These 10 People Share the Things They’re Tired of Dealing With – Do You Agree?

The internet sure is a pool of information. I was scrolling when I saw this question, “what is something you no longer have patience for?” The top-voted responses are quite interesting.

1. We Don’t Want Family Drama

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The most popular comment on things people are tired of dealing with relates to family drama. It’s not worth it; family should respect your boundaries and treat you respectfully. 

Another individual stated that they tend to sever ties with anyone, including family members, if trivial and foolish matters inconvenience them. They also stated that they would not be present if the only topic of conversation were negativity.

2. Working Outside of Work Hours

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Chester shared that it’s working outside of work hours for him. He used to go above and beyond, but now he only puts in what is required. “Life is too short to live only to work.”

Another Redditor user confirmed this and expressed, “I agree. Our time on earth is limited, and I don’t want to waste my free time staring at Excel sheets. Life is meant to be enjoyed.”

3. When People Don’t Communicate Properly

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One individual voiced that they no longer have the patience to guess what people mean by something they said. They take everything people say at face value now and don’t replay conversations in their heads to find out the real meaning anymore. “Be passive-aggressive if you want to but talk to me like an adult if you have a problem.”

A second individual elaborated that the responsibility of calculating meaning or intention does not fall on them. They are not here to substitute for your own thinking and communication, you need to communicate clearly. Although it took them some time to realize, this approach has helped them avoid numerous negative relationships, workplace conflicts, and unproductive interactions with others.

4. People Who Force Their Beliefs on You

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Bach shared that he’s tired of people who attempt to force their beliefs and opinions on someone else. Such behavior is often seen as disrespectful and intolerant, as it disregards the autonomy and individuality of others.

It is important to recognize that everyone has the right to their beliefs and opinions and that diversity of thought is essential for a healthy and thriving society. Respectful dialogue and debate can foster understanding and growth, but attempts to force one’s views on others are counterproductive and often harmful.

5. People Who Are Constantly Late to Plans

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One Reddit user is tired of waiting on people who are constantly late to plans. She will wait 15 minutes and then excuses herself. 

Most people who are consistently late do not respect the time of others, which can become a burden to deal with. The delay can vary in complexity, but it often comes down to a lack of consideration for others’ schedules.

6. People That Only Talk About Others

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People and groups of people that only talk about other people, someone responded. 

It is important to note that not all conversations about others are considered gossip, as discussing someone respectfully and constructively can be productive. However, when the discussion becomes malicious or harmful, it crosses the line into gossip territory. That’s something many are tired of dealing with.

7. Exceptional Slow Walkers

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Slow walkers are in the top ten things people are tired of dealing with, especially when you can’t pass them. 

Generally, people don’t have an issue with someone who walks slowly, but their lack of awareness to move to the side and let others pass bothers them. Individuals need to be considerate of others in public spaces, especially regarding walking speed. Slow walkers who are mindful of their surroundings and make an effort to accommodate others can make a positive impact and aren’t the problem.

8. People Who Smoke in Non-Smoking Areas

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People who smoke in non-smoking areas when there are dedicated smoking areas. It often happens at his work, Ad clarified.

Another person raved that as someone who used to smoke, he found it incredibly frustrating when fellow smokers intentionally press people’s buttons. It seemed like they already had a bad reputation, and this behavior only worsened things.

9. People Who Litter

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People who litter, especially those who leave trash on the ground when a trash can is only two feet away, and those who bag their dog’s poop but leave it on the ground, contribute to environmental pollution and degradation. 

Litter creates an unsightly and unpleasant environment, harming wildlife, contaminating soil and waterways, and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. We don’t want that, do we? 

10. People Who Text and Drive

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Somebody expressed their frustration about people who text and drive. They shared, “You’re driving a giant piece of metal propelled by explosive liquid. Pay attention.”

Many people agreed with this statement. One person added that as a responsible passengers, they make it a point to discourage anyone they are riding with from engaging in this behavior. If they notice their driver texting while on the road, they will kindly ask them to pull over and let them out of the vehicle. While they may not comply with their request, they hope their message will be clear, and they will stop texting. Additionally, if there is a need for someone to text or operate any other device while driving, they offer to do so for them to ensure everyone’s safety.

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