How To Make 200 Dollars In One Day – 17 Ways To Do So Right Now

People would always think of something that would add to their savings. Be it a side hustle or a chosen career, and the possibilities are endless in this day and age. Do you know how to make 200 dollars in one day? Here are 17 ways to do it!

Are you short on the budget? Do you constantly think of how you can earn some money with under the table jobs? Are you looking for that next big break where you can see some extra digits in your bank account?

Well, there are a lot of things that you can do to earn money. In this day and age, anyone with the right mindset can make more money to help their finances. You just have to find the right path to your financial freedom. 

To reach this, you need to be creative and try a couple of different things. See what you enjoy doing and stick with that. Focus on the things that you are good at and use them for extra cash. 

Making $200 in one day will go a long way. And it may be the start of you earning more and having the financial freedom everyone is hoping for in life.

Don’t hesitate, take the leap and jump on the list below on how you can earn $200 in one day.

1. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to make money online. You can create your own blog and can do blogging for other sites too. Writing a blog would enhance your creativity and writing skills while earning on the side.

When you become a full-time blogger, you can earn good money online, and making $200 a day is certainly possible after putting some effort into your blog. 

There are so many topics that you can write about. Just stick to the topics you’re passionate about. 

When you want to make money online, one of the best ways is to start your own blog. With Bluehost, you can create your own blog for $60 per year. With this exclusive link, you get a 50% discount and a free domain name (value $15).

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2. Become An Affiliate Marketer

These days, affiliate marketing is very popular, and you can earn good money with this without spending too much time. You just need to search for a product that you enjoy and promote. Then, you can earn as simple as that.

In short, you will receive a commission when someone buys something through your link (without extra costs to them, of course). You just need to be diligent in posting your links so that people will buy through them. 

You will either get a specific link or code to promote the products, and through these, the company can track your earnings. There are various affiliate options available, so you need to find one that suits you and your connections. 

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is the way to go. Michelle teaches you all the things that she has learned on her road to making over $50,000 per month on affiliate marketing.

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3. Earn Bonus Money from Different Apps

Whether you are looking for a part-time job or want to make extra money, there are dozens of online apps that you can use to earn cash. Of course, these apps won’t get you rich, but if you sign up for more than one such app and use it regularly, you can earn a good income from home.

It is a good way to make extra money, especially for stay-at-home moms or professionals working in the comfort of their homes.

As most of these apps are used as part of your daily activities, just by using them, you can earn additional dollars that you can use for other means. 

Some examples of apps are:

  • Rakuten – $10 bonus when signing up
  • Swagbucks – $5 bonus when signing up
  • MyPoints – $5 bonus after completing 3 surveys
  • Honey Gain – $5 bonus when signing up
  • Bux Zero – a free stock if you sign up with their platform (Europe only)

Through these apps, you can earn cash rewards, shopping vouchers, and other gifts. 

4. Sell Your Unused Stuff

One of the quickest and easiest ways to earn $200 in a day is to sell your unused stuff. Consider selling things like old clothes, old cell phones, furniture, and more to earn a good amount in a day. Sort them out and be ready to showcase your selling skills.

There are many people who always look for second-hand phones, clothes, toys, electronics, and more. You can easily sell your unused items to them through Craigslist, eBay, or one of the many other platforms. 

5. Take Online Surveys

When you think about making money or earn $200 a day, never would you have thought that filling out online surveys can earn you a couple of bucks. But it is true! There are a couple of sites where all you need to do is share an opinion to earn.

If you take paid online surveys on various sites, you can earn a good amount of money in a day. There are online sites that pay you immediately after you submit your survey to them. And, most websites transfer money through PayPal or direct in your bank account. 

My favorite platforms include:

If you want to take this idea into practice, here are the 18 best online survey sites for you to sign up and get paid instantly. 

6. Invest In Stocks

Investing in the stock market is also one of the options to make $200 in a day. To invest in stocks, you should have good knowledge of them, and you need good research. But, by investing in stocks, you can easily make a good amount of money in a day. So, if you are looking to make a consistent income, it is better to hold your stocks for a long time. There are various online apps that a potential investor can use to make long or short-term trades.

A couple of our favorites include:

7. Virtual Assistant

These days almost all work can be done online. With this new trend came the dawn of virtual online assistants. Yes, you read it right. Now, you can work and get paid by a company without leaving the comforts of your own home. This has become a very in-demand role in this day and age. More and more businesses employ virtual assistants to carry out tasks and responsibilities for their company. That’s a trend you may want to go along with.

If you have the right skill and knowledge, then becoming a virtual assistant is not tough. It is a great way to earn extra cash. You can offer services like being an editor, a social media manager, mail management, an online marketer, and more.

Woman Working On Desk Stock

8. Delivery Gigs

If you love to drive around and make some money, you can opt for jobs like food delivery. There are plenty of gigs where you can drive solo and deliver items while getting paid at the same time. These gigs are not too challenging, and the money is good enough to make it a regular source of extra income for you.

If you are interested in food delivery, you can drive for companies like UberEats, PostMates, DoorDash, and more.

Here’s a full DoorDash review and a DoorDash vs Postmates comparison, if you’re interested.

Delivery gigs can earn you the needed dollars you want for yourself.

The salary of the delivery person is between $15 – $30 per hour. The income may vary depending on the tips and the delivery per hour. This means you can earn more money as you can in a day. 

Further, by delivering packages and food on the weekend, you can easily make up to $200 in one day. Think of all that you can do with this extra cash from just driving around and delivering food across town.

Step on the gas, and you will surely reap the rewards of this adventure.

9. Rent Out a Room on Airbnb

Another way to make money online is to rent out a spare room on Airbnb. If you have a spare bedroom in your home that you do not use, rent it out for some extra cash. This will also help you with your monthly expenses. 

Depending on where you live, you can earn up to $30 –$150 per night renting out your space. This is a sure way to maximize your unused space for extra cash. 

You can add a bang to your buck here because you can rent out other portions of your house, like the kitchen and the lobby, on some occasions. 

So, if you do have unused space and are interested, get started by creating a hosting account on Airbnb. Set up your listing, amenities and describe the place accurately. And be ready to showcase your extra rooms for extra money.

Maximizing unused space to earn an additional income should be a no-brainer for those wanting to earn money.

10. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is like house flipping, but it is more about buying and selling domains online. Rather than a residence you purchase to house people, you buy domains to house websites for your potential clients. And this you can do at your desk at home while browsing the internet. You just need a keen eye to find domains that you can offer other people for their use.

First, you need to buy a domain that you think is profitable, after some time, sell it for more money. It’s like buying and betting on a stock that you know will be valuable after some time. It’s a sure way to earn more money down the line. 

You can purchase a domain for about $10-$15 on Bluehost and resell it for a higher price. A resale of your domain for any amount beyond your original purchase price is a win. You just need to invest in a domain and let it increase in value before you sell it for a profit.

All in all, if you are good at picking domains, you can make around $200 per day in no time. Before buying a domain, make sure its brand value, name, and potential are good. Knowing these can make all the difference in how much profit you can earn with this project.

11. Flip Items on ebay for Profit

This is another excellent idea to earn money from home. You can sell other people’s stuff on eBay to earn money to make a profit.

Knowing the untapped value of stuff sold online can be a great way of earning extra money.

Remember, another person’s trash can be another person’s treasure.

Look for stuff being sold on eBay that is undervalued so that you can resell this stuff for profit.

If you find a good deal, you can shop garage sales, thrift stores, or more and resell items for eBay’s profit. Here are the exact items you should sell online to make a profit. 

12. Become A Website Tester

If you know websites, you can become a website tester and earn money from home. You get paid around $10-$15 for every 10-minute website testing assignment. This is where your skills can pay off, as you can get paid just to test a website. It’s like getting paid to do an exam for them. What is there to lose?

There are many websites where you can register yourself as a website tester and can start taking projects. Different websites have different requirements, so choose according to your interest and knowledge. Here are the exact platforms where you can test websites.

13. Create An Online Course

If you are an expert in something, like cooking, mathematics, finance, drawing, and more, you can create an online course to teach others. This helps you earn passive income, and you can earn up to $200 per day overtime. What is more fulfilling than getting paid for doing something you are already good at in your life? Crafting and teaching your expertise is such an easy way to earn more money for your life.

Many people look for online courses to learn new things. For example, you can start the course on basic cooking tips and then expand it to preparing delicious meals. 

14. Sell Photographs Online

Do you love photography? If that’s the case, you can sell your photos online to earn extra money. Also, take as many pictures as you can in your spare time and sell them. By doing so, you can earn up to $200 per day or more. The more pictures you can take, the higher chance that someone may fancy your photographs.

The best way to sell photos is through online platforms or show your photography skill in some exhibitions to attract more customers. Further, online platforms like Envato, Shotzr, and Adobe Stock, are also the best options to upload your pictures to earn money. 

15. Sell Books

Almost every person has books at home that you don’t want to use anymore. In this case, you can sell your books and can earn money from them. This is part of your way to maximize what you already have in your life. Selling books that you already used is a sure way of earning a couple more dollars. It will not only make you more money but also save more space in your place. 

The best part is that you can sell these books online at your desired price, which should be less than the print price. You can also create a Facebook page to sell your books online. 


16. Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance blogging or writing is a great way to earn between $50 – $250 a day. You can check sites like Upwork, Guru, and more to find clients who have writing jobs that need to get done. To get the job, you need to bid on projects with a good proposal. Clients often hire good writers and pay you immediately after you submit the work. 

You can also approach entrepreneurs near you to write blogs for them and earn money every time you submit an article. If you do good work, the clients on online platforms might hire you back for another job. 

Taking freelance writing jobs is a great way to increase your liquid net worth. It’s a great way to make money online without paying anything.

17. Babysitting

Babysitting is also a great job that pays you a good amount of money. You can earn while having fun with the kids. Also, parents are willing to pay high to ensure their kids are well taken care of.

You can earn up to $200 a day, depending upon your experience and the hours you spend on the job. The more experience you have, the more you can earn.

In big US cities, the pay for a babysitting job is anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour per kid. You can search websites to find babysitting jobs, or you can ask around in your neighborhood. There are a lot of opportunities since a lot of parents need babysitters. 

You can register yourself on websites like and Sittercity to find a job.

Conclusion – How To Make 200 Dollars in One Day?

As you can see, earning $200 in one day is challenging but possible. You just need to be open-minded with the things around you. There are opportunities to make money everywhere. 

Practice seeing opportunities to make money, and you will start seeing them everywhere. While you may not make $200 tomorrow, it can be a great starting point for growing your liquid net worth and working on building side hustle income.

How do you plan to make $200 in one day?

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  1. From my experience mTurk is on the only site that really pays anything halfway decent. There’s some tricks to it to make it actually work well (the biggest is installing a script that shows you the highest-paying ones per hour).


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