16 People Are Accusing Adults Who Reportedly “Ruined” These Cherished Kid Things

Youth sports have seen significant changes over the years. It was all about having a few practices and a fun game on weekends. Kids would play with their friends without pressure. Nowadays, young athletes often find themselves caught up in back-to-back tournaments and practices, leaving little room for spontaneous play.

We explore the ways in which adults have impacted kids’ enjoyment of certain things. For instance, by making them too expensive for kids to be able to buy. This list features the top 16 things adults have been accused of spoiling for children.

1. Youth Sports  

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Youth sports have evolved over the years. When older generations were kids, they had a couple of weekly practices and a game on Saturdays. It was a chance to enjoy the sport and play pick-up games with friends. Now, it’s common for kids to have weekend tournaments and numerous practices, leaving little time for spontaneous play with friends just for fun.

2. Monetizing Childhood

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Some parents have turned their children’s lives into content for online likes and subscribers. This monetization of childhood raises concerns about the exploitation of kids for financial gain. Some argue that regulations should prevent profiting from a child’s life at their expense.

3. Build-A-Bear

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Build-A-Bear, initially meant for kids, saw an influx of adult consumers who hijacked the concept, sometimes making it difficult for children to enjoy the experience. 

It’s essential to maintain a balance between catering to various age groups while preserving the brand’s core idea.

4. Card-Collecting Hobbies

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Card-collecting hobbies have shifted their focus to prices, with an increasing number of flippers in the mix. While rare cards have always been valuable, the emphasis on prices and the rise of flippers have changed the dynamics of card collecting. 

It’s no longer about collecting the cards but rather re-selling them. 

5. After-School Hobbies

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After-school hobbies used to be about having fun and personal growth. However, some parents have lost sight of this and instead push their children to excel at extracurricular activities like playing guitar. 

The pressure to turn hobbies into professional pursuits has overshadowed the original intent of having fun and personal development.

6. Young Adult Books

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Young Adult (YA) books feature teenage characters and are intended for teenage readers. Yet, some adults criticize these books for portraying teenagers as immature. 

It’s important to remember that YA books are designed for their target audience, so it’s natural for the characters to act their age and learn from their mistakes.

7. Minions

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The humor in the Minions franchise can be rude and daring while maintaining a safe image. The style of humor in Minions is reminiscent of vaudeville, appealing to some but not to others. This humor is mostly funny for the adults, not so much for the kids.  

8. Comic Book Collecting

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Comic books have evolved from a beloved pastime for kids and adults into a fiercely competitive industry.

Collectors often snap up limited editions, leaving fans struggling to find and afford the comics they love. Some issues have even been resold for sky-high prices on platforms like eBay.

9. Beanie Baby Collectors

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Beanie Babies, stuffed animals filled with plastic pellets (“beans”), once caused a craze among collectors. Some individuals remember the enthusiasm, with people buying and collecting Beanie Babies in bulk. 

Hallmark stores often limited the number of Beanie Babies each person could purchase, but avid collectors found ways to acquire more.

10. Facebook’s Evolution

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Initially intended for college students, Facebook expanded its user base to include people of all ages. Over the years, the social media platform’s transformation has led to diverse uses beyond its original college-centric purpose. 

The younger generation uses Facebook less and less, while the older ones use it more. 

11. Squishmallows Reselling

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Squishmallows are stuffed animals that have become popular collectibles. Some individuals purchase them in bulk to resell online at significantly higher prices. This reselling practice can lead to inflated costs for consumers.

12. McDonald’s Transformation

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McDonald’s, once known for its colorful play areas and family-friendly atmosphere, has transformed. Initially targeting young families with playgrounds, ball pits, and kids’ birthday parties, the fast-food chain shifted its focus to attract young adults with gourmet coffee and mobile apps.

13. Disney Character Autographs

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Obtaining autographs from Disney characters is a cherished experience for many children. Some adults, driven by their enthusiasm, have been known to push boundaries. Instances have been reported where adults prioritize character autographs over children’s safety and comfort.

14. Paper Routes

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Paper routes, once a valuable source of responsibility and life lessons for young kids, have seen significant changes. In the past, kids would handle morning routes and learning responsibilities. Nowadays, adults have taken over this role. 

Instead of separate routes managed by multiple children, they consolidate them, using their cars to deliver papers more efficiently. 

15. Video Gaming for Kids

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The video gaming market for children has become crowded with games fueled by microtransactions, season passes, and online interactions with sometimes inappropriate content. 

Finding high-quality, child-appropriate games has become increasingly challenging, leading to concerns about the gaming industry’s shift toward profit-driven models.

16. Legos

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Legos, once a beloved childhood toy, has become a collector’s item for adults, causing prices to skyrocket. The popularity of Lego sets among adult collectors has driven up demand and made these building blocks more expensive for kids and parents.

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