Think Twice Before Attempting These 17 ‘Flexes’ that Could Instantly Ruin Your Reputation (According to The Internet)

Ever witnessed someone’s show-off attempt go terribly wrong? People ragged on the most underwhelming shows of pride they’ve encountered.

Here are 17 lackluster flexes that leave a cringe-worthy image.

1. “I Never Take Leaves From Work”

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So many agreed that it’s foolish to forgo time off from work because it means missing out on opportunities to do enjoyable activities or simply relax.

As one person puts it, “Lots of people don’t have anything in their lives besides work. They don’t have any real connections or relationships and don’t know what to do when they aren’t working.”

2. “I’m My Own Boss”

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People who claim to “be their own boss” are often involved in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or pyramid schemes. These “bosses” who brag about self-employment are actually part of scams in which they are pressured to meet sales quotas.

And since they’re required to meet a company’s demands, they aren’t exactly the independent workers they claim to be.

3. “Don’t You Know Who My Parents Are?”

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The line “Do you know who my parents are?” is an ineffective flex, only making you appear entitled.

Making a big deal out of your connections to famous or powerful people is unattractive as it’s a sign of an inflated ego. And in most cases, simply being related to someone won’t guarantee special treatment.

4. “Look At My Fancy New Car!”

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Showing off your flashy, brand-new car isn’t as much of a flex as it may seem. This expense can come with high-interest rates, causing financial strain. Purchasing a car to form an illusion of wealth usually leads to monetary pitfalls.

Someone admitted that spending money on a car wasn’t wise: “With an $800 car payment, trust me, it’s not worth the added stress and financial burden, no matter how cool the car is.”

5. “I’m An Alpha Male”

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Calling yourself an “alpha male” will likely backfire in social situations. Men who feel the need to assert dominance may be attempting to compensate for their personal insecurities. Also, if a guy has the urge to voice out his “alpha” status, it suggests he isn’t naturally recognized as such. 

Someone bluntly voiced, “Calling yourself an alpha male just makes you look like a complete idiot.”

6. “I’m Such An Alcoholic, I Can Drink X Glasses Of Alcohol!”

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Many people also agreed that being able to drink a large quantity of alcohol is nothing to brag about. Unimpressed folks said that boasting about vices implies recklessness and potentially harmful behavior.

Besides, having a high alcohol tolerance doesn’t offer any real benefits—it just entails spending more money for the same level of intoxication as those with a lower tolerance.

7. “I Was A Star Athlete Back In High School!”

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Praising yourself for being a star athlete in high school will fail to impress, especially when trying to appear as “cool” as you did years ago.

Some people found it odd when adults played up their past athletic feats, as it seemed like they were clinging to their “glory days” to stay relevant.

8. “I’m Really Into CrossFit”

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If you think advocating for CrossFit will impress anyone, think again. In reality, it makes you look oblivious to the risk of serious injuries. No amount of arrogance can save you from those dangerous workouts.

One nurse revealed: “When I worked in orthopedic surgery, a large percentage of our patients were repairing CrossFit injuries.”

9. “I Work So Hard, I Barely See My Kids”

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Declaring that you would choose to work over spending time with your family won’t evoke envy. Instead, it signifies an irresponsible parenting approach and a lack of work-life balance.

Neglecting meaningful time with loved ones reflects an inability to value life’s true priorities. Remember, while career milestones may fade, a parent’s impact on their children will last forever.

10. Miserable Couples Celebrating That They’re Still Together

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People are often perplexed by couples’ anniversary posts detailing their ability to “endure constant fights and weather ups and downs” and question why anyone would persist in a relationship where they don’t get along with their partner.

Others speculated that staying in an unfulfilling relationship stems from fear of losing the time and effort invested, even if both parties are emotionally drained.

11. “I Didn’t Sleep At All Last Night”

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Don’t expect a round of applause for proudly proclaiming, “I didn’t sleep at all last night.” It’s not a brag-worthy statement. Instead, it implies a disregard for self-care.

To make matters worse, there’s an unwelcome game of one-upmanship where someone complains about being sleep deprived, only to be outdone by another who claims even less sleep. It’s a bizarre competition that undermines the importance of rest and healthy habits.

12. “I’m A Reckless Driver”

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Putting others’ lives at risk and disregarding road rules is unlikely to garner pride or admiration.

Rather, it raises concerns about your judgment and lack of empathy. 

13. “I Haven’t Read A Book Since High School”

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This lack of intellectual curiosity is a major “turn-off,” as many people agreed.

It also baffles me why anyone would take pride in their unwillingness to broaden their knowledge or stimulate their mind with creative stories.

14. “Have I Ever Told You About The Time I Got Arrested?”

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Announcing that you once got arrested is not a flex that will earn you any admiration. It is more likely to make people cautious about associating with someone who has gotten in trouble with the law.

Moreover, it signals that you need to be more responsible and respect legal bounds.

15. “I Have A Genius Level IQ”

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Gloating about having a high IQ isn’t the flex you think it is (especially if your score is based on a random website’s 10-minute exam). It’s often argued that you shouldn’t rely on free online tests to measure your mental capabilities.

As true intelligence is demonstrated through actions, genuinely smart people don’t go around broadcasting their intellectual prowess.

16. “I’m TikTok Famous”

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Having followers on TikTok doesn’t grant you the bragging rights you may imagine—instead, being desperate for virtual validation only induces secondhand embarrassment.

Those online numbers don’t translate to real-world credentials, and trying to impress others with social media fame often falls flat.

17. “My Husband Is A Doctor”

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Stating this line won’t elicit awe from others, as drawing attention to your family members’ accomplishments doesn’t make you superior.

As someone sarcastically questioned, “Does that mean you’ve instilled their medical knowledge and experience through osmosis?”

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