14 Innocent Jokes That Somehow Became the Center of Intense Controversy

The internet has a lot of information. I was searching and came across a question that started as a joke but is now taken seriously by many people. The best answers to this question are really interesting.

1. Dogecoin

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency

The comment that got the most upvotes is about Dogecoin, a type of cryptocurrency.

One user shared a memory; a Twitter post where someone asked the creator of Dogecoin if they thought about the environment when they made it. The creator replied that they only spent 2 hours creating the cryptocurrency and didn’t think about anything else.

2. The Earth Is Flat

Man Standing On Pier Looking At Sunset MSN

The earth is flat should be a joke that people now take way too seriously. Another person shared they took a Philosophy class where the professor asked them to prove that the earth is flat.

The professor had convincing arguments, but the true lesson was about being aware of the sources of information. The professor provided ways to test that the earth is round. The person who commented on this often thinks about the class and worries that someone might have misunderstood the lesson, leading to the spread of flat earth beliefs.

3. Schrodinger’s Cat 

A man facepalming - MSN

One person explains that Schrödinger’s Cat was created to show how strange quantum mechanics can be, not that the cat is alive and dead simultaneously.

Schrödinger meant it to be a silly idea, but people misunderstood it and started using it to explain quantum concepts to non-experts. So, the cat is more like a symbol of the weirdness of quantum physics rather than a real-life situation. It helps us think about the unusual nature of the quantum world in a simpler way.

4. Scientology

Church of Scientology Logo With Cross MSN

Scientology is a religion that L. Ron Hubbard founded in the 1950s. The word “Scientology” combines “Scio,” which means “knowing” or “being aware” in Latin, and “logos,” which means “study” or “knowledge” in Greek. So, it’s about studying and understanding knowledge.

In Scientology, they believe that each person is a spiritual being called a “thetan.” They think that through a process called “auditing,” where they have counseling sessions, people can eliminate negative experiences and traumas. The goal is to achieve spiritual enlightenment and improve themselves. People said L. Ron Hubbard took a bet that he could start his religion and did just that.

5. QAnon

Donald Trump Stock MSN

QAnon is a conspiracy theory that started in 2017. It claims a secret group of powerful people is trying to harm President Trump. They believe in a “deep state” working against him, involving politicians and celebrities.

Some people think QAnon is a joke because it doesn’t have strong evidence to support its claims. The theory relies on anonymous online posts by someone called “Q,” who claims to have inside information. But these claims often turn out to be false. 

6. Celebrities That Become Politicians

Man In Suit Holding Car Door MSN

Thes shares that a joke taken way too seriously is about celebrities becoming politicians. They should have some basic knowledge, at least.

Another jokingly added, “After all this, I never want to be told I need experience for a job ever again.”

7. Truck Nuts

Semi Truck Driving On Highway MSN

Truck Nuts are fake testicles that some people hang from the back of their trucks. It’s meant to be a funny and attention-grabbing accessory. People think it’s a joke because they find having fake private parts hanging from a vehicle ridiculous.

Some truck owners see it as a way to express themselves and make others laugh. Others think they’re indecent or inappropriate to display in public. Opinions about Truck Nuts vary. While some find them funny, others consider them offensive or unsuitable for public spaces.

8. Sigma, Beta, and Alpha Male

Man Getting Angry and Pointing and Screaming MSN

The terms “sigma,” “beta,” and “alpha male” are used to describe different types of personalities or social roles, especially among men. They come from the idea of how animals like wolves behave in groups. An “alpha male” is seen as confident and dominant, while a “beta male” is more passive or submissive. A “sigma male” is independent and doesn’t follow the crowd.

However, the idea of an “alpha male” actually comes from a study about wolves held in captivity. The study was later debunked by its authors because they found out that most wolf packs are led by the oldest wolves, who are usually the parents or grandparents of the others. Some people started applying this research to humans, which is not accurate.

9. Don’t Have Calculators in Our Pockets

Woman Using Laptop And Tablet To Calculate Bills MSN

One user commented that school teachers used to say we won’t have calculators in our pockets, but someone saw it as a challenge. Another user wondered what teachers say now.

Nowadays, teachers acknowledge that we have devices that can do the calculations for us, but it’s still important to understand math concepts. We can’t rely on Alexa or other devices to do everything for us yet, so we need to know how things work to properly use technology.

10. Why Can Bumblebees Fly?

Bumblebee on Flower in Nature Flying Animal Bug Insect MSN

There used to be a joke that science couldn’t explain how bumblebees can fly. But now, some people who don’t believe in science use it to argue against scientific knowledge.

It’s important to remember that science has studied and explained how bumblebees fly using principles of aerodynamics and biology. 

11. Being an Edgelord

Young Shocked Frightened Man With Hands Outstretched MSN

An edgelord purposely tries to be provocative or controversial, often through their online behavior or statements. They may say things that are meant to shock or offend others. People consider it a joke because the behavior of edgelords is often seen as immature and attention-seeking, but some people are way too into it.

They may make extreme or offensive statements to get a reaction rather than engaging in meaningful discussions or showing genuine empathy. Many people find this kind of behavior to be insincere and unproductive.

12. MSG 

Woman Holding Fork Without Food And Looking Shocked Surprised MSN

MSG, short for Monosodium Glutamate, is a food ingredient that enhances food taste. It’s like a seasoning that makes food more flavorful. Some people believe it can be bad for your health, causing headaches or other problems, which is a joke, according to one user.

Scientific studies show that MSG is safe and doesn’t harm most people. Only a few individuals may be sensitive to MSG and experience mild symptoms.

13. The Bechdel Test

women talking MSN

The Bechdel Test is a way to measure gender representation in movies, specifically how women are portrayed. It has three simple criteria: (1) There must be at least two named female characters, (2) They must have a conversation with each other, and (3) Their conversation should be about something other than a man. 

One person shares that the Bechdel Test is meant to show how silly it is that many movies don’t even meet these simple requirements. They think people misunderstand its purpose. Some filmmakers now proudly talk about their movies passing the Bechdel Test, as if it guarantees good representation of female characters. But actually, the test was created as a humorous way to point out how movies often fall short in portraying women. It’s like a funny minimum standard set by a cartoonist, not a serious stamp of approval for gender equality in movies.

14. Nyquil Chicken

Cooking Chicken Food Making a Nice Meal MSN

A person on TikTok made a funny video saying they had a recipe to cook chicken using Nyquil. Some people responded with their videos, but everyone knew it was a joke. The mainstream media got involved and made it seem like cooking with Nyquil was a real trend. The user who commented on this added, “It’s not true, and there are already enough issues on TikTok without creating new ones.”

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