and the stress of working in a high-pressure environment, which can affect their availability for personal relationships. 

6. Slaughterhouse Worker

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Dating a slaughterhouse worker can be less attractive due to the challenging nature of their profession. This job involves handling and processing animals for meat production, which can be emotionally taxing. Witnessing animal slaughter and working in a grim environment might make some uncomfortable. 

The nature of the work may attract individuals with lower levels of empathy, making it less appealing for those seeking a more empathetic partner. As a result, it might not be the ideal profession for everyone in the dating pool.

7. Pharmaceutical Representative

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Often, a pharmaceutical representative requires extensive travel and long hours. Their main job is to promote and sell pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals. 

The pharmaceutical industry can be highly competitive and may involve ethical dilemmas related to drug promotion and sales tactics. People may have reservations about these ethical aspects.

8. Cops

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People might be less likely to date cops because of concerns related to the prevalence of domestic violence within police families, which is higher than in the general population. This issue can raise concerns about the partner’s behavior and the potential risks associated with the profession. 

The nature of the job is also a factor that can involve unpredictable and dangerous situations, which might make some people hesitant to pursue a relationship with a police officer.

9. Licensed Massage Therapist

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Due to concerns about their partner having their hands on other people, some individuals hesitate to date a licensed massage therapist, even though the profession is entirely legitimate.

This discomfort might stem from jealousy or possessiveness, leading to hesitation in pursuing a relationship with someone in this profession. A female licensed massage therapist shares she is also glad she filters these people out

10. Correctional Officers

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People may be less inclined to date correctional officers due to concerns about the potential risks and challenges associated with the profession, including security concerns, demanding schedules, and the nature of working in a correctional facility. 

The perception of a correctional officer’s job may create emotional barriers in some relationships.

11.  Doctor

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Some individuals might be hesitant to date doctors because of the demanding nature of their profession, which often includes long working hours, on-call duties, and high stress levels. 

Some people may feel they’d prefer a partner with more time and flexibility for a personal relationship rather than a demanding career. 

12. Real Estate Agents

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Real estate agents are often depicted as highly competitive, sometimes overly aggressive or manipulative, to secure deals and commissions. This perception can create concerns about trust and authenticity in a romantic relationship. 

The irregular working hours and the need to be constantly available for clients can challenge personal relationships.

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