Thinking ‘Ick’? 13 People Share Their Relationship Horror Stories

Not all relationships are bound to work out. Some have unpleasant experiences that often lead to breakups.

Here are some of the most horrible and ickiest moments people have had with their partners and supposed partners-to-be.

1. Disinterested Date

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A woman and her date each had a moment to talk about their interests. The man was into lawnscaping, which meant he maintained people’s lawns, kept them weed- and pest-free, and made them aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

When it was her turn to talk, her date did not seem impressed and even told her she had nothing interesting about her.

2. Vengeful and Resentful Partner

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Meri talked about how her former partner was so invested in planning revenge on his parents and ex-wife. Instead of focusing on improving himself, he spent most of his time plotting.

Meri broke up with him but later on gave him a second chance. But he blew his chance off by doing drugs.

3. Compliment…or Insult?

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This woman once dated a guy who gave her a comment that she wasn’t sure if it was flattering or insulting. She said the man suddenly touched her face and told her she should take better care of herself.

In her defense, she said her dark under-eyes are genetic family features. And what did he expect from a mother who was divorced and had kids to look after?

4. Money-Spending Social Climber

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When he was still with this woman, the guy shared how his now ex-girlfriend would always book Airbnbs. She’d asked him to pay and, when he refused, would talk about how her exes paid for all their trips all the time. The man also loves to travel and said he and the girl were into the same stuff, which is why he was drawn to her.

But he later realized that he should have considered someone who shared the same values over someone he had similar interests with.

5. To Smell or Not to Smell?

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Somebody described a mortifying experience riding in her ex-boyfriend’s car. She said the car smelled so bad that it made her nauseous.

She later discovered that the smell was from a two-week-old cheeseburger at the back. Now, she isn’t sure whether she was turned off by the smell or by the fact that the guy didn’t mind the smell at all.

6. Classic Blamer

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One person had an ex-partner who thought everything was everybody else’s fault. He said she blamed others even for things that were obviously her fault.

One time, she lied about overspeeding even when the data from her car clearly showed she went beyond the speed limit. This toxic trait made him leave.

7. Bully Boyfriend

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Nobody likes a bully. So, when Veni witnessed her then-boyfriend bully a young trainee, she decided to call it quits. She said this happened when they used to be coworkers at a restaurant.

In a surprising turn of events, her ex-boyfriend got fired for coming in drunk. And even more interesting, she ended up dating the trainee her ex-boyfriend bullied.

8. One Week Love Affair

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After a week of going out, this woman that a guy met online stopped talking to him. The man tried to get in touch several times. After his unsuccessful attempts, he decided to get back to dating.

Shortly after, the woman contacted him, angry that he did not pass her “loyalty test.” Well, if she was that possessive, the man was happy to have failed that test.

9. Over-the-Top Mama’s Boy

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Someone talked about an ex-boyfriend who depended too much on his mom. He went as far as living beside his parents’ house just so his mom could still cook food and do the laundry and other things for him

 There was a time when she said she was hungry, and the guy turned to his mom and asked her to cook.

10. Seizure Faker

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A woman used to have a boyfriend who faked his seizures to avoid doing household chores.

When the woman verified it with the guy’s friends and after several doctor visits, the guy finally admitted that the seizures were an act.

11. Notorious Liar

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One guy talked about dating a girl who always talked about a certain floormate named Tom, who she said was obsessed with her.

One day, the girl’s former friend told him that the girl was known for making up stories and that Tom did not exist. True enough, after verifying with the building staff, no Tom lived in their building.

12. Backbiting “Best Friend”

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Jay shared that he used to be with a girl who always talked behind her best friend’s back. She also loves saying nasty things about other people.

Someone said it could be a sign that she was a covert narcissist. Others related with her but admitted that it was not a trait to be proud of.

13. A Walking Red Flag

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One woman had major ick moments with a guy she dated.

The first sign was when the guy asked her to drive for him. Second, the guy kept talking about how he bit his ex’s new boyfriend’s ear. The last straw was when they got to the guy’s place, and she saw jugs of urine in the living room. She left ASAP.

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