Warning Signs: Are You Secretly Less Intelligent? Don’t Miss These Subtle Clues

Have you ever thought about how to tell if someone isn’t very smart? People on the internet were talking about this, and what they said might be interesting to you.

What are some of the top-voted answers suggesting someone may have a lower level of intelligence? Can you spot these signs in the people around you? Get ready to dive into this thought-provoking topic and challenge your perceptions.

1. People Who Lack Curiosity

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The most upvoted comment on the topic was one person saying the lack of curiosity in people. 

Another user agreed and commented, “Have you ever had to work with someone who seems to lack any curiosity or desire to go beyond the surface-level instructions? When faced with a problem, they freeze and wait for someone else to tell them what to do next. It’s almost like programming a computer, except the “computer” in this case is a human being with very limited cognitive abilities.” 

2. The Inability to See Another Perspective

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According to one user, how they can tell someone is not so intelligent is by the inability to see from another perspective. Another added that it might be a better way to say “an unwillingness to see from another perspective” because if you would try, most of the time, you can see the other’s perspective. 

A Redditor shared a story about him as an engineer working with an older colleague in oil and gas who had outdated views and struggled with technology. Despite occasional insensitive comments, they became friends and worked together for eight years without problems. The colleague, though “innocently ignorant,” was open to feedback and actively worked on self-improvement. They concluded that it’s possible to either listen to others’ perspectives or choose to ignore them.

3. People Who Confuse Their Opinions With Facts

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One shared his thoughts about signs that make people less intelligent. It’s people who confuse their opinions with facts for him. 

Another added they once read something like, “A fact is information minus an emotion. An opinion is information plus experience. Ignorance is an opinion lacking information, and stupidity is an opinion that ignores fact.”

4. People Who Think They Know Everything

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Someone shared that they think that people who think they know everything “are generally pretty stupid.” They added that intelligent individuals understand their own limitations and are not afraid to seek guidance from qualified and experienced individuals. 

Those people acknowledge their lack of knowledge in certain areas and are open to learning from those with more expertise. In contrast, less intelligent individuals may believe they know everything and avoid seeking guidance from others, even when they lack insight in certain areas.

5. People Who Believe Anything They Read on Social Media

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Another commenter named Daisy said people who believe anything they read on social media, it’s a big giveaway that they are not the most intelligent. 

A second person wrote, to add to this, “some people believe that they have thoroughly researched a topic by finding a social media opinion that supports their unverified beliefs. They may completely dismiss the scientific community and discredit high-level research as a conspiracy.”

6. People Who Think You Are Not Doing Good at a Second Language

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This commenter shared that people who think other people speaking a second language imperfectly mean the person is not so intelligent. 

One user shared their advice; “If I ever get frustrated trying to understand someone speaking broken English, I just remember that they’re doing better at speaking English than I’d be at speaking their native language.”

7. People That Think What They Do Is What Everyone Does

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One Redditor commented that some people mistakenly believe that their own opinions and perspectives are universally shared, assuming that if they believe something, everybody should believe the same.

Another commented that they once believed that a lack of flexibility in preferences or behavior was a sign of low intelligence. However, they learned this trait is common in people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For those with ASD, this rigidity in thinking is not related to intelligence but results from how their brain works.

8. People Who Don’t Understand Analogies

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The commenter named Leeroy shared his thoughts about people who don’t understand analogies very well being not that intelligent. 

People commented with, “They’re probably not the brightest knife in the shed,” “Hey, people in glass houses sink ships.” and “Don’t cross the road if you can’t get out of the kitchen….” I think people had way too much fun there, as they should. 

9. Mocking People Who Want to Learn

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In Dallas’ opinion, people who mock or make fun of people who want to learn more or get a higher education is a sign that they are less intelligent. Another commented that some people ridicule those who are smart but don’t pursue higher education, assuming that formal education is the only way to be intelligent. They are wrong.

Another person highlights the misconception that intelligence is solely determined by the amount of trivia you can memorize, citing an example of someone who believes this. They argue that being unable to recall all U.S. Presidents in order doesn’t equate to being unintelligent.

10. People Who Buy Something When They Don’t Have the Money

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The tenth warning sign is when people buy a new car when they are already broke. Another Redditor commented that his friend, who is already struggling financially, bought a truck when gas prices were high. As a result, she cannot take her child to the dentist when the child has severe cavities that cause pain.

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