A 2024 Guide On How To Get Free Cryptocurrency In 12 Ways

Are you looking for ways to join the world of cryptocurrencies? For free? Read on and learn where and how to get free cryptocurrency to start your digital financial journey on the cryptocurrency market.

How Do Cryptocurrencies Work?

While many still find cryptocurrency complex and difficult, its idea is quite simple to understand. 

Cryptocurrencies differ from physical currencies because they are digital peer-to-peer currencies that run on distributed public ledgers referred to as the blockchain. 

A blockchain is a record of transactions held by digital currency holders or virtual money, linked together using cryptography. The public ledger is encrypted to ensure the security of the data and the entire system.

Digital wallets serve the function of storing, receiving, and transferring cryptos. The wallets ensure that the cryptocurrencies are secure and all online transactions are streamlined. 

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency

Right now, cryptocurrency is all the rage, with different virtual currencies floating in the market. People want to get into cryptocurrencies and the adaptation increases from day to day. 

However, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies ensured their increasingly expensive costs. 

What if I tell you that you can get cryptocurrency for free? Even from the comfort of your home. Here are several ways to get free crypto:

1. Cryptocurrency Mining

You can record transactions on the blockchain with mining, adding transactional data to the blockchain. Mining makes sure that the blockchain is decentralized and prevents fraud. 

The process of mining involves solving blocks or verifying transactions in exchange for digital currencies. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, there is no single authority that records transactions.

All miners compete against each other to verify the data because the first miner gets the reward: free cryptocurrency. When miners solve the problem, they earn free crypto. You will need a graphic processing unit or an application-specific integrated circuit to set up a mining rig to start mining.

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency Without Mining

2. Sign up Bonuses

One quickest way to get free cryptocurrencies is by signing up on a crypto exchange. However, to earn the bonus, you will be required to deposit or trade a particular amount in that platform within a particular platform to earn the bonus.

ExchangeBonusRequirementsSign Up
Crypto.Com Logo Stock$25 in Crypto.com Coin (CRO)Must use our link, open account with referral code usmefwh2jp, and stake CROGet FREE Crypto!
SoFi Logo Stock$5 in Free CryptocurrencyMust use our link and open SoFi Invest Android or SoFi Invest iOs account, then redeem a $5 bonus to a new SoFi Crypto accountGet FREE Crypto - Android

Get FREE Crypto - iOs
Celsius Logo Stock$50 in Free BitcoinMust use our link and deposit at least $400 of crypto within 30 daysGet FREE Crypto!
Nexo Logo Stock$25 in Free BitcoinMust use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 daysGet FREE Crypto!
Gemini Logo Stock$10 in Free BitcoinMust use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 daysGet FREE Crypto!
Coinbase Logo Stock$10 in Free BitcoinMust use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 daysGet FREE Crypto!

3. Use Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms in the world. They’re the place to go if you want to easily trade your cryptocurrencies. 

They also have their Coinbase Earn section, where you can earn free cryptocurrency while watching videos about the specific cryptocurrency. These videos are generally a minute long; within five minutes, you can earn $20+ in free crypto. 

I’ve used Coinbase Earn for 10+ cryptocurrencies, allowing me to earn hundreds of dollars in free cryptocurrencies.

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4. Crypto Airdrops

Developers and trading platforms use airdrops, where they give out free coins to increase awareness of their new crypto projects. The airdrops may also be rewarded for promoting a coin through a blog, social media post, or referral to other crypto holders. 

To benefit from an airdrop, you may need to complete tasks such as:

  • Signing up for the newsletter of a project
  • Joining a Telegram group or a Discord server
  • Following their social media account
  • Share about the project on social media

Remember that there are airdrop scams and other projects that will not take off. You can find the latest airdrops on sites like airdrops.io or CoinMarketCap’s exclusive airdrop page.

Man Looking At His Phone Stock

5. Get Free Stocks & Exchange Them

When you want to get more creative in getting free crypto, you can also use the welcome bonuses from stockbrokers. Many of them are also trading in cryptocurrencies on their platform.

So, you would enroll in the platform to get free stocks, sell these, and buy crypto from the proceeds instead.

Here are the stock companies that also trade cryptocurrencies:

ExchangeBonusRequirementsSign Up
Public Logo StockUp to $3,000 in Free Stock when you use this linkMust use our linkGet FREE Crypto!
Bux Logo Stock1 Free Share (up to $200 value)Must use our link and make a deposit – Europe OnlyGet FREE Crypto!
SoFi Logo Stock$25 in Free StockMust deposit at least $100Get FREE Crypto - Android

Get FREE Crypto - iOs

6. Get Free NFTs

Technically, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) aren’t cryptos, but they are closely related to cryptocurrency and can make you good money when you know what you’re doing. You can earn free NFTs through an invite bonus, where the project creators often give away free NFTs to the people with the most invite on the Discord of the project.

You can check for free NFT giveaways on Twitter. You will be required to follow their Twitter account and retweet one of their tweets to win the NFT. However, you should also be wary of scams that purport to offer free NFTs to get more followers.

When you’ve earned these free NFTs and are familiar with the market, you can buy and sell NFTs for profit. The NFT market is hot, and it’s easy to sell NFTs for a profit, even with current cryptocurrency prices.

7. Get Free Cryptocurrency With Staking

Staking works like mining. However, with mining, people actively compete to add the block to the blockchain and get crypto rewards. With staking, the coins are put in a crypto stack where you hold them. 

When holding the cryptocurrency in your wallet, you ensure the safety and continuous operations of your coin’s blockchain. When you’re staking your crypto coins, you get interest for doing so. Just like on your bank account. 

8. Yield Farming

Yield farming is another way to earn rewards in crypto, and it involves holding cryptos and investing in a lending protocol. In return, you get paid interest in cryptos, similar to treasury bills and bonds where you lend institutions money. 

However, in cryptos, there are certain risks, like the value of the cryptocurrency going down. But if you understand the market well and how it works, it can be a great way of earning free cryptos.

9. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) bounties

An ICO refers to the release of a new cryptocurrency. You must exchange your current coins with the new ones at the current exchange rate. 

You can earn bonus coins through bounties programs when participating in an ICO. These programs work similarly to airdrops but have more serious requirements.

For instance, you may be required to complete a simple task such as joining a Telegram group to qualify for an airdrop. However, to join a bounty program, you may be required to write a blog post on the ICO or review it on YouTube. 

Just be sure to do your research before participating in any ICOs; many turn out to be scams.

10. Cryptocurrency Faucets

Certain websites offer different microtasks in exchange for free cryptos. These tasks can include writing, watching videos, taking online surveys, and testing apps before launch. 

After completing the task, you will get paid in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc. 

Generally, the amount you get will depend on the task given. Some of the popular crypto faucets are:

  • Advercoins. This faucet requires you to review ads, click on them and earn.
  • Cointiply. You earn cryptos by completing surveys and quizzes, watching videos, and even chatting. You get paid coins that can be exchanged for Dogecoin or Bitcoin.

11. Cryptocurrency Referral Programs

Like affiliate marketing, most cryptocurrencies have a referral program that offers free cryptos and other rewards for referring clients or completing tasks. 

This program is an easy way of earning cryptos securely and without much effort. However, joining a reputable referral program offered by reputable exchanges is essential.A

Here are some successful programs that I’ve been using:

ExchangeReferral BonusRequirementsSign Up
Crypto.Com Logo Stock$25 in Crypto.com Coin (CRO)Must use your link, open account with referral code usmefwh2jp, and stake CROGet FREE Crypto!
Celsius Logo Stock$50 in Free BitcoinMust use your link, and the referral must deposit at least $400 of crypto within 30 daysGet FREE Crypto!
Nexo Logo Stock$25 in Free BitcoinMust use your link and referral must buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 daysGet FREE Crypto!
Gemini Logo Stock$10 in Free BitcoinMust use our link, and referral must buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 daysGet FREE Crypto!
Coinbase Logo Stock$10 in Free BitcoinMust use our link, and referral must buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 daysGet FREE Crypto!

12. Crypto Arbitrage

Crypto arbitrage is a trading strategy where investors buy crypto on one exchange and simultaneously sell it on another exchange where the price is higher. This way, they can make a profit with minimal risk. 

Crypto assets can deviate significantly from one exchange to another, which offers arbitrage investors an opportunity to find profitable discrepancies in the price.

For a profit, you only need to find a price difference between two different exchanges and make several transactions to benefit from the price difference.

Woman Talking On The Phone In Front Of A Laptop With Plants In The Shop Stock

Platforms To Get Free Cryptocurrency 

There are specific platforms that offer free cryptocurrencies. Some of the most popular ones are


A reputable trading platform, Coinbase also offers free cryptos for people participating in the Coinbase Earn Program. As the name suggests, the program gives users free crypto when they participate in their Earn Program.

You will be asked to watch a video and answer a 3-question quiz to get free cryptos. When you get the answers correctly, you earn free cryptos. 

You will also earn a bonus when referring people to the Coinbase Earn project.

Get Free Crypto With Coinbase


A platform for instant crypto loans, Nexo gives you fast access to cash with its crypto credit lines.

With automatic approval and no credit checks, you can borrow instantly using your crypto as collateral. 

Sign up and get up to $150 in BTC after topping up $1,500 or more. If you exchange at least $1,500, you will receive an extra $25.

Get Free Crypto With Nexo


Binance is among the largest and most reputable crypto exchanges. It offers users several ways of getting free cryptos. These include: 

  • Learn and earn

Binance Exchange recently launched a learn-and-earn program. Users can earn cryptos by completing quizzes and courses. To participate, you need to register and be KYC-verified (Know Your Customers). You will then earn a predetermined amount by reading crypto articles, watching videos, and passing quizzes.

  • Binance liquidity pools

With this feature, users can earn tokens of newly launched tokens simply by depositing BNB in the liquidity pool. The Liquid swap is another liquidity that enables users to exchange their crypto assets with minimal slippage and earn interest from those joining the liquidity pool.

  • Binance staking

By staking your tokens on Binance, you can easily get free cryptos with no strings attached. You can lock your tokens for as little as seven days to enjoy higher yields.

  • Defi staking

Binance Defi staking consists of several products with annual yields as high as 60% with USDT, BNB, BUSD, and DAI.

Get Free Crypto With Binance

Conclusion – A Whole New Crypto World

With this brief guide on the basics of cryptocurrencies, information about the different virtual currency platforms, and tips on where and how to get free crypto, you are on your way to exploring a whole new digital financial world. 

Like in traditional money-making transactions, we need to continue learning and applying our insights to increase our digital assets and reach our financial goals. Let’s keep up with the times with cryptocurrencies!

A 2023 Guide On How To Get Free Cryptocurrency In 12 Ways