People Are Convinced Everybody is Actually Faking Their Hatred for These 16 ‘Controversial’ Things. Are You Guilty Too?

The world is dominated by contrasting opinions, strong notions against one thing can lead to a wave of hatred that many people like to take part in. From music choices to food favorites, you can be criticized and even canceled just for supporting what the majority believe is wrong.

Are they just misguided? Are they faking it? Here are 16 controversial things that the world is fake-hating. 

1. Nickelback

Nickelback at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/s_bukley

It’s surprising how many people hated Nickelback when the band’s music was not that bad. Many consider the band as consistent and acceptable and not as bad as some people say they are.

People also note that with a band selling millions of records, it’s not shocking that they have haters. But with the entire world making the band a laughingstock, many are just jumping on the bandwagon. 

2. Anything that has an overly fanatic fanbase

Woman Looking Happy and Surprised Shocked Screaming MSN
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From BTS Army to the Potterheads of Harry Potter, many fanbases are considered annoying and extra, and people end up hating what these fanbases love. And that’s just unfair.

Many believe some fanbases are just so over-the-top. They can’t help but feel a bit of resentment toward whatever they’ve been aggressively promoting. 

3. The word moist

Water Bottle To Save Plastic by Ocean MSN
Image Credit: Depositphotos

Many people overreact to the word “moist” when it’s just a word that means slightly wet. Whether you apply it to your cooking or the weather, it is what it is. Someone remarked, though, that it may be the sensation that comes with moist that most people hate and not the word itself. 

4. The American version of international cuisines

Plate with Food Including Mushrooms Chicken Vegetables Beans and Rice MSN
Image Credit: belchonock on Depositphotos

Just because the food is not traditional or authentic doesn’t make it less delicious. Cooking foreign meals with an American twist seems to rub people the wrong way.

Some people are just too loyal to the original recipes that they find this fusion a disrespect to the origin of the cuisines. The truth is they’re amazing!

5. The idea of free healthcare and free higher education

Woman Holding Cash Money And Being Happy Silly MSN
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Free healthcare and higher education from the government are proof that public services are getting better. But many are antagonistic to all these amazing things.

Why? Some believe that it’s an agenda from the radical left, while others just find it suspicious and too good to be true for the government to actually offer these services for free. And that’s just really sad. 

6. Pumpkin spice

Pumpkin spice in a glass cup MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/5PH

Pumpkin spice is often insulted by many people because of having no pumpkin in it in the first place. It has become a very popular thing to hate, even for people who haven’t tried it yet. It also has a reputation as a drink preferred by young women, so people who don’t want to be associated with them avoid this drink.

7. Pineapple on pizza

Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, ham, and cheese MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/nimon_t

Pineapple on pizza has been an ongoing debate between traditionalists and free minds. And honestly, it is a legit debate—do pineapples really serve as a decent pizza topping?

Traditionalists, especially those people with Italian roots, hate this food idea. Some love pineapples on pizzas, though, and love and little burst of sweetness. It’s just all about differing tastes and preferences anyway. 

8. Free school lunches for elementary kids

Girl carrying her school lunch MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/HighwayStarz

People seem to hate the idea of free in terms of a collective way. Many believe that elementary free school lunches leave a bitter taste in some people’s mouths, and that’s just wrong. Who in their right mind will say no to free lunches? 

9. Popular things

Excited blonde woman MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/AndreyBezuglov

Many consider liking popular things as jumping on the bandwagon just to join that wave of fame. But is that enough reason for the dislike? This is particularly brutal in school, where liking unpopular things makes you snob while liking popular things makes you a loser. 

10. The eternal Android vs. iPhone conversations

Apple Iphone with Apple Pay Setup MSN
Image Credit: CDPIC/Depositphotos

Android and iPhone have dominated the mobile device market, and avid supporters would often argue that the one they’re supporting is better than the other. Many consider this argument pointless, especially since both have their respective strengths and weaknesses. 

11. Being “Rickrolled”

Rick Astley in concert a The Box New York MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/Moffly

Rickrolling is trolling someone with a link that takes you to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up music video. The lyrics are timeless like they’re written to really stick with the listeners. No wonder people are using it to teach others about internet safety, though some find it a bit funny.

12. Trypophobia

Pod of a lotus flower MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/ErenMotion

Trypophobia is the fear of creepy images with a pattern made up of holes. This can go from lotus pods to worm-infested animals, anything that has patterns of holes.

While it may be unnerving to look at for some, other people are just jumping on the bandwagon. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. 

13. Air Fryers

Air fryer on the countertop MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/escapejaja

Considered the innovation of the decade, air fryers have become so popular that a buying fad started with its fame.

But why do people hate fryers? Some believe that it’s fake cooking, while others enjoy its simplicity. And then there are those who find it difficult to clean.

14. Emojis

The Emoji Movie MSN
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Animation/IMDb

Some see emojis as cringe, while others use them as a buffer in messages that seem too serious. But it’s not something to hate unless you’re seeing too much on a message.

In general, though, when used correctly and at the right time, emojis are incredible communication tools that spice up messages and boring emails.

15. Puns

funny nerd flexing drawing muscles MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/Rangizzz

Puns are similar to dad jokes in that they’re not for everyone and can be incredibly annoying for some. For the chosen ones, though, puns are witty, so why the hate? We don’t know.

16. Fast Food

Woman Eating Hamburger Snacking Fast Food Fastfood MSN
Image Credit: keeweeboy on Depositphotos

Many try to condemn the taste of fast food, but let’s face it, McDonald’s sells billions of burgers and fries, so this only shows that people actually eat them.

There may be people who really don’t eat fast food, but the majority love these meals. The danger lies with the long-term health problems you might experience with this preference. 

There’s a thin line between love and hate. Are you sure you’re not bordering on that line and love these things?

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