10 Things Europeans Enjoy Everyday That Americans See as a Luxury

The internet sure is a pool of information. I was scrolling the frontpage of the internet when I saw this question, “Americans, what do Europeans have every day that you see as a luxury?” the top-voted responses are quite interesting, so I had to share these with you. 

Because what do they have every day that Americans don’t? 

1. Vacation for More Than Two Weeks

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Alex has the most upvoted comment by saying it’s taking long vacations. Long meaning longer than two weeks. Taking long vacations can be daunting for many employees, especially when it comes to managing the workload upon their return. 

It is common to feel overwhelmed by emails and tasks accumulated during an extended absence from work. However, it is important to remember that taking time off is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and preventing burnout. 

2. Affordable Universities

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Affordable education is a major concern for many individuals in the United States, as tuition costs continue to rise yearly. Unfortunately, very few universities in the U.S. offer affordable education options for students. In contrast, many European universities have more affordable tuition rates and offer a wider range of financial aid options. 

The situation above has led to an increasing number of U.S. students considering studying abroad to access more affordable education options. While some initiatives are aimed at making education more affordable in the U.S., such as community college programs and scholarship opportunities, there is still much work to be done to make higher education accessible for all.

3. Local Bakeries on Their Commute

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One person shared that he is jealous of European people who have “local bakeries with wonderful fair-priced food readily available on their walking commute.”

I can understand the envy one may feel towards Europe’s local bakeries that offer delicious food options within walking distance. They can be found on every corner of the street, which is why it’s no surprise that he is jealous of that. 

4. They Have Cheaper Coffee and Pastries There

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Kulk wrote that they have really cheap coffee and pastries in Southern Europe. He claimed that cafes in the U.S. are marketed as trendy and expensive, with prices ranging from 8 to 10 dollars for a pastry and coffee, while in Italy, Portugal, and Spain, one can get coffee and a croissant for around 3 euros. 

Another person clarified that it might be cheap for Kulk, who wrote the text above, but it is not cheap for those who live there. They said they have a different salary, so a croissant for 3 euros isn’t cheap. 

5. Government Healthcare Would Be Nice

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Somebody added government healthcare to what Europeans have, which Americans see as a luxury. One replied that it would fix so many issues. 

The United States does not have a universal healthcare system providing all citizens free medical care. Instead, healthcare is primarily provided through private insurance companies, employers, and government programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

6. Reliable Public Transportation

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Somebody acknowledged the transportation in Europe. They shared that Europe has available and reliable public transportation. They are quite envious of that because they don’t have that where they live in America. 

The availability and accessibility of train transportation in Europe is impressive, with even smaller towns having easy access to train stations. This allows for convenient travel to virtually any destination desired. The convenience and ease of train travel in Europe is a significant advantage for those seeking to explore the continent.

7. Not Being in a Rush

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One person expressed that she spent time studying abroad in Italy and noticed less of a rush everywhere. The latest person in their classes were professors, and everyone took their time. She did not feel the constant need to be going somewhere while in Italy, as there was less bustle. 

However, Tommy elaborates that they also acknowledged that Mediterranean Europe is very different from other parts of Europe. There may be similarities between Italy and Spain, where he lived briefly and was like she described. London and some parts of Northern Europe are in terms of the fast-paced lifestyle, so he doesn’t fully agree.

8. Schools That Teach Another Language

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Ruben articulated that it would be wonderful if schools could effectively teach languages other than English. He finds it frustrating that Spanish is not taught alongside English from an early age in the U.S.

Starting to learn a new language at a young age can lead to improved cognitive abilities, higher proficiency in the language, and better pronunciation skills. This is because younger learners have a greater capacity for language acquisition and are more likely to develop a native-like accent.

9. Europeans Have Legitimate Sick Days

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Europeans are entitled to sick leave by law, while Americans have no federal law mandating paid sick leave. So having legitimate sick days sounds like a dream to most Americans, at least it does to Dizze. 

However, some American states and cities have implemented their own laws requiring employers to provide paid sick leave. Therefore, the availability of sick days varies between European and American workers depending on their location and employment status.

10. The Spanish Having a Siesta

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Last but not least, the tenth truth about things Europe has that America is jealous of is the Spanish having a siesta. Spaniards have a cultural tradition of taking a nap, known as a siesta, after lunch, despite being told that it is unnatural to feel tired in the afternoon. 

This practice has been observed for centuries and is believed to help people recharge and increase productivity later in the day. While some modern businesses have abandoned this tradition, many Spaniards continue to take a midday nap as a part of their daily routine.

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The internet sure is a pool of information. I was scrolling the front page of the internet when I saw this question, “Americans, what do Europeans have every day that you see as a luxury?” the top-voted responses are quite interesting, so I had to share these with you.

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