BUX Zero Review & My Experience In 2021

Do you want to start investing or feel like you want to try out new brokers? In this BUX Zero review, we’ll go into exactly what the BUX Zero platform is and how you can use it!

What Is BUX Zero?

BUX Zero is part of BUX, a Dutch technology company founded in 2014 by Nick Bortot. He has worked at BinckBank before starting his own platform, meaning that he already has experience managing platforms where people can invest.  

BUX is a company that offers financial services through mobile apps. They don’t have a web-platform like many other brokers. 

BUX Zero, founded in 2019, is built on the BUX platform. With BUX Zero, you can trade for free. You still have to pay for your stocks, but there are no costs when you buy or sell your stocks. More than 100.000 people are already investing with BUX Zero. The platform is currently available in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, and Belgium. 

Almost all competitors charge trading fees when you are buying and selling shares. At BUX Zero, you don’t pay any fees, which is an advantage. 

Also, BUX Zero is regulated, which means that you get an account at ABN Amro that is protected up to €100.000. 

Bux Zero Review & Experience

BUX Zero For Small Investors

When you’re a small investor, free trading on the platform is an advantage. Especially if you just started investing or your monthly recurring investment is still growing. If you invest with small amounts, trading fees can take up a significant part of your costs and lower your profits.

For example, let’s say that you invest €50 per month. You buy one share and pay €2 per transaction. That means 12 * 2 = €24 per year. When you invest €600 per year and get an annual return of 7%, that means your return is €42 your first year. When you pay €24 on transactions, that is 57% of your profits the first year. 

While €24 per year doesn’t sound like a lot, it can prevent you from letting your money making money. Just like Robert Kiyosaki says in Rich Dad Poor Dad, you want to make your money work for you. When you ignore things that decrease your profits, your money will still work for you but in a less efficient way. 

BUX Zero has a unique offer, where you get a free share when you sign up with their platform. You get a random share valued up to €200!!! You simply sign up with BUX Zero, and you’re an investor with their first share in their portfolio. 

The BUX Zero App

The app is super user-friendly and convenient. You transfer money to your bank account and can buy shares with one click of a button. 

I enjoy the simplicity of the app. All very intuitive to use and a clean design so that it is clear within seconds how your investments are doing. Simplicity is key when you’re investing. 

Check below the layout of the app to get an impression of the look and feel:

Bux Zero Discover Page
Bux Zero Portfolio Page
Bux Zero Share Display

As you can see, there are not many analyses made in the app. However, you can see the graphs and price of the stocks that you may want to buy. You can add them to your favorites to create your own watch-list.

On your home screen, you can find your portfolio, your watch-list, the stocks with the most significant rise or decline in price, shares divided into categories, and your inbox. As you can see in the photo above, the types are automotive, communication, consumer, energy, finance, health care, travel, and technology. 

Transfer Money Within Seconds

Another cool feature of BUX Zero is that you can transfer money into your account in seconds. How is that? BUX Zero has a partnership with Tikkie, where you can transfer money quickly to your BUX Zero account. 

Your money is available within seconds, which is quicker than the workday you have to wait on other platforms. This feature is only available for Dutch investors for now.

Commission Structure BUX Zero

While we all love to buy and sell our shares for free, BUX Zero needs to make money somehow. So, how are they doing that?

BUX Zero offers three types of orders:

  • Market order – your shares are bought directly. 
  • Limit order – you can determine at what price you want to buy the shares.
  • Zero Order – your shares are bought at the end of the trading day. 

When you buy American shares, all order types are free, and you pay zero fees. They only charge you a 0.25% foreign exchange fee for converting dollars to euros. When you buy European shares, you pay just €1 per market- or limit order. Zero orders are free of commission.

What are the consequences of trading the Zero Order? If you trade your order at the end of the trading day, it could be that the share price has slightly changed. It can impact your investment negatively or positively, depending on the movement. 

Of course, companies need to make money to exist. You can’t just hand out free shares and expect that you are still in the market ten years later. 

As a consumer, you can decide how you want to invest. If you buy your shares through zero orders, you will not pay any commission. If you buy your shares through market- or limit orders, you will not pay any commission on your American shares, but you will pay €1 commission on your European shares. 

Limited Shares Offered

When you want to invest in the BUX Zero platform, there are many American and European companies that you can invest in. If you are starting as an investor, this will probably be sufficient. However, if you’re a more advanced investor, investing in Asian companies would be interesting as well. 

Besides that, they offer a limited amount of ETFs and index funds. When you start investing with BUX Zero, you have the option to request shares or ETFs to be added to the platform. Use this function when you find something is missing so that the app continues to evolve with what you want.

Here is an overview of all the companies and indexes you can invest in with BUX Zero

Pros Of BUX Zero

The pros of BUX Zero are:

  • Free share when signing up for their platform
  • User-friendly platform
  • Don’t pay trading fees (see commission structure for more information and specifics)
  • Specifically for beginners

Cons Of BUX Zero

The cons of BUX Zero are:

  • Not every index or company is on the platform.
  • Basic analytics on their app.

Free Share With Max Value Of €200

Everyone who creates a new BUX Zero account gets a free share. BUX chooses which share you get at random. The share has a maximum value of €200. It can be anything like, for example, Uber, Shell, or Abercrombie. 

How Do I Get That Bonus?

To get the bonus, you should:

  1. Open this link on mobile to open the app store and install the BUX Zero app. 
  2. Create an account and deposit at least €5 to activate your account. You can decide if you want to invest that amount or get it back later. 
  3. As soon as everything is processed, you get your free share!

Conclusion – BUX Zero Review

I am personally using BUX Zero, and I enjoy the service they offer. You get your money deposited on the platform quickly, and the app works very intuitively. 

If you are new to investing and want to keep it simple, you don’t wish for too complicated analytics. You want to see how much your investments are worth and what you have. BUX Zero does a perfect job at accommodating you in that. 

With time, more and more shares and ETFs are available on the platform. It is quick and easy to buy the shares you want on the platform. 

It is free to sign up with BUX Zero, it is possible to trade the platform with zero fees, and you get a free share. Try out the platform and see if it is for you. Step out of your comfort zone and start making money work for you!

Download the FREE Bux Zero App here!

Yes, I Want My FREE Share

Keep in mind that investing also involves risks, you can lose your deposit.

BUX Zero Review & Get A Free Share
BUX Zero Review And Get A Free Share

2 thoughts on “BUX Zero Review & My Experience In 2021”

  1. Hmm interessant om te lezen. Ik heb zelf nu ook een tijdje BUX Zero, gewoon voor de fun naast mijn andere brokers, maar ik ben niet echt overtuigd. Leuk dat je een aandeel krijgt, maar ik loop er nog niet zo warm van. Ik beleg liever in fondsen of ETF’s en vind dat hierdoor te veel mensen gaan beleggen die eigenlijk geen idee hebben wat ze doen..

    • Hi Dio, thanks voor je reactie! Het is een laagdrempelige manier om beleggen toegankelijk te maken voor een grotere groep, dus dat deel doen ze goed. Inderdaad is het investeren in ETFs en indexfondsen goed voor iedere belegger, en ze breiden de beschikbare indexfondsen steeds verder uit! Je kunt ondertussen in een aantal fondsen van VanGuard, iShares, en Lyxor beleggen.


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