17 High-Paying Jobs That Require Little Effort, Making Me Rethink My Career Choices

Dreaming of getting paid to do nothing all day? Tired of working to the bone for a meager salary? These are the top 17 easy high-paying jobs, according to Internet users.

1. Data Analyst

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Data analysts rake in high income because they are crucial to businesses across almost every industry. The job involves making sense of data and leveraging valuable information to help make smart decisions.

Many in this profession are self-taught—if you know how to automate tasks in Microsoft Excel, you’re already in the running for a $95,000 salary!

2. IT Developer

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It’s no secret that the tech industry offers incredible pay, and as an I.T. developer, all you need is the ability to think creatively and learn fast.

By mastering coding languages to build projects, you can unlock a world of lucrative opportunities without having to slog through the typical grind.

3. Power Plant Engineer

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For a career that’s often overlooked, being an engineer at a power plant brings in an impressive wage.

Someone shared a story about their neighbor who lived an easy-going life while making much more than average: “His job is simply to monitor screens, and if an alarm goes off, he alerts a team to fix it. Because things rarely go out of sync, he gets to chill 99% of the time while getting paid $150 an hour.”

4. Tour Guide

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Don’t underestimate the earning potential of working as a tour guide. It’s like getting paid to go on vacation, says one individual based in Hawaii—imagine spending your work hours relaxing in the ocean or sitting on a boat as you admire the crashing waves.

With occasional duties like lifeguarding, providing information about tourist destinations, or teaching people to swim, they claim to make “four times more than the average person” their age.

5. Truck Driver

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Significant earnings await those willing to swap the office desk for the open road.

As a truck driver, your sole task will be transporting products from one place to another. The best part: is a substantial paycheck for a job that won’t require you to overthink anything.

6. Police Officer

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Working as a police officer in quiet neighborhoods offers excellent pay for minimal effort. In an area with low crime rates, you’ll mainly spend time patrolling the area for signs of suspicious activity.

This rewarding career can result in $100,000 a year, even more, if you undergo special training.

7. School Board Member

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Being a school board member can lead to above-average salaries, with some districts paying $5,500 monthly.

As one observed, the role simply involves “creating rules and removing them,” making it a well-compensated position that doesn’t demand continuous mental strain.

8. Exotic Dancer

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Spending nights entertaining guests while dancing to heart-pumping music for a living seems almost too good to be true (it’s not).

Exotic dancers enjoy a combination of advantages: an enjoyable job and a high income. Some garner over $2,000 in tips weekly, describing it as an “effortless” job that comes with a fun daily workout.

9. Government Worker

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Here’s another cushy job providing a comfortable salary: government workers earn up to $55,000 for relatively easy tasks like answering emails and phone calls.

In fact, one worker claimed, “On a busy day, I have about 45 minutes’ worth of work.”

10. Recruiter

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The role of a recruiter brings above-average salaries through a commission-based system. After guiding a client through the hiring process, they receive financial rewards.

Someone mentioned that the job becomes even easier with repeat clients, allowing them to spend as little as 15 minutes on the phone to find the right candidate.

11. Call Center Manager

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While you might assume call centers are a hectic environment, jobs at the managerial level are stress-free.

Not convinced? Take it from one manager, who shared: “I was paid $50,000 a year to sit at home, listen to people do their job, fill out paperwork, and have the occasional meeting. I spent more time playing video games and working out than anything else while on the clock.”

12. 3D-Modeling Architect

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As an architect producing 3D models, quitting your job will be the last thing on your mind. Firms value specialized skills, so you will enjoy generous compensation and the freedom to work independently.

13. Receptionist

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Anyone with a warm personality can gain $40 an hour as a receptionist.

Someone with experience in the industry said all they did was “greet clients, show them to their meeting room, and hand refreshments” in fancy office buildings.

14. Accounting Clerk

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Being an accounting clerk offers both job satisfaction and financial stability. With this gig, you’ll have the opportunity to earn money even during your idle time.

As several people noted, you might find yourself putting more effort into “appearing busy” than stressing over tasks.

15. Project Manager

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Getting hired as a project manager, specifically in the I.T. field, is a solid path to achieving the work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of.

Apart from attending meetings and producing monthly reports, you’ll rarely have to clock in extra hours. On top of that, the irresistible six-figure income makes it an enticing career option.

16. Construction Site Flagger

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I bet this one never crossed your mind. Did you know that people are making $3,000 a week holding up stop signs next to construction sites?

It might not be the most glamorous or exciting job, but I’ll take a no-brainer job over an exhausting one any day!

17. International Pilot

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Want the best job perks? How about making international travel a part of your daily routine? Airline pilots are fortunate to see the world while earning $200,000 annually to do technical yet straightforward tasks.

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