The 10 Biggest Lies Society Has Been Telling You For Years – Stop Believing It Now

Interested in finding out the common lies that many people believe? I found a cool question online: “What false information should people stop believing?” The answers were surprising! Check out some of the most widely believed lies that might surprise you.

1. Saying You’ll Do It Later

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The top-voted response is, “It’ll be easier if I get gas in the morning on the way to work,”  and I guess we can all agree that this is right.

Someone added it’s the same when people think, “If I get lunch 30 minutes early, I’ll beat the lunch rush!” Meanwhile, many others had the same idea, and you are now stuck in the lunch rush.

2. Facts About Your Income When Getting a Raise

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One person explained that getting a raise that puts you into the next tax bracket doesn’t mean your income is taxed at a higher rate. Only the small piece over the threshold will.

Another confirmed this and shared that they have argued with people over this. Most people don’t understand it, and if you’re one of them, this is your tip of the day! 

3. Never Trust a Package

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A “tear here to open” on a package is something that somebody claimed to be the biggest lie there is. A package just rarely opens how it’s supposed to be opened.

Many people in the thread agreed and raved about the notes that are on item packaging that aren’t true, such as “resealable,” “flushable,” or the one that concerned me but wasn’t more than “do not eat.”

4. Don’t Keep Pleasing Everyone

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An individual answered and advised people not to make the same mistakes they did. Their answer was people-pleasing. But it also came with advice, and he says, “Stop believing that other people are fragile and can’t handle you being truthful or being yourself. Stop believing you’re bad for trying to get your needs met.”

They added some books that’ll help others better understand his advice. They shared the book “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert A Glove (don’t mind the title) and “Not Nice: Stop Pleasing, Staying Silent, and Feeling Guilty, and Start Speaking Up, Saying No, Asking Boldly, and Unapologetically Being Yourself.” 

5. Report Someone as Missing After 24 Hours

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You don’t have to wait 24 hours to report someone as missing, someone mentioned. They gave an example like The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

A second agreed and shared, “Those first hours are the most critical in the search for a missing person.” Hopefully not ever needed, but it never hurts to know. 

6. Adults Know What’s Going On

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“Adults know what’s going on,” one person wrote. They stated that they’re 32 and don’t have a clue about many things in life 

I stumbled upon a discussion where individuals shared moments that made them fully aware of their adulthood. Someone reminisced about the realization that parents and adults, in general, were often merely improvising or “winging it” through life. Another person shared the overwhelming sense of responsibility and disbelief they experienced when bringing their newborn baby home from the hospital, questioning their own ability to care for such a delicate life.

These anecdotes serve as powerful reminders of the transformative and sometimes bewildering journey into adulthood.

7. Everything Is Allowed When You Are Related

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When you’re related to someone, all complexities between you and that person should be forgiven and forgotten. Well, that’s not how it should be, one person voiced. 

Way too many people in the thread related, and one had an amazing comment, “It’s always, ‘but she’s your mom’ to the child instead of ‘that’s your kid, how could you do that to them’ to the parent.”

8. Eating Spiders in Your Sleep

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This individual expressed that the biggest lie society has been telling us is that people eat 8 spiders in their sleep throughout their lifetime. It simply is just not true. 

Some joked, “Those are rookie numbers.” Another responded, “Spiders Georg, is that you? Let’s just say we don’t eat spiders when we sleep.” 

9. It’s Worth Buying When a Celebrity Has It

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Just because a popular celebrity or athlete endorses a product doesn’t mean it’s worth buying.

The conversation continues, and people wonder why so many fall for it. So I guess they don’t make the advertisement for them.

10. Solving Problems

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“Nine out of ten people can’t solve a simple math problem!” Someone shared.

Another responded, “I bet you can’t name another word that starts with this letter!” They are fooling us. But I guess it’s a good way of making kids do their homework.

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