The Top American Foods Voted by Non-Americans—Is Your Favorite on the List?

Are you curious about what non-Americans think of American cuisine? Get ready to dive into a mouthwatering list of the top-rated American foods, as voted by people from around the world.

Find out if your all-time favorite dish made it onto this exciting lineup and satisfy your cravings for delicious discoveries.

1. Burgers and fries

This perfect pair is the top-voted item among users, and it’s not surprising. Many commenters agreed that burgers and fries are the classic American food they love. Some even mentioned adding fixings on the burgers, including avocado, bacon, and onion rings. 

One user shared, “as a Swede, I love a classic American-style burger with all the fixings.” Another commenter said, “chili cheese fries. It’s indulgent and delicious.” Another great thing about this combo is that creativity is the limit when it comes to toppings and additions!

2. Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese come second for the most upvoted American food by Non-Americans. Several people considered this dish their favorite, especially when bacon, breadcrumbs, and different types of cheese are added to the mix.

A South African user shared his love for mac and cheese, describing a good plate as comforting. 

3. BBQ ribs

The next on the list is BBQ ribs. Many people in the thread claim to love American-style BBQ ribs, especially the slow-cooked and fall-off-the-bone tender ones. 

Some users even identified different types of sauces that go well this the ribs. One user shared, “as an Indian, I was blown away by the variety of flavors in a classic American BBQ sauce.” Another non-American user noted, “y’all have BBQ down to a science. In some places like St. Louis, KC, and TX, it’s like a religion.”

4. Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is another American food that many non-Americans love. Several commenters shared their love for spicy fried chicken, while some prefer eating the dish with a side of waffles. 

One user confirmed, “chicken and waffles. Sweet and savory, the perfect combination.” And who doesn’t like the soul food Southern-style fried chicken? It’s amazing!

5. Pizza

And, of course, there’s pizza! Many people in the thread claimed this food is their favorite American food, even going to the lengths of mentioning the controversial Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and New York-style thin-crust pizza. 

One commenter said that he just can’t get enough of the Chicago-style deep-dish pizza while one user claimed, “as a Dutch person, I have to say I really enjoy a good slice of New York-style pizza.” The Detroit pizza has only been newly introduced, and the possibility of creating different styles is endless!

6. Key Lime Pie

Another dessert that non-Americans find to be uniquely scrumptious is the key lime pie. Many described this dish as refreshing and would definitely be a good dot to end a great meal

Somebody believes that this food is “just perfection in a pie dish.” While another commenter shared that he actually ate a whole one by himself when he was in Miami. Suffice it to say, this refreshing dish is filling and delicious at the same time that one can finish an entire pie in one go. 

7. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another dessert that’s voted as one of the top American foods is the chocolate chip cookie. One user shared, “in Vietnam, chocolate chip cookies are called American cookies.” 

But it’s not only known for being an American dessert but also for the sweet satisfaction that is the bursts of chocolate chips you can enjoy on a chewy cookie. Another commenter said, “bruh, ya’ll don’t have chocolate chip cookies? How do you even go on with life?” Mic drop.

8. Reuben Sandwiches

Reuben sandwiches are also mentioned by several users, which is a hot sandwich with Swiss cheese, corned beef, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on grilled rye bread. This sandwich is usually paired with potato chips and pickles. Some say that it was invented in New York City, while others claim that it was created in Omaha, Nebraska. 

One of the users in the thread said, “a well-made Reubens is the king among sandwiches.” While another person shared, “when I try a new place [and] if they have a Reuben, I’ll try that first because if they can do that well, everything else on the menu is probably pretty good.” And that’s actually a great idea!

9. Buffalo wings

Some people added Buffalo wings to the list and considered the dish a favorite, especially when served with blue cheese dressing.

A Mexican user said, “I never thought I’d enjoy anything more than Mexican food, but buffalo wings have my heart.” That’s a huge compliment. 

10. Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing)

Finally, Thanksgiving is an American holiday with an appropriate meal that comes with it. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce are the staple. And you won’t need to look anywhere else. 

One of the users suggested, “if you are ever in the US for Thanksgiving (end of November) and have nothing to do, go on the local city subreddit where you are and post that you are a foreigner who would like to experience Thanksgiving and I guarantee you will get an invite from someone to the best holiday we have.” Ready to travel to the US now?

Source: Reddit.

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