Infidelity Unveiled: 14 People Reveal the Surprising ‘Whys’ of Cheating

Being betrayed by someone you trust and love hurts a lot. Human relationships can be confusing and difficult. It’s like two lives coming together and trying to get along. Making a relationship work is not easy, and even successful ones have challenges and makeup.

One of the non-negotiables that many consider their relationship deal-breaker is cheating. Some people try to justify their infidelities by explaining what led them to do it. And here are 14 unveiled “whys” behind their cheating ways. 

1. Any Reason Will Do (Just Wanted to Do It)

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When it comes to cheating, any reason will do because you try to create a lot of excuses just to justify it.

The truth is if you really want to do it, the smallest reason is enough to make you cheat. There’s this unstoppable urge to just do it, and a simple mistake from the other partner is enough. 

2. Cheating Out of Resentment

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Resentment can be a motivating factor to do anything, and yes, even cheating.

In a relationship, unresolved heartaches can lead to buried anger and resentment. And it’s like a devil whispering temptations in your ears. Once you feel like your resentment toward your significant other can drive you to do something bad, just break up. 

3. Might as Well Do What I’m Accused Of

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Getting accused of doing something you didn’t do can be annoying and exasperating. And it’s one of the reasons why many say they cheat on their partners.

They will often justify it as “If I’m getting accused and punished for nothing, I might as well do it to deserve it.” It’s not a win at all.

4. Just to Get the Endorphins Going

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There are relationships that have gone stagnant and boring, especially when you’ve been together for a long time. This monotony in the relationship, especially in long-term ones, is said to be the culprit for some people’s infidelity.

To get the endorphins going, they choose to cheat and explore and excitement of the scandal and sin.

5. Payback Time

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Revenge is a dish best served cold. Getting cheated on by your significant other is a wound you’ll have to carry in your relationship for a long time. And you won’t be able to forget the pain.

This is why some claim to cheat on their partners, too, for payback. 

6. Upgrade to Someone Better

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Have you ever been in that position where you’re in a relationship, but you just met someone new who you felt like your destiny?

Well, that’s one of the reasons why some people say they cheat. Rather than having an ugly start at your happy ever after involving infidelity, a clean start is better. 

7. Distraction and Inappropriate Online Conversations

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When you’re not happy in your relationship, you try to find something you can enjoy and get attention from.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to do this is through online conversations. And while it might not be physical cheating, it can still be considered emotional infidelity. 

8. Love

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Love. Many just blame it all on love. They can’t help themselves and have no choice but to cheat since they find love when they’re already in a relationship.

Is love a justified reason to cheat? If you’re going to ask the person who got cheated on, no is the answer. 

9. Married to the Wrong Person

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Some people claim to cheat because they made the mistake of marrying their current partners.

They cheated because their current partners belittle them and say mean things to them. If that’s the case, leave. 

10. No Intimacy Anymore

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Intimacy is a powerful aspect of human relationships, and if that’s not there anymore, something will always be lacking.

Many often say they started to cheat when they are not physical with their partners anymore, and they look for that intimacy from others. 

11. No Love Anymore

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For some people, love fades away. It may sound horrible, but it’s the painful truth. Some say that the reason they cheated is because they just don’t love their current partner anymore.

Some would even cheat just to get out of the relationship in the first place. 

12. Found What Was Missing

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When you think something’s missing, you try to look for it.

In relationships, it’s better to work on what you have than look for what’s missing in your partners. If you do, you’ll definitely end up cheating on them. How about doing counseling first?

13. Emotionally Grew Apart

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People can grow close, and they can grow apart. When in a relationship, you can either feel closer to each other or end up feeling like strangers, even when together.

It’s when some choose to cheat on their partners when they feel alone, even when with their partners. 

14. First Love Never Dies

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The taste of first love is sweet, and thinking back on it will always make you smile. That’s why even when in a relationship, some people get tempted once their first love visits them again.

The feeling of first love is worth cheating for them. 

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