25 Ways To Make 2000 Dollars Fast In 2023

Are you in a bit of a bind? Do you want to earn some extra money to boost your personal finance? Here are ways to generate 2000 dollars fast. How does that sound? 

In a digital world where you can find ways to help your finances out, you just need to know where to look for legitimate and sure ways of earning some quick cash. 

This article will help you find the best ways to make some fast cash based on your skill set and passion.

Let’s jump right to it!

Top 25 Ways to Generate Quick Cash

Need 2000 dollars fast? Here is a list of the best 25 legitimate ways of earning quick cash.

1. Start A Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to make some cash in the long term. Many businesses blog to generate traffic and awareness. 

However, it won’t start generating an income until later, and you need some time to set it all up. Once it’s going well, you will be making a few thousand dollars every month.

You may use Bluehost as your hosting platform. This is a cheap option and is excellent, especially for beginners. For only $65 per year, you can make your website look decent and professional to boost your income.

Here’s exactly how to start a blog in 15 minutes or less.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for a way to earn money, likely, you have already heard of affiliate marketing. 

By becoming an affiliate marketer, you will make a passive income by marketing products from different websites on your blog or website. This might take you a bit of time as your website needs to have a certain number of followers to earn money from affiliate marketing. 

However, once it starts bringing in the money, you will earn whenever someone purchases from your affiliate link.

Suppose you’re a newbie in affiliate marketing. In that case, you can take the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle of Making Sense of Cents and start earning money through affiliate marketing.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

3. Online Surveys

Researchers often turn to the internet to find unbiased answers and pay quite a hefty sum to people who help them. 

Getting registered for online research and giving out surveys is an excellent way of making quick cash. Here are some legitimate sites to earn money by answering surveys.

However, once you put in the research and time to look for such opportunities and assess them to check out their legitimacy, you should be able to get your hands on 2000 dollars fast.

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4. Delivering Food

There are quite a few services online looking for people who could deliver food to customers and make a living. One such example is Postmates, which allows you to earn $25 an hour for delivering food, groceries, and other perishables. 

Additionally, these services let you withdraw the money out on-demand, so if you have some credit cards that need to be urgently paid off or need to return borrowed money quickly, this would be your best bet.

Deliver With Postmates $$$

Another popular platform for delivering food is DoorDash. You are guaranteed a base pay of $2-$10 for every food order you complete. You may also read our full DoorDash review for more details.

Make Money With DoorDash $$$

For a better comparison, here’s our detailed Postmates vs. Doordash review.

5. Real Estate Investing

Real estate investment has very high yields, but it is a long-term investment. The reason why it made this list is because of the minimal amount of risks involved with it. Although it takes a bit of time to start generating a profit, you should still invest in real estate whatever chance you get, as it is one of the most secure of investments.

Additionally, if you can rent out the property you have purchased, you might not have to wait for it to generate an income. Some people might even consider borrowing money from a lending service to get started with this.

Here are some of the platforms you can try if you want to start investing in real estate.

In addition, finding a job in the real estate industry will make you earn more money as this is also considered a job requiring high-paying skills.

6. Pet Sitting

Are you a pet person? If so, then why not make money while being around pets you enjoy the company of? 

Pet sitting is considered one of the best ways for earning fast cash as it not only pays well, you also get to be with pets that you couldn’t keep yourself.

All you need to do is find a service like Rover, which lets you become a sitter for pets. Find people looking for a sitter in your locality, and look over people’s pets when they are out of town, at work, or on any occasion.


7. Dog Walking

Like pet sitting, dog walking allows you to make money while taking out people’s pets for walks. The working class often doesn’t have enough time to take their pets out on walks, and however, they realize how important these walks are for their dogs. 

Corgi Dog Running Toward The Camera Stock

That’s where you can come in and take on that responsibility for them while making yourself a few extra dollars.

Dog walking can often be very therapeutic and keep you calm and collected, which is always a nice bonus on top of the money you make.

8. Online Tutoring

Education is an industry that will never become obsolete and outdated, and education will forever be a key piece of our society. And with the onset of the digital age, people have started to realize that home-schooling is another option for kids or adults. A lot more parents are now looking for online tutors to teach their kids online and at home. 

So much so that there is an increase in demand for online tutoring. Thus, you can now find many tutoring services that can enlist you as their own online tutor and market you to people looking for these services. You can earn between $12-25 per hour. 

Such practice often pays out weekly, which is good enough for you to accumulate a few hundred dollars each week.

Platforms like Magic Ears, Preply, and VIPKid can help you find online tutoring gigs.

9. Transcriptionist

If you are looking for an hourly gig, try out being a transcriptionist. A transcriptionist is tasked with listening to audio clips and transcribing what they hear. After successfully doing so, the file is delivered to the client. Being a transcriptionist can earn you up to $15 per hour.

GoTranscript is a popular platform if you want to be a transcriptionist. Check out our full GoTranscript review and earn money through transcribing.

10. Flip Items

Flipping an item refers to buying it cheaply and then selling it for a higher price. If you do this process repeatedly, you should earn quite a sum, especially if you need money now. The best way to find out a product you know can be sold for a better price and purchase it. 

The best place to do this would be an online marketplace like eBay or Amazon. Then, after you buy the product, sell it for a higher price and get yourself a new product with your money. 

Keep repeating this process until you have enough money to take care of your loans and other liabilities.

11. Invest In The Stock Market

The stock market is a marketplace where people put cash to buy assets and services, hoping to increase their cash investment. You invest in companies or index funds and get a return on investment once the company’s net worth increases. 

However, investing in stocks requires some research that you would need before investing your money. 

You can grow your money steadily with the right due diligence. This should offset your fear of the stock market since you did your research and made risk-adjusted decisions for your investment portfolio.

12. Do Odd Jobs

Although this might sound trivial, even helping your neighbors take care of their gardens can be a reliable way of making quick cash. 

There are countless odd jobs around you that you can choose from, and we suggest that you start looking for them while you set up some of the long-term plans from this list in action.

13. Sell Stock Photos

If you think you’re a good photographer, you can sell your images over the internet for quite an amount. Thanks to a few websites that act as a middleman and help you get in touch with people who might need those images, this has been made possible. 

Photo Studio Stock

Start by posting your portfolio, and if you are lucky enough, you might even get hired to do professional shoots for a more significant sum.

14. Sell Your Car

Got a vehicle that’s taking up your garage space? Why not get rid of it while making money? One of the best ways to make quick cash is converting assets you don’t use into cash. Your car is a prime example of this.

Going on online marketplaces and selling your car might be your ticket to pay off whatever liabilities you have.

15. Rent Out Your Car

You can rent it out if you have a car but do not want to sell it. Renting out your car is another excellent way of making some quick money. You can use services like Turo to list your vehicle as available to be rented out. 

Additionally, with Turo, you can add the availability hours for your car and which state the vehicle is allowed to travel in. You will also be able to set up the ground rules for the use of your vehicle.

16. Sell Stuff You Own

Similar to your car, there might be other things at your house that hold value to them. Such items include computers you don’t use anymore, gaming consoles, decor, furniture, etc. 

You can put them up for sale in online flea markets to make yourself a reliable fund for emergencies. Although doing this might get out of hand quickly, make sure the things you are selling have no added value.

You can also check our articles about alternatives to Craigslist and LetGo for other possible platforms where you can sell your stuff.

17. Freelance Writing

With the rise in the number of freelancers worldwide after the recent global pandemic, freelance writing has become one of the most effective ways of earning a quick buck. 

To be a freelance content writer, all you need to do is have a good enough grasp of the language you’re writing in, understand what SEO is, and know people who require good pieces of content written.

Although most content writing gigs won’t be paying you large amounts right from the start, if you look at the right place and find the right people, you should be able to make $1000 in a week.

18. Make Stuff To Sell Online

With websites like Etsy, people with artistic skills can make things and sell them online. You can sew up clothes, make gift baskets for occasions, paint, or even write up something for people who ask for them. 

It’s all about marketing your skills to the right audience and finding your customer base. Etsy and a few other websites provide you with the avenue to market these skills.

19. Give People Lifts

If you have a car and are on the road for most of your day? Why not become a driver with Lyft or Uber? If you are going a certain way, you can pick up customers and drop them off at their destination for a price. 

Car On The Road Stock

It is a fantastic way of making extra cash because you would be going in that direction regardless, and the money is just a big bonus. Additionally, you also get to have company on your trips.

20. Deliver Things For Companies

You can sign up as a delivery guy for companies like Amazon and make money on the side. For Amazon, all you need to do is sign up here and get registered with Amazon Flex. 

You would use your vehicle to deliver goods for the company while paying you the expense and commission for the delivery. This is a good way of making extra cash if your day job needs you to be on the road constantly.

21. Babysitting

The babysitter job has been around for as long as we can remember, and many students use this opportunity to make a few extra bucks on the side. However, you can turn it into a high-paying job with enough commitment. 

Of course, you would need to slot in times for different appointments and take care of multiple ones in a single day, but making 2000 dollars in a week is possible with the right mindset and planning.

22. Borrow In P2P Lending

Why not borrow from a peer-to-peer lending service? These services help people in need take care of their liabilities. Institutions that provide these services include commercial banks, mutual funds, and pension funds.

Although you would need to pay this sum back over a period, if you urgently need money, this is one of the best and most secure ways of quickly procuring significant funds. However, make sure to take note of any interest rate there is.

23. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are people hired by the business to test out the customer experience of their retail outlets. 

To sign up as a mystery shopper, you can use some of the websites and apps available on the internet. You can earn from $8 to $25 by going undercover as a mystery shopper.

24. Test Applications

With the rise of digitalization, the number of apps and software made every day increases. You can sign up as a tester for these apps to earn extra cash. All you need to do is download such apps and report any bugs or issues that might come up. After reporting these issues, you can earn up to $50 for every app you test.

25. Publish A Book

With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can now publish your books to be sold over to the masses. This is the perfect opportunity for people who have a knack for writing but cannot take on content writing. 

If you have pieces of writing lying around, why not compile them into a book and try selling them over at Amazon KDP.

To Conclude – Ways To Generate 2000 Dollars Fast

You are one step closer to solving your financial crunch with this extensive list. The cards are now laid down in front of you, and you just have to check and see which one best suits you, your skills, and your needs. These are the best ways to earn some cash for you quickly that will surely help you and your daily needs. 

One of these may also be the added punch to your earning power that will pave the way for your financial freedom.

We have all been there. Having money problems is a part of life. But with all situations, there is always a solution that will help you overcome them. And this is your first step.

It all boils down to you and how you use this information to get that money quickly.

25 Ways To Generate 2000 Dollars Fast In 2022