12 “Ordinary” People Share What It’s Really Like to Date a Celebrity, And Some Are Surprisingly Wholesome

Celebrities seem to live in an entirely different world, so when an ordinary person crosses that boundary, it’s like stepping into a new territory. It’s not as glamorous as many romantics expect.

If you’re wondering what it feels like, here are some 12 experiences when ordinary people share what it’s really like when you’re dating a celebrity. 

1. Just Like a Typical Couple When Outside the Country

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Celebrities are often hounded by fans, so spending time in public is always a challenge. But you might be surprised how different things are when you spend time in public in a different country. Specifically, where that celebrity is not too famous in.

This is one of the best ways to date a celebrity—just to go to another country or pick a small town with fewer people. Keep things lowkey, no cameras, no sharing on social media. It’s not that difficult to date a famous person, but it does need some trial and error to protect the privacy of the relationship.

2. Get To Meet More Hollywood Friends

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Dating a Hollywood actor will open up opportunities to meet more Hollywood celebrities and befriend them along the way. You get to meet popular people along the way, even if your relationship doesn’t work out in the end. When dating a celebrity, it’s better to just enjoy the experience than to be serious in the early stage of the relationship. 

3. D-Lister Celebrity Was Insecure and Narcissistic

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Dating a narcissistic and insecure D-lister is awful. These kinds of celebrities are attention-seekers and love to be at the center of everything. Dating this kind of person can be draining, especially if you’re not one for the spotlight. 

If you happen to date a narcissistic celebrity, break it off early on. The thrill of dating a celebrity is not worth all the drama and struggle that usually follow. 

4. Very Little Private Time With Each Other

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When dating a celebrity, expect to have very little private time. Depending on how popular the person you’re dating is, you will be surrounded by assistants, fans, and even paparazzi. Date nights in public places are also avoided if you want to keep your relationship private.

5. Expecting A Prince Charming, Turns out It’s a Frog

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They say don’t meet your heroes, and it’s true when it comes to some celebrities. Dating one will make you see how a person you thought was a prince charming can easily turn into a frog. You’ll see some ugly truths about them 

When dating a celebrity, manage your own expectations. You’re not in a movie, so ground your imagination to reality so you won’t be disappointed. 

6. It Literally Feels Like a Romantic Movie

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Dating someone from the industry can feel like you’re in a romantic movie. First, you feel awed that you’re dating someone you never expected to get close to. Then, every moment with that person feels like a scene you can only read in books. 

While it may seem a dream come true, it’s up to you to make it work. And just like movies, there will be dilemmas and issues too, so don’t expect everything to be as smooth as fairytales. 

7. Being a Celebrity’s Wife Will Make You Go Crazy

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For many, dating an NHL player seems like a fantasy come true. While dating a sports celebrity has its thrills, getting screamed at by crazy fans is not fun. And when you get married to one, it can even get crazier. 

If you have the tenacity to be a celebrity wife, take the chance for your happy-ever-after. You can create boundaries by talking to your husband and working on keeping your family life private. 

8. Constant Travel and Long-Distance Situation Was Too Much

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With the working style of celebrities, dating one means you have to spend most of the time on the phone. You will need to travel often, and since you have your own life to live, you end up in a long-distance relationship. 

Long-distance relationships will require so much compared to other types of relationships. You will constantly need to maintain communication, and there might be issues with time differences too.

9. Exhausting When You Need to Constantly Stroke His Ego

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Celebrities are used to being the center of attention, and they get a bit insecure when they’re not. Dating one means you have to constantly reassure him and his ego. It can get exhausting, especially if the support is only one-way from you to your partner.

Even when dating someone famous, don’t forget you have your needs too. If you feel like the relationship takes so much from you and it becomes toxic, learn when to quit. Set your boundaries and non-negotiables, then talk to your partner about them. 

10. Fairly Difficult to Match Schedules

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Dating a celebrity means trying to find time to meet up. You will have to always consider your partner’s packed schedule, and trying to squeeze in somewhere between them is a challenge. 

If both of you are committed to working hard for the relationship, you will surely find time to meet up despite all the chaos in appointments and schedules. And when you do meet up, make the most of your time together by keeping your phones away or in silent mode. 

11. Pretty but Absolutely Zero Chemistry

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Celebrities became popular first and foremost because of their stunning looks. They can be so eye-catching that you’ll end up staring at their faces for a long time. The problem is that compatibility is not just about the looks but the personality. 

Dating a celebrity can be a failure when there’s heartbreaking zero chemistry. Don’t force a relationship when you don’t feel any connection, however famous and rich that person may be. 

12. Wasted a Lot of Money Paying His Bills

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Dating popular celebrities has many benefits, but dating a newbie struggling in the industry can be more of a liability. Since he’s bound to only have a few projects he’s working on, he’s not as financially stable as other people in the industry. With all of his struggles as a new actor, you’ll end up supporting him both emotionally and financially.

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