11 Bizarre Items Non-Americans Believe Every American Keeps at Home! Are You Guilty Too?

Look at the cool stuff you can find on the internet! I was just casually browsing, and I stumbled upon an interesting question: “Hey, people from other countries, what do you think is in every American’s house?”

As I looked into the answers, I found many interesting comments that made me even more curious. And now, I’m excited to share them with you.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter with Banana on Toast Food Baking MSN

Rose’s comment saying peanut butter is in every American’s home received the highest number of upvotes. 

Another user shares their thoughts, saying they are fascinated by something interesting. They noticed that people in other countries eat less peanut butter, which is different from their own daily routine of enjoying this tasty spread. They also mentioned how they love combining a little bit of peanut butter with a piece of dark chocolate, which they find delicious.

2. Multiple Types of Sauces

Different Sauces like Mayonaise Ketchup Mustard Ranch Guacamole MSN

This user revealed their intriguing assortment of unconventional sauces. This sparked a conversation among other users, with one person realizing that their sauce collection occupied a significant portion of their fridge. 

The top comment summed it up; when a country’s cuisine is influenced by many different cultures, it’s no surprise that they have lots of different sauces to use in their dishes.

3. Drywall

Woman Standing on Stairs in Home MSN

Joe comments there is lots and lots of drywall everywhere in the U.S. 

One user did their duty by explaining why fire safety revolves around using drywall in the construction of American houses. Unlike structures made entirely of stone, the houses in the U.S. are primarily constructed using wood, even if they may appear brick on the outside. 

4. A Garbage Disposal Unit

Woman Holding Fork Without Food And Looking Shocked Surprised MSN

D., sharing his thoughts, wondered if every household has a garbage disposal unit. He thought this because he has seen these devices in shows and movies.

Kai was both scared and surprised. They mentioned that it’s possible to win a lawsuit in America if someone puts an explosive substance in a microwave that doesn’t explicitly say not to. But Kai found it strange that sinks have sharp blades that spin very fast, which could cause accidents where people might accidentally lose their fingers. This observation made them wonder how many people have actually experienced such incidents because of this unusual situation.

5. Plastic Bags

disposable plastic MSN

Jan’s response to what every American keeps at home was plastic bags, a common item in households nationwide. Many people keep a plastic bag filled with other plastic bags, which can be used for various purposes, such as trash bags or carrying groceries. 

Many stores are choosing not to use plastic bags anymore, depending on the state. However, plastic bags are still very common in American homes because they are easy to use and can be used for many different things. It’s amazing how many plastic bags can be stored inside just one bag because they are so light and small.

6. Air Conditioning

Couple Man and Woman Sitting on Couch in Living Room Home House with Air Conditioning MSN

Pin comments that certain areas of the United States consider air conditioning necessary due to its size and climate. They note that some regions would be uninhabitable without air conditioning or heat, but there are also places where neither is required. 

The invention of air conditioning is credited with transforming how people live and work, as it provides greater comfort and productivity in hot climates.

7. Having a Laundry Dryer

Man Unloading Washing Machine Doing the Laundry MSN

A user shares her lack of knowledge about the presence of laundry dryers in American households. She finds it puzzling because in her country in Europe, it is common to dry laundry outside on a wire. The user admits to only seeing dryers in American movies and shows, which makes her doubt their usage among Americans.

In response, another user states that most Americans own a laundry dryer or have access to one, such as through shared laundry rooms in apartment complexes. Those without a personal dryer often visit laundromats, where there are several coin-operated washers and dryers available. The user explains that using clotheslines to dry clothes is uncommon in their area due to challenging weather conditions like frequent rain, high humidity, and snow.

8. The Number of Pillows

Living Room with Couch and Plants MSN

One user states their belief that nearly every American owns a significant collection of pillows on their bed. This idea sparked a playful response from another user, who suggests that while not quite a mountain, a small hill of pillows might be a more accurate description. 

Joining the discussion, a third user shares their enjoyment of creating a cozy nest on couches, indicating a fondness for having plenty of cushions.

9. A Filled Fridge in the Garage

House and Home with Garage with Garden Yard MSN

Shan confidently believes that every American has a garage fridge filled with beer and a variety of frozen items from Costco. 

Her observation highlights the common practice of having an additional refrigerator in the garage, often stocked with beverages and bulk purchases. No one disagreed here, so I bet she is right. 

10. They All Wear Jeans

Man and Woman Lying on Couch Relaxing House Home MSN

One user commented that jeans are in every American’s home, and many people in the thread were confused by what you could wear other than jeans. 

Someone explains that when it’s cold, you can wear wool trousers to stay warm, and when it’s warm, you can wear linen trousers to stay cool. Another person who lives in America says that they like wearing tights or leggings instead of trousers.

11. Top-Loading Washing Machines

Top Loading Washing Machine Washer MSN

In discussing the contents of every American home, the last user contributed an interesting insight. They expressed their fascination with the sizeable top-loading washing machines in the United States. 

Did this make you think of something you have in your house that no non-American knows about? 

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