13 People Reveal Instant Red Flags That Make Them Immediately Doubt Someone: Do You Agree?

I saw an interesting question, “What’s something subtle that instantly gives you bad vibes about someone?” It makes you think about things you don’t like when people do it. Are there any behaviors that you’re glad your friends don’t have? Let me share the top-voted responses with you.

1.  Always Talking Negative About Their Partner

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The most popular answer to the question about subtle hints that give bad vibes about someone is when they talk meanly about their partner. Someone noted that sharing little frustrations with friends is okay, like leaving the cap off the toothpaste. They also mentioned that talking to a close friend about a serious matter is fine.

But if someone keeps saying hurtful things about their partner, that’s not okay, and that is one obvious way to know they are not nice people.

2. Not Returning the Cart After Using

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According to this person, people who don’t return the shopping cart after loading their car, which gives off bad vibes. It only takes an extra second compared to the 40 minutes they spend doing their weekly groceries, so they think it’s important to do it. 

And no, they add, it’s not the job of the supermarket workers. It’s your responsibility after using the cart.

3. If People Treat Animals With No Respect

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How someone treats and views animals can tell a lot about their character. How you treat those who can’t do anything for you shows your true self. 

If you can’t treat animals respectfully, it says a lot about your personality and is not a good sign.

4. How They Treat People in a Service Position

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One way to tell if someone is not good is how they treat people in service positions like wait staff. Some people can be really rude to servers. 

Many people share stories of leaving a date before their food even arrived if the person they were with was mean to the server. It says a lot about you if you can’t be nice to them or enjoy the power game because you have money and say you will tip them less because they won’t jump through a hoop for you.

5. “Here at [Company], We Are Like Family!”

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A subtle hint of being cautious is when someone at a company says, “Here at [company], we are like family!” This sentence could be a red flag, as one person jokingly asks if it means they are selfish, abusive, and detached from reality. 

Another person shared that they overlooked this, which they learned was a warning sign.

6. Constantly Interrupting Others While They Are Speaking

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Some people can be rude by interrupting you multiple times when it’s your turn to talk or explain something. They add they understand how challenging it can be to control those urges. However, it’s more about those who display selfish, fake, or micro-controlling behavior. 

Another person adds that some individuals don’t listen; they wait to talk and sometimes don’t even wait.

7. Blasting Music in Public

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One person shares that blasting music in public spaces shows you’re not considering the people around you.

Another adds that even if you’re not blasting music, things like talking on speakerphone, watching YouTube, or playing music lightly without headphones can make them instantly dislike you. They believe that in 2023, someone wouldn’t use headphones because they’re self-absorbed. They expect not to hear any noise from your phone besides a ringtone.

8. Lots and Lots of Gossip

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Talking about other people behind their backs shows they might not be a good person. If they gossip about others, chances are they’ll gossip about you too.

Another person adds that it depends on how and why they gossip. It’s not always guaranteed that they’ll gossip about you, but it’s very probable. 

9. Believing Your Assumptions as Facts

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When someone constantly presents assumptions as facts and can’t separate their perspective from reality, it’s something to watch out for. 

For example, the sister of this individual claims what others think or feel as absolute truth. That makes it hard to trust her to accurately account for events, even in minor situations.

10. People That Have a Sence of Entitlement

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When people have a sense of entitlement, it could hint that they might not be a good person. They act as if they deserve special treatment or the rules don’t apply to them. 

This behavior can lead them to mistreat others and be selfish, putting their needs above everyone else’s. It’s important to be mindful of how people treat others and if they lack consideration and empathy towards others due to their sense of entitlement.

11.   People Being Pushy With Their Questions

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One way to tell if someone might not be a good person is when they ask too many personal questions and don’t respect your boundaries, even when you’ve made it clear you don’t want to answer. It can feel pushy and uncomfortable when they don’t give up, trying to pry into your private life. 

A second shared a similar experience: someone expected them to answer just to be polite, but they stood their ground and didn’t share anything they didn’t want to. Protecting your privacy and feeling comfortable saying no to intrusive questions is essential.

12. People Forcing Their Opinions on You

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It can be frustrating when people try to force their opinions on you, even after you’ve clarified that you have a different perspective. Everyone should respect each other’s opinions and not try to impose their own beliefs on others.

It’s essential to have open and respectful discussions without pressuring anyone to change their views.

13. People Who Tell Small Lies

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One thing that makes this person question people is when they catch them telling small lies. It could be about anything, like what they had for dinner last night, when they got home, or even their favorite color. The smaller the lie, the more suspicious the person becomes, in their opinion.

Another person disagrees and shares that people who have been abused may lie a lot because everything they said was used against them in the past, so they learned to give “good answers” that they think will protect them.

What is something you see as an instantly red flag about someone? 

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