Parenting Confessions: 10 Parents Admit What They Hate Most About Having a Child

I was just looking at the main page of the internet, and I found a question that asked, “What do you think is the hardest thing about having a child?” Here are the answers that got the most votes.

1. The Days Drag On, but the Years Fly By

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Redditor FindingPace said, “The days drag on, but the years fly by.”

Another parent commented, “Best advice I got was from an ancient hospital security guard in an elevator. “The days are long, the years are short, cherish them while you can.”

Another added, “The fingerprints on the wall get higher and higher….and then they disappear altogether.” My mom.”

2. Having to Take Care of a Sick Child When You Are Also Sick 

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Redditor MrsLouisaMercury said that the most challenging part for her so far was “having to take care of a sick child when you are also sick. For me that has been the most challenging part so far.”  

Another mentioned, “I always manage to catch their bug just as they start getting better, so kiddo is back at 100% and wanting to charge around and play, all the while I’m struggling to even think.”

Don’t forget to take care of yourself! 

3. Keeping Them Alive

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Redditor Quizzical_Chimp said, “Having to deal with their total lack of self-preservation. They are creative and come up with all kinds of ways to try and kill themselves, keeping ahead of the game is exhausting.”

Another related and commented, “My kid ran into a playground pole and broke their own nose. Not only did I get an American-sized hospital bill, but now I have unlocked a new set of fears now that I know exactly how capable they are of unceremoniously causing extreme bodily harm to themselves shockingly fast.”

4. Sleep Deprivation

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Redditor Tessie said, “I’m only 9 years in, but so far, it’s been the sleep deprivation. Hands down. ETA: I’m not still sleep deprived. My kids sleep great now at nearly 9 & 5. But that was the hardest part of parenthood for me so far.”

Another commented on that with, “My kids are 14, 18 yo. Your kids become champions sleepers in their tweens. Bellowing that they ‘must’ sleep in on Saturday and Sunday. There’s more whiplash too. They don’t want me to cook for them. They just want another top ramen. They don’t want to play. They are busy text messaging w friends. The sudden lack of codependency is bittersweet tbh.”

5. The Outside World

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Redditor MrAbadeer said, “Worrying about how the outside world will treat them.”

Another commented on that, “I will never forget the first time I saw another child being ‘mean’ to my daughter and having to keep it together and remind myself that it was a CHILD.”

6. It Is Like Playing a Game

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Redditor Infiniski_Gaming said, “When people ask me this I say. You know those video games where you have to escort a character to a destination without them being attacked. That’s parenting. Those missions are a pain.”

Another commented on that, “And they walk at half your speed so you have to keep circling back for them. Spot on.”

7. See Them Make the Same Mistakes You Did

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A Redditor commented, “Watching them make the same mistakes you did even though you told them not to make those mistakes. Little Jimmy.. if you borrow a bunch of money, those people are going to want it back and if they don’t get it back they’ll take stuff you won’t want taken..”

Another commented on that, “To add to this, they are going to watch you, copy some of your habits and you will start to realize how annoying those habits are.”

8. Anxiety Because You Want Them to Be a Good Person

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A Redditor commented, “The constant anxiety that you’re doing enough to shape them to make good choices, a good life, be a good person and for them to have the life they deserve.”

Another commented on that, “I think most children learn way more from how their parents live their life, than from what their parents try to actively teach them. So as long as you love your kids and live a reasonable and healthy life, you’re probably doing okay already.”

9. Severe Disabilities and Marriage

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A parent commented, “If they are born with severe disabilities, you will need to take care of them or make plans for their care for as long as they are alive. It’s heartbreaking, many marriages don’t make it. My utmost respect to parents of special needs children.”

Another commented on that, “Parent of a disabled/ medically complex child here.

The whole situation kind of shattered my world. I have two other kids that I am trying to give a full and happy life to. My wife and I are a great team that accomplishes amazing things… but that’s all we are. We don’t have any kind of relationship. Meeting other parents in similar situations, I’ve found that we speak a different language than the rest of the world. Medical experiences and home circumstances. I can’t relate to more typical parents anymore.”

10. The Worry That I’m a Bad Parent

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A Redditor commented, “The worry that I’m a bad parent that’s doing things wrong.”

Another commented on that, “I’ve observed that parents who have the capability to worry if they are doing things wrong are generally good parents. It’s the ones that are 100% certain that their way is correct that I worry about.

“I too have these worries but we just do the best we can go with the knowledge we have at the time. I know I’ll do things different with my second compared to my first but we all just have to be willing to learn along the way.”

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