The 11 Dead Giveaways That Tell You Someone Is a Terrible Person

As I was checking out some blogs online, I found a question that asked, “How do you know if someone isn’t a good person?” Here are the most common answers.

1. Nothing is Their Fault

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The top-voted comment shared, “Nothing is ever their fault.” Many people shared their experiences and related to them.

Someone added that individuals who aren’t good people “pull the victim card every time.” Their tactic of blaming you serves as a means to avoid responsibility and repeat their actions in the future.

2. Can’t Celebrate Someone Else’s Success

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Someone stated that it’s a dead giveaway that someone isn’t a good person when they can not bring themselves to celebrate someone else’s success.

Another agreed and shared that they had a friend like this and shared, “She was nice and seemed to like me. It took me quite some time to figure out the odd thing missing in our relationship. She couldn’t be happy for me.” They split. 

3. Different Treatment in Public and Private

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Someone indicated that for them, it’s being treated by someone differently in public and in private.

One advised them to call that person out. If they listen and are willing to change, give them a chance. If they refuse to acknowledge the problem and aren’t willing to change, then they can’t be good friends.

4. It’s Always About Them

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One user described how you can recognize someone who isn’t a good person when things are always about them. They added that they’re always the hero or the victim in their stories. They can’t take criticism but probably dish it out to everyone else. And last but not least, they’re never wrong.

A lot of people in the thread related to this and shared their experiences with such type of person. They also shared that you must choose yourself above them if you have already communicated that you need a change from them.  

5. They Remember You Only When They Need Something

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An individual shared that they consider someone as not a good person when that person would only remember you as their friend when they need something from you. 

Several users agreed, and one acknowledged that he has some friends like this. They really are good people, just a little self-centered. Rather than volunteering help, they have to be asked. He also stated that the above responder is 100% right and that there are people like that.

6. Gossip

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This person shared something about gossiping. They’ve always held that if someone gossips to you, they’ll most surely gossip about you to others. 

Also, if someone tells you something they were told confidentially, you cannot trust them to keep secrets, even if asked to. Those are big red flags for this particular commenter. I think these are true words spoken. 

7. Just a Joke

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One person expressed that people who are not good constantly say or do things where their only justification for doing so is, “it was just a joke” when called out on it.

Some shared that they cut people out who are acting like that. Good for them! Because ‘just a joke’ comments can be hurtful and damaging to the individual targeted and can also contribute to a negative and toxic environment.

8. Job Title 

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Lizzy shared her view on it and articulated how some people treat others based on their job titles.

Anyone who treats a server, maid, garbage person, etc., like crap, is just telling the world how much of a piece they are.

9. Boundary Setting

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This person expressed their experience and said when you express a boundary, others will try to guilt trip you, pressure you or threaten you to try something else or force you to do things you don’t want to do.

When you set boundaries, some will just ignore you, another added. They shared their experience about their roommate who’s been doing that, among other things. 

10. People Being Mean to Animals

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Another added that a big giveaway is when they treat animals poorly. They think it’s the biggest indicator they’ve seen to be true about bad people. When people have no empathy toward animals.

They shared their experiences about this in the comments. One shared a friend’s ex-boyfriend mistreated and harassed her dog, making excuses for accidentally kicking the dog and intentionally squeezing her paws until she cried.

He also threatened the dog by pointing a gun at her. He added that he didn’t find it surprising that he also became verbally and somewhat physically abusive toward the friend before she ended the relationship.

11. Littering

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A user wrote about throwing trash out of a car window or littering in any way.

Another person raved about this same issue. One time, he heard something clunk against his car. It was a fast food box stuffed with trash. He was furious, yelled, and honked while the person who threw it just ignored him.

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