Are You Ready for the Unseen? 13 People Share Their Terrifying Encounters with Unexplainable and Bizarre Phenomena

In the mood for some spine-tingling stories that will keep you up at night? While browsing the Internet, I found a site where people shared their first-hand encounters with the supernatural. I got hooked instantly and summarized the best ones in this article.

1. The Mysterious Chainsaw Men

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Someone talked about a near-death experience that gave them goosebumps: while they were driving, a massive tree unexpectedly crashed onto the road. Within seconds, a group of ominous men emerged from black cars armed with chainsaws.

The men proceeded to slice through the fallen tree. Still trembling with shock from almost getting crushed, they got even more spooked by the chainsaw-wielding figures and hurriedly left.

2. A Petrifying Flash of Light

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Ever thought it was a dangerous idea to walk outside in the wee hours of the morning? One daring individual pushed their luck and was left petrified.

During their teenage years, while spending the night at a friend’s place, they decided to go out into the streets late at night. Then, around 3 a.m., a blinding flash of light spread across the city, illuminating distant mountains. However, in a matter of minutes, the darkness returned as if by the flip of a switch.

3. A Tumbling Rock From The Heavens

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Someone wrote about a horrifying incident where they narrowly dodged a serious injury. As they cleaned up a park sidewalk by blowing away grass clippings, they strolled amidst a cluster of trees.

Peeking through the foliage, their eyes widened in fright when they saw a giant 10-pound rock “tumbling out of the sky.” The rock plummeted towards the sidewalk beneath their feet, chipped the pavement, and vanished into a nearby creek.

4. A Bone-Chilling Severed Leg

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Another user narrated that one time, while on duty as a helicopter pilot, they stumbled upon a bone-chilling sight: a cow leg, stripped of its skin, nestled under the trees. The origin of this severed limb was a total mystery as no nearby farms were in sight.

Perplexed by the unsettling discovery, they brought a crew member to the scene to confirm they weren’t just hallucinating. Considering that they were working in a remote location, both of them had no idea how the skinned cow leg got there.

5. A Haunting Voice In The Dark

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Hold on tight for this person’s hair-raising tale: in the dead of night, they were walking with a companion when a familiar voice jolted them—it called out their companion’s name three times, leaving them unnerved.

The most bewildering part? The voice sounded exactly like the companion’s sister.

6. An Otherworldly Red Orb

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One person witnessed an unexplainable phenomenon: while basking in a sunset view from a pier, a red orb suddenly materialized from above and swiftly glided across the coastline. Unable to grasp what was going on, the commenter froze in astonishment until the floating orb halted, retraced its path, and then disappeared without a trace.

Regrettably, there was no way of documenting the incident as it took place before mobile phones came with built-in cameras.

7. A Loved One’s Tearful Goodbye

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Years after parting ways with their first love, a now-married user had a vivid and distressing dream about him. In the dream, they crossed paths on a busy sidewalk, where he sobbed desperately and pleaded for help. His expression was so striking that it remained etched in their memory.

After years of hesitation, they called their past lover’s mother to ask if everything was alright. What the mother said next was heartbreaking: he had passed away in a devastating accident around the same time he appeared in the dream.

8. The Hour That Went “Poof!”

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A nurse shared that while working an overnight shift with an elderly patient, they would sit by an alarm clock that went off every 2 hours. As part of their routine, the nurse would attend to the patient whenever the alarm sounded.

One night, the alarm rang at 2 a.m., so they tended to the patient, cleaning up after them. Then, something weird happened: 15 minutes later, the alarm went off again, but the time displayed on the clock was 4 a.m. Slightly confused, the nurse walked to the patient, who reacted, “Weren’t you just in here?” According to the nurse, it was like 2 hours passed in 15 minutes, and 3 a.m. was skipped completely.

9. The Dreadful Doppelganger

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One user shared a strange recollection of meeting their carbon copy. As a child, they loved playing around in the rain until an uncanny encounter left them with a sense of dread.

While collecting raindrops on the street, they were startled to see another child who looked exactly like them standing directly across the road. Overwhelmed by fear, they panicked and retreated indoors.

10. The Invisible Choir

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While brushing their teeth one night, an individual peered outside the window—what happened next shocked them to the core. In an instant, piercing screams enveloped the dark night, boisterously calling out the individual’s name.

The invisible choir persisted for a few minutes until silence returned. Seeking solace, they turned to their parents, only to find out they did not hear any loud noises.

11. The Unseen Thieves

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During their time at university, a user awoke one night to the sight of two men standing by the doorway. In half-slumber, they overheard whispers. One of the men muttered under their breath, “Shh, go back to sleep.” Their perception was so fuzzy that they could not distinguish reality from dreams.

The next afternoon, police knocked on their door and reported that their neighbors were robbed the previous night. One spooky detail remains unsolved: the police also discovered that the front door’s lock was broken.

12. Was It A Gust Of Wind?

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Shortly after one user’s mother passed away, they tidied up her belongings in her room. They were looking for a photo album, which was nowhere to be found.

Out of utter desperation, they said aloud, “Where did you leave those albums, Mom?” And just like that, a closet door swung open on its own, revealing a cardboard box labeled “albums” in their mother’s handwriting.

13. The Peculiar Child

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At 2 years old, someone was abducted, causing their father to frantically search for them.

After nearly a year of uncertainty, a peculiar child approached the father and asked, “Are you looking for a little girl?” pointing toward a group of children. The father walked closer and spotted his lost child. The peculiar child was gone when he turned around to see who had found them. 

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